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NEW Mortgage Rates Slightly Lower to Begin The Week
NEW Super Sideways Summertime Monday
NEW Lowest Builder Confidence Since 2014
NEW Capital Markets, TPO, CRM, AI Products; Bloomberg and Wells' Correspondent
NEW Strong Start Reinforcing Lower Range Ceiling
NEW Stable and Sideways Now That Rates Are Back in The Range
NEW Reconciling Recently Irrational Rate Movement (It's Actually Rational!)
NEW Supportive Start And a Closer Look at 2.91%
NEW DSCR, Credit Union, Subservicer Oversight Products; News From Wholesalers; Home Point Earnings
NEW Rates Are Actually Lower Than Last Week (Despite Moving Higher Today)
NEW Making Sense of Today's Seemingly Senseless Selling
NEW More Tame Inflation; More Bond Losses
NEW Recruiting, Cap. Mkts., DPA, Lead Conversion, Broker Products; Jumbo, Non-Agency, Non-QM News
NEW Rates Started Lower, But Rose Unexpectedly This Afternoon
NEW How In The World Did Bonds Lose Ground After a Big Drop in Inflation?
NEW CPI Delivers on Volatility Promise And on Paradoxical Potential
NEW Automation, Non-QM products; LD,Notarize,Cypress, and UWM in the News; Disaster Updates; CPI and Rate Volatility
NEW Refinancing Picks Up Slightly. Overall Volume Still Flat
NEW Mortgage Rates Lower so Far This Week, But Well Above Thursday's Lows
NEW Tuesday Was Tame, But Wednesday Probably Won't Be
NEW Auction Concessions and Pre-CPI Positioning
NEW Verification, Non-QM, Subservicer, Franchise, Appraisal Products; Rates Tread Water
NEW Bonds Remain Resilient Despite Supply-Related Headwinds
NEW Record Drop in Price Growth - Mortgage Monitor
NEW Internal Audit, Marketing, Realtor-Facing, Fulfillment Products; Events and Training; Jobs and the Fed
NEW Sideways to Slightly Stronger as Bonds Prepare to Defend The Range
NEW Rates End Near Last Week's Highs After Data Swings For Fences
NEW Strong Data Redefining The Rate Outlook
NEW How The Jobs Surge Compares to Inflation Data When it Comes to Bond Volatility
NEW UW Productivity, Bid Tape/AOT, Origination, Doc Handling Products; National MI and Equifax; Payroll Data Drives Rates
NEW Bonds Hang on to Modest Gains Ahead of Jobs Report
NEW Bonds Getting into Position for NFP; 10yr Pivots Below 2.71% Yet Again
NEW Critical Cliff's Notes For Today's Mortgage Rate News (We're Not Below 5% Anymore)
NEW Quality Control, API, Non-QM, HELOC Products; OpenDoor Penalty; Two Harbors/RoundPoint Deal
NEW Surprisingly Resilient After Stronger ISM Data
NEW Rates Up Roughly Half a Percent in 2 Days
NEW Private MI, Servicing Testing, Broker Pricing, DPA Products; Conforming Conventional Updates
NEW Too Soon to Talk About a Bounce?
NEW Post FOMC Rate Drop Spurred Application Volume Last Week
NEW Rates Rebounding Aggressively After Hitting Lowest Levels Since April
NEW What's Up With Today's Big Nasty Sell-Off?
NEW June’s Monthly Price Gain Finally Showing Some Deceleration
NEW Beware The Bounce
NEW Capital Markets; Non-warrantable Condo, Automation Products; Retail News
NEW August Starts Strong Thanks to Weaker Econ Data
NEW Big Data Week Brings Chance to Confirm Recent Shift
NEW DPA, Revenue, Jumbo Products and Tools; Upcoming Events and Webinars; More on the Fed
NEW The Real Reason Mortgage Rates Are Dropping at a Record Pace
NEW Modest Gains, But Huge Moves in Rate Sheets
NEW Resilient In Spite of Hotter Inflation; There's Something About 9:30am