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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
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NEW Hedging, Fee Collection, VOIE, Valuation, Analytics Tools; Webinars and Training Through Next Week
NEW DPA, Servicing Oversight, Relationship Mgt., Change Mgt. Products; TPO and Broker News
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NEW LOS, AOT Execution, HELOC, HMDA Dashboard Products; TPO News; Ocwen to Become Onity
NEW AE, Ops Jobs; Anti-Fraud, CRM, Audit Products; Wholesale News... Lawsuit Ahead?
NEW Recruiting, Loan Trading, TPO, Compliance Tools; FHA and USDA News; Fed Cuts Wanted, but Not Needed?
NEW MERS, POS, AI Underwriting Products; Training and Webinars for the New Month
NEW HELOC, 2nd Mortgage, Pre-Qual, LOS, QC Tools, Dept. of Labor, PrimeLending, and Whistleblowing
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NEW Servicing, POS, Marketing, Internal Audit Products; Increase in Mortgage Debt; Webinars and Training
NEW DPA, Non-QM, LOS, U/W, Accounting Tools; California Insurance Problems Continue; Disaster and FEMA News
NEW Hedging, Client Retention Tools; STRATMOR on the ICE 24 Event; MBA on the NAR Settlement; Dual Compensation
NEW Mandatory Execution, Accounting, Warehouse, TPO Products; STRATMOR on Comp; Upcoming Events and Training
NEW Non-QM, Verification, Accounting, Servicing Tools; STRATMOR on Spending; Conv. Conforming News
NEW POS, TPO, Automation, DPA Tools; HECM, FHA, USDA News; Housing Starts and Permits
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NEW Servicing, LOS, POS, HELOC, Processing Tools; Agency Repurchase Progress
NEW MSR buyer, Hedging, Non-Agency, QC, Workflow, Servicing Products; Moving Stats; Oh Fudge!
NEW Non-QM, DSCR, HELOC, Pre-Approval, Automation Tools; The MBA, CFPB, and White House on Mortgages
NEW Non-QM, RE Agent Monitoring, Mandatory Sales Products; The White House and Closing Costs; Webinars and Training
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NEW DSCR, Non-QM, DPA, Automation, Payoff Products; Conventional Conforming News
NEW Loan Portal, Processing, HMDA Compliance, TPO Products; Freddie and Fannie News; FICO 10 T in the MBS Market
NEW Correspondent, TPO Name Changes, Lien Release, Insurance, Workflow Products; Ginnie Primer and Gov't News
NEW TPO, Warehouse, Appraisal Mgt., Homeowner Engagement Tools; Credit Changes
NEW TBA Pricing, Delegated Correspondent, Servicing Products; STRATMOR and Comp
NEW Pre-Qual, TPO, Lead Gen Tools; STRATMOR on Vendor Relationships; Disaster News; HECM, Ginnie, FHA News
NEW VOE, POS, Customer Retention; LOS Products; Training, Webinars, and Events
NEW Automation, Pre-Approval, QC Products; Rent vs. Buy; More Proposed Paperwork for Lenders
NEW Hedging, Guideline Search, VOI and VOE Tools; Rocket Earnings; Events and Training
NEW LOS, Warehouse, Servicing Products; Freddie Mac and Trended Credit Data; STRATMOR on Younger Borrowers
NEW Non-QM, VOI/VOE, Marketing, Ledger Tools; Housing Market Outlook; Non-Agency News
NEW DPA, Fee Collection, PPE, AI Servicing Tools; California and Rain; STRATMOR on Compensation
NEW Wholesale, HELOC, Marketing Products; STRATMOR on Customer Experience; More Strong Data Driving Rates
NEW Hedging, Renovation, Home Equity, Accounting Products; U.S. Population Stats; Fannie Earnings of $3.9 Billion
NEW Appraisal, LO Jobs; Flip, Servicing Products; Webinars, Events, and Education; Freddie Earns $2.9 Billion
NEW Servicing, TPO, Warehouse Products; Training and Webinars; CPI Moves Rates Higher
NEW Technology, Closing Cost Scenario, Non-QM, Streamlined UW Tools; Servicer Lawsuit; Bonds and Inflation
NEW Correspondent, Accounting Tools; Events, Training, and Webinars This Week and Beyond
NEW AOT, HELOC, Fee Collection, Bidding Tools; Conforming News; STRATMOR's Ops Workshop; NYCB and Mortgage Prices
NEW FHA, 1st Time Homebuyer, Servicing, Automation, Fair Lending Tools; List of Top 100 Lenders of 2023
NEW AI Automation, Servicing, Pre-Approval, DPA, Non-QM Products; Training and Webinars
NEW Recruiting Service; Fulfillment, Wholesale, 2nds, Warehouse, Automation Tools; FHA and USDA News
NEW Profitability, No Cost Credit Reports, VA Training Tools; Demographic News; Strong Jobs Data Hits Rates
NEW HMDA Data Testing, TPO HELOC; MSR Risk Mgt. Products; CFPB to pay $6 Million