Co-branded Marketing
All co-branded marketing services have been moved to MBS Live, and are much more robust.

Here's a link to try the new co-branding tools, with an extended 4 week trial and no credit card required:

A few screenshots from marketing tools.  See example links below for live examples.
Easily and instantly share our content, data and tools with your clients or business partners.
  • All marketing output includes your business profile, photo and logo.
  • Co-brand any marketing output with business partners. (example)
  • Add your own custom marketing message. (example)
Ways you can share our content:
  • Social Media: Stay engaged with your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn followers. (Twitter example)
  • Email: Send professionally designed HTML emails of any content.
  • PDF / Print: Download and print PDF versions of any content.
  • Web / Mobile Web pages that are fully optimzed for desktop and mobile users.
Types of content, data and tools you can share:
  • News & Analysis: Share housing news, mortgage rate analysis, MBS updates, etc. (example, w/ interactive charts)
  • Mortgage Calculators: Share our calculators with your client's pre-defined scenarios. (example #1, example #2)
  • Automated Weekly Newsletter: Included with MBS Live is our automated weekly newsletter. Add clients and business partners and we'll send them your weekly newsletter. (example)
  • Weekly Newsletter: Share an on-demand version of your Weekly Newsletter. (example of PDF)
  • Build Your Own Market Report: Customize your own market summary for business partners or clients. (example)
  • Educational Series: Help clients or business partners understand the mortgage markets. (example)
  • Economic Calendars: Share real-time economic calendars (example)
  • Widgets for your Website: MBS and Mortgage Rate Data for your website

Pricing details can be found here.