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NEW Another Chance to Assess Market Sensitivity to Politics
NEW AI Underwriting, DPA, POS, Insurance Tools, CFPB Townstone Case; Inflation Takeaways
NEW Pleasant PPI Paradox Leaves This Week's Big Victory in Focus
NEW Mortgage Rates Shrug Off Seemingly Threatening Inflation Data to hit 5 Month Lows
NEW Bonds Holding Yesterday's Gains Despite Hotter PPI
NEW HMDA Data, Correspondent and Wholesale Products; Inflation and Rate Updates
NEW Mortgage Rates Drop Sharply After Inflation Data
NEW Very Restrained Bond Rally Considering The Data's Implications
NEW CFPB Proposed Rule, Correspondent and Wholesale Products; CPI and Employment Driving Rates
NEW This is The Inflation Data You Were Hoping For
NEW No New Inspiration Ahead of Thursday's CPI
NEW Mortgage Rates Tick Back Below 7.0%, But Just Barely
NEW Best Efforts Trading, DPA Options, Marketing, Dashboard, Online App Tools; Correspondent and Wholesale Products
NEW Another Sideways Start Meets Another Light Calendar
NEW Higher Rates Suppress Mortgage Application Volume
NEW MBS Outperform. Powell Punts. Waiting on CPI
NEW Mortgage Rates Barely Budge, But That Will Change Soon
NEW Cap. Mkts. Academy, Insurance, Servicing Tools; STRATMOR Ops Workshop; Webinars and Training
NEW Powell Testimony And Treasury Auction Cycle
NEW Uneventful Monday Leaves Bonds Little Changed
NEW Mortgage Rates Gently Lower to Begin New Week
NEW Social Media Compliance, Client Retention; Freddie/Fannie Changes; Square Footage Stats
NEW Slow, Sideways Start After Overnight Weakness
NEW Orderly, Logical Rally as Bonds Reiterate Data Dependence
NEW Mortgage Rates End Week Lower Thanks to Jobs Report
NEW AE Jobs, CU Patelco Ransomware Attack; Fed Primer; Jobs Data Nudges Rates Lower
NEW Stronger Start Thanks to Weaker Jobs Report
NEW Data Over Politics, For Now
NEW Mortgage Rates Move Lower After Weak Service Sector Report
NEW Warehouse, Fee Collection, Broker AVM Tools; Violation Tracker; Lender and Investor Changes
NEW Weaker Data, Stronger Bonds, Early Close
NEW Refinance Volume Proves Brighter than Last Year
NEW Ultimately a Very Drama-Free Day; Back to Watching Data
NEW Mortgage Rates Finally Find a Ceiling, For Now
NEW Bond Selling Spree Thinking About Taking a Day Off
NEW Fair Lending Compliance, HELOC Products; Training and Events; FICO News
NEW Changing The Narrative to Fit The Market Movement
NEW Mortgage Rates Near Highest Levels in More Than a Month
NEW AVM, Audit, Compliance, Referral Network Tools; Conventional Conforming Changes
NEW Yet Another Counterintuitive Sell-Off After Friendly Data
NEW Mortgage Rates Are Actually Higher This Week
NEW What to Make of Week's Weakest Levels After Solid PCE Data
NEW Month/Quarter-End Trading Causing Lots of Volatility
NEW Website Compliance, Warehouse, Fee Collection Tools; Investor and Lender News
NEW Back in The Range Without Needing Too Much Convincing
NEW Mortgage Rates Steady to Slightly Lower
NEW Mission Score Execution, Pet-Centric Marketing, Website Compliance Tools; STRATMOR on Refi Biz; Webinars and Events
NEW Back in The Range Without Needing Too Much Convincing
NEW Sideways Trend Looking Shifty
NEW Mortgage Rates Moving Up a Bit