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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW Zany Commercial and Multifamily Numbers; Upcoming Training and Events
NEW VA IRRL Performance; Goverment Goes After Rating Agency; HARP 3 Chatter
NEW Soaking Up Shadow Inventory; KBW's Opinion of Gain on Sale Margins; Small Lenders to Increase Share?
NEW 2012 Origination Volume - Wow! IRS on Loan Modifications; Pulte Earnings
NEW FHA MI Change; Info on Salaried LO's with 3% Max; Transitional Licensing, CRE Thoughts
NEW Wells Fargo's LO Compensation Based on Quality and Speed; Amazing List of Recent M&A; Wassup with Rates?
NEW Bank Deposits Withdrawn at Fastest Pace Since 2001; Las Vegas ASF Chatter; Texas Ratio Primer
NEW Social Media Guidance from Federal Regulators; DAP Changes; Regional Events and Mortgage Jobs
NEW Eminent Domain Plans Dropped; NAR Report on Internet Home shopping; Flagstar Earnings - Stock Tumbles
NEW Eminent Domain Back in the News; Free Training and Webinars; Vendor Job Fair Updates
NEW List of LOS Actively in the Market; Prepayments by State; BofA Flexing Muscles?
NEW More Earnings Interpretations - What do they Bode for 2013? Lender and Training Updates
NEW GSEs Approve National MI; New National SAFE MLO Test; Affiliate Relationship Thoughts; 1,200 Pages of Servicing Rules
NEW In Detroit, 290 Homes for $189K?; Chase's Mortgage Numbers; Free Webinars and Training
NEW Reaching 70% Purchase Volume in 2013 - A Lofty Goal?; Investor and M&A Updates; Mortgage Jobs
NEW Read Carefully Before Signing Attestation Form; Interesting Buyback Ruling Information
NEW HARP Petition; HARP and HAMP's Impact on the Market; Has Fannie Been Pushing Lender Approvals?
NEW How Many Pages is the Actual QM Rule? Fed Earns Record $89B on MBS and Treasury Holdings
NEW Waiting for QM, the MBA Weighs In; Who is the Largest Private Real Estate Holder?
NEW More on the Multi-billion Dollar Settlement; Thoughts on LO's W-2 vs. 1099
NEW QM Rules Released by CFPB this Week? Good News on Basel III; More Mortgage Jobs
NEW Where Would Rates go without the Fed?; CFPB's Reach is Far; MBA Addresses Volker Rule and Margins
NEW Bank of America is Back in Lending; Thoughts on Basel III and MSR's; Investors Like Residential Mortgages
NEW NAR Weighs in on Cliff Deal; M&A and Concentration in Banking - Could Lenders Share Back Office Functions?
NEW Mortgage Jobs Heading into 2013; Several States' Minimum Wages to Rise Tomorrow; Agency and Investor Updates Continue
NEW MBA, Others Weigh in on LO Training and Licensing; In Conjunction with States, the CFPB Flexes its Muscles
NEW Mortgage Forgiveness Act in Jeopardy? Hiring and Retaining Employees the CFPB Way
NEW LO Education and Bank vs. Non-bank Requirements Under the SAFE Act; Are Foreclosure Prices Really Different?
NEW Comments on Non-agency Modifications and Stated Loans; Investors Examine Who is Refinancing; A Buyer for Servicing
NEW Are Non-agency Loan Mods Coming? Treasury Initiative Rumored; FHA Letter Threatens Standard Reverse Mortgages
NEW Thoughts on the CFPB Complaint Process; Should be a Happy Builder Conference this Year
NEW US Bank Comp Plan Turning Heads; Jumbo Rates Improving on a Relative Basis
NEW The CFPB on QM and Auto Financing; ALTA on Risk Policy and Closing Policies
NEW Servicing Retained or Released?; The CFPB and Credit Reports; CFPB's Guidance on Policies and Procedures Manual
NEW Federal Home Loan Banks in Correspondent Lending; MBA Confirms Average Lenders are Making Big Bucks
NEW What Would Happen if the Fed Stopped Buying MBS?; Is Triad History?; Wells Snags a New SVP
NEW IndyMac Back in the News; First Time Homebuyer Comments; Ocwen's Servicing Audit Not Stellar
NEW The Latest on MBA and LO Wage Lawsuit; FDIC Institutions Making Some Coin; Basic QC Manual
NEW Will 2013 Mortgage Profits be Like 2012?; State's Rights Prominent in Lending
NEW HARP Present and Future; Buybacks Not Going Away; Countrywide Headache Continues
NEW Chatter on Elizabeth Warren; CFPB Ombudsman Report; Investor Updates
NEW The Importance of IT; Fed Notices Lousy Rate Sheet Pricing; "High Cost" Clarification
NEW Congress Targets Gfee Income Again; Mortgages at Wal-Mart?
NEW Investors Like Housing Price Rally - Even Goldman Betting on Subprime
NEW Cloud-based Mortgage Valuation; SEC Drops Wells Fargo Inquiry; More on CFPB Exams from OB
NEW A Primer on Possible FHA Changes in 2013 Given its Red Ink; Mortgage Jobs Across the Nation
NEW Effective Risk Management Program Primer; UBS vs. FHFA; CFPB and the Insurance Industry?
NEW CFPB Exam Findings; Thoughts on the CFPB and Dodd Frank Determining Underwriting; Will PMI Emerge from Bankruptcy?
NEW Former LPS Exec - 1 Million Fraudulent Documents? More on Auditors; Explanation of Europe
NEW Lacker's Critique of Fed Policy; CFPB's Annual Report; Bank Auditors are People Too!