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For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW Fraud Prevention Report, HELOC, LO Awareness, DSCR Products Biden’s impact on Markets
NEW VOE, Home Equity, MERS Audit Products, Builder Applications
NEW Hedging, HELOC, Broker, Cybersecurity, DPA, Warehouse Products, Trigger Lead Legislation
NEW DSCR, Digital Point of Sale, AVM, Branding, Processing Tools, Events and Training
NEW Rent Cap Response, AI, DSCR Tools, CFPB Townstone Case, Capital Markets
NEW AI Underwriting, DPA, POS, Insurance Tools, CFPB Townstone Case; Inflation Takeaways
NEW HMDA Data, Correspondent and Wholesale Products; Inflation and Rate Updates
NEW CFPB Proposed Rule, Correspondent and Wholesale Products; CPI and Employment Driving Rates
NEW Best Efforts Trading, DPA Options, Marketing, Dashboard, Online App Tools; Correspondent and Wholesale Products
NEW Cap. Mkts. Academy, Insurance, Servicing Tools; STRATMOR Ops Workshop; Webinars and Training
NEW Social Media Compliance, Client Retention; Freddie/Fannie Changes; Square Footage Stats
NEW AE Jobs, CU Patelco Ransomware Attack; Fed Primer; Jobs Data Nudges Rates Lower
NEW Warehouse, Fee Collection, Broker AVM Tools; Violation Tracker; Lender and Investor Changes
NEW Fair Lending Compliance, HELOC Products; Training and Events; FICO News
NEW AVM, Audit, Compliance, Referral Network Tools; Conventional Conforming Changes
NEW Website Compliance, Warehouse, Fee Collection Tools; Investor and Lender News
NEW Mission Score Execution, Pet-Centric Marketing, Website Compliance Tools; STRATMOR on Refi Biz; Webinars and Events
NEW Borrower Outreach, Subservicer Oversight, AVM Products; Agency News... Freddie's Limited Foray Into 2nds
NEW HELOC, Live Pricing Data, VOIE Tools; LO Survey, Webinars and Training
NEW Loan Trading, Bank Lending, Bank Statement, HELOC, ROV Products; Disaster and Catastrophe News
NEW AI Product; Capital Markets; Wholesale and Correspondent News; Appraisals are Junk Fees?
NEW Hedging, Wholesale, Correspondent, Compliance Products; Pay Attention to the CFPB
NEW Referral, Retention, Pre-Approval, DPA, Cybersecurity Products; Webinars and Training This Week
NEW AI, Verification, LOS, Renovation, Valuation, HELOC Products; VA, HUD, Ginnie Changes and Modernization Efforts
NEW LOS, Processing, Non-QM, IT Tools; Private Equity, Manufactured Homes, and Freddie/Fannie
NEW MSR Valuation, Non-QM, VOIE, Online Auction, Broker to Banker Tools; Webinars, Events, and Training
NEW Processing, Correspondent, Valuation Tools; CPI! The CFPB Proposes What? Figure Streamlining HELOCs and More
NEW Best-Ex, Verification, Servicing Tools; STRATMOR and Customer Experience; Re-Branding, Ownership, Alliances Continue
NEW Marketing, AI, 2nd Mortgage Products; Lender and Investor Processing and Fee News
NEW TPO, MERS Review, LOS Products; Fannie/Freddie Changes; Rates React to Jobs Data
NEW Hedging, POS, DPA, Verification, Fee Cure Paper; Conference Chatter; Training and Events
NEW Correspondent And Broker Products; Attorney's Thoughts On CFPB Nonbank Registry
NEW Servicing Interface, Inspection Tools; Newfi/Dunmor Alliance; Does Yield Curve Inversion Matter?
NEW Fee Collection, Industry Report, LOS Insurance Tools; Disasters and Storms; Insurance Input Sought; USDA's New Map
NEW Co-Issue, MERS Audit Products; Retirement, Wholesaler Lawsuit, MBA and CFPB Requesting Info
NEW Compliance, LOS, Best-Ex, MSR Valuation Products; 2nd Mortgage and Conv. Conforming News
NEW Internal Audit, Jumbo, VOE Tools; Government Program News; Southeast and West Lending Trends
NEW Social Security, LOS, AI Doc Assist Products; Webinars and Training; Turn Off Auto VOEs
NEW Broker Products; Legal Thoughts on Dual Licensing; Agency and Investor News; Interview With Tour de France Rider
NEW Hedging, TPO, ROV, Fee Collection Tools; STRATMOR on Bank Strengths; Training and Webinars
NEW Servicing, Accounting, TPO Products; What Every Lender and Servicer Should Know About Catastrophes
NEW Portfolio ARM; Market Intelligence, VOE Tools; Bank of England & RESPA; CFPB Ruling Interview
NEW Broker Products; Credit, AI Chatbot, Hedging Tools; CFPB Verdict: LO Jobs
NEW Pricing, POS, Broker to banker, Cybersecurity Tools; STRATMOR/Teraverde Deal Inked
NEW Compliance, Processing Tools; Flagstar/JPM Warehouse Deal; Disaster Updates; Econ News Moving Rates Down?
NEW Servicing, LOS, Risk Management, Warehouse Tools; Webinars, Training, and Events
NEW Company Webinars; POS, Non-Agency Products; STRATMOR and Customer Service; Freddie and Fannie News
NEW Broker Loan Products; Super Jumbo, Accounting, RON, Fraud Prevention Products; Wholesale and Correspondent News
NEW Hedging, Community Lending, Verification, CRM, Warehouse Products; NAR Reports on Q1; FHA and USDA Changes
NEW Fee Collection, Flood Insurance, Servicing, DPA Products; Redwood and Home Equity; Agency News