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NEW Time to Hurry Up and Wait Again
NEW Mortgage Rates Move Lower After 2-Day Rout, But Underwhelmingly So
NEW Home Equity Processing, Del and Non-Del, TPO, Rate Reset Products; Government Program Updates
NEW Much Stronger Start With Bonds Following Gains in Europe
NEW About as Uneventful as it Could Have Been
NEW Mortgage Rates Are Actually The Highest Since Mid November
NEW Mixed Start, Modest Weakness, But No Major Follow-Through
NEW Hedging, Fee Collection, VOIE, Valuation, Analytics Tools; Webinars and Training Through Next Week
NEW Basically The Worst Day For Mortgage Rates Since October 2022
NEW A Really Bad Day For The Bond Market
NEW DPA, Servicing Oversight, Relationship Mgt., Change Mgt. Products; TPO and Broker News
NEW Bonds Crushed By Modestly Higher CPI
NEW Borrowers Pick Up Pace of Refinancing    
NEW Decent Recovery For Mortgage Rates, But Huge Volatility Potential Ahead
NEW Nice Tuesday For Bonds, But It's All About Wednesday
NEW Servicing, Non-QM DSCR, RON Products; Freddie and Fannie News; Rate Cut Outlook
NEW Stronger Start, But Still Mostly a Placeholder of a Day
NEW Uneventful, Sideways Day After Initial Losses
NEW Mortgage Rates Near Highest Levels Since February
NEW Weaker Start, Quiet Monday, Auctions and CPI Ahead
NEW Non-QM, Seconds, Warehouse, Efficiency Products; Primer on CRAs, Bureaus, and Data Analytics
NEW Bond Market Resilience Suggests More Focus on CPI
NEW Mortgage Rates Surprisingly Steady Despite Strong Jobs Report
NEW CRM Product; STRATMOR CD Workshop; FHFA on Lock-In Effect; Training and Webinars
NEW Unsurprising Weakness After Surprisingly Strong NFP, But Relatively Well Contained
NEW Mysterious Afternoon Gains Bring Yields Back Into The Range Just Before Jobs Report
NEW Nice Move Lower in Mortgage Rates Ahead, But Tomorrow is a New Day
NEW Light Data Day Leaves Focus on Friday's Jobs Report
NEW LOS, AOT Execution, HELOC, HMDA Dashboard Products; TPO News; Ocwen to Become Onity
NEW Carbon Copy Day For MBS
NEW Mortgage Rates Nearly Unchanged Despite Early Drama
NEW AE, Ops Jobs; Anti-Fraud, CRM, Audit Products; Wholesale News... Lawsuit Ahead?
NEW Two-Way Trading on Today's Data
NEW Persistent High Rates Have Application Volume Stuck in Neutral
NEW Technical Breakout in Treasuries. Does it Matter?
NEW Mortgage Rates Much Calmer Today
NEW Recruiting, Loan Trading, TPO, Compliance Tools; FHA and USDA News; Fed Cuts Wanted, but Not Needed?
NEW Pushing Back Against Overnight Weakness After Uneventful JOLTS
NEW Positioning and Data Deliver Double Whammy For Bonds
NEW Mortgage Rates Sharply Higher to Start The Month
NEW MERS, POS, AI Underwriting Products; Training and Webinars for the New Month
NEW New Month Trading Causing Problems Early
NEW Some Month-End Volatility Late in The Day
NEW Near Record Setting Week For Boredom Among Mortgage Rate Watchers
NEW Yields Near 2 Week Lows With Some Help From Data
NEW HELOC, 2nd Mortgage, Pre-Qual, LOS, QC Tools, Dept. of Labor, PrimeLending, and Whistleblowing
NEW Treasury Auction Relief Rally and Month-End Support
NEW Super Steady Streak Sustained
NEW Warehouse, Verification Tools; STRATMOR on Process Evaluation; HMDA Data; Non-Agency and TPO News
NEW Holding Steady is a Victory Considering Overseas Monetary Threat