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NEW "Good Time to Buy" Sentiment Erodes Further
NEW Refinance Share of Originations Back Above 50%
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Barely Budges
NEW Affordability Actually Improved in August Despite Surging Prices
NEW Over Half of Delinquent Homeowners Have Missed Six Payments
NEW Lenders Offer More Jumbo Loan Options as Credit Standards Ease Slightly
NEW Expirations Reduce Forbearance Participants by 11 Percent
NEW Remote Work Apparently Not Killing Cities
NEW Mortgage Application Volume at Three-Month Low
NEW Equity and Rates Versus The Biggest Forbearance Expiration Wave Yet
NEW Investors Help Home Prices Break Another Record
NEW Price Gains Show Hints of Deceleration but also Affordability Concerns
NEW New Home Construction Spending Slips. Remodeling Picks up Slack
NEW 780K Loans Due for Forbearance Extension or Removal
NEW Pending Sales Post a Surprising Surge
NEW Higher Rates Push Application Volumes Lower
NEW Housing Experts Look at Possible Climate Change Impacts
NEW Interest Rates, Investor Buyers, a "Double-Whammy" for Price Growth
NEW New Home Sales Recovery Continued in August
NEW Underwater Homeowners Effectively Bailed-Out By Equity Surge
NEW Foreclosure Starts Rise Following Moratorium Expiration
NEW First-Time Buyer Share Slips as Prices Rise for 114th Month
NEW Inventories Pushing Buyers Toward New Homes
NEW Mortgage Applications Rise, Reflecting Improved Inventories
NEW Construction Numbers Pushed Higher by Multifamily Surge
NEW Freddie Mac Confirms Heightened Appraisal Gaps in Minority Areas
NEW Builder Sentiment Moves Slightly Higher, but Many Still See Hurdles Ahead
NEW Flipping Transactions Increase, Profits Do Not
NEW Fed Ethics Rules Get High-Powered Review
NEW Refis and Purchasing Split Originations in July
NEW Foreclosure Rate Lowest in Over Two Decades
NEW FHFA Suspends Second Home, Investment Loan Limits
NEW Purchase Applications Spring Back to April Level
NEW Lenders Continue to Expect Falling Profits, Refinancing Demand
NEW Foreclosure Activity Rises in First Post-Moratorium Month
NEW Huge Decline in Forbearances, Down 67 Percent From Peak
NEW Credit Loosens as New Refi Programs Come on Line
NEW Equity Explosion Bodes Well for Lenders
NEW Fannie/Freddie Will Develop New Plans for Equitable Financing
NEW Home Buying Sentiment Improves Slightly
NEW CoreLogic: Home Price Gains Expected to Slow to 2.7% by Next Year
NEW 400,000 Homeowners Enter Final Month in Forbearance
NEW Conventional Loans Take 76% Market Share, Highest Since 2008
NEW Construction Spending: Residential is Only Game in Town
NEW HUD Unveils Multi-Agency Affordable Housing Plans
NEW Freddie Mac's Purchase Volumes Eroded in July
NEW Decline in Refis Pulls Mortgage Application Volume Lower
NEW Investor Share of Home Purchases in Decline
NEW Home Prices Continue Runaway Gains, More Double-Digit Growth in June
NEW GSEs Outline Available Hurricane Ida Relief