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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW Some Investors Rolling out HARP 2.0; 1st Day of UCDP; CA Mortgage Ops Job
NEW Refi Percentage Dropping; S&P Downgrades Banks; HARP Contact Info for Borrowers; MBA Classes for Originators
NEW Frank Out, Waters In? FHA Capital Reserves Questioned Again; Massachusetts Title Questions
NEW Comments on Buybacks and Production Hold-ups; NMLS Renewal; Mortgage Production & Ops Jobs
NEW Countrywide & Guam's Settlement; PMI Files for Bankrupcty; Primer on Fannie & Freddie's Impact on Fed Funds
NEW How Basel III Impacts Mortgage Prices; More Stress Testing for US Banks; 9% Approval Rating for Congress
NEW Wells Fargo FICO Pricing Changes Roil Rate Sheets; BofA Challenges Fannie on Buybacks; A Lesson in Cajun Economics
NEW FHA Gets the Nod, Fannie & Freddie Don't; Flood Insurance Changes; NMLS Update
NEW Servicers Breaking Into Vacant Homes a Crime? REIT Angst; Texas SAFE Act Vs. Fed's Version
NEW Citi Dialing Back FHA/VA; Where Will Market Price HARP 2.0 Loans? Plethora of Investor & MI Changes
NEW Rating Agency Fees Going Up; HARP 2.0 Dissected & Dissected Further
NEW HARP 2.0 Details; Allied Back in Business?; Margin Changes for MBS's;
NEW Orange Alert for FHA Program? Who Will Buy HARP 2.0 Loans? Loan Amount Debate Winds Down
NEW MetLife Beefs Up Reverse U/W; Wells Postpones Streamline Changes; Interesting Prepayment News; Loan Limit Update
NEW Reader Input on LO Comp, MI Changes, Servicing for the Agencies, HARP 2.0, and FHA Streamlines
NEW LoanSifter & Google Team Up; Servicing Settlement News; Are F&F Doing Enough? Ginnie Mae in the Spotlight
NEW Ally's ResCap to Declare Bankruptcy? CFPB Kicking Into Gear; Fannie Loses $5B
NEW More Mortgage Jobs; Chunk of MGIC Purchased; HARP 2.0 Comments; New Correspondent
NEW Allied's False Claim Act Lesson; Upcoming LP, UCDP, UAD, and UMDP
NEW Allied & Bella Homes in the Spotlight; Freddie Asks for $6 billion; LO Comp Remains an Issue
NEW Thoughts on Ally Scaling Back Correspondent; HARP 2.0 Agency Differences; Updates on Loan Limits and Servicing Fees
NEW HARP 2.0 Comments; Allied Suspended; Lessons in Branding for MetLife's Future Purchaser; PHH Earnings
NEW Question About Loans Going into MBS; Mortgage Insurer Stats - Good and Bad News
NEW Social Media Marketing for Loan Officers Workshop; Mortgage Jobs; MERS in the News Again
NEW HARP 2.0 Unintended Consequences; Old Republic Re-entering the MI Biz?
NEW LO Comp - The Gift that Keeps on Giving; European News Lowers Risk but Raises Rates
NEW Continued HARP 2.0 Chatter; Uh-oh...Now Genworth? Basel III Rumblings
NEW Lenders Hope HARP 2.0 Changes 2012 Production Volume Forecasts; Ocwen to Buy Saxon Servicing from Morgan
NEW More Mortgage Jobs; Regulators Seize Main PMI Subsidiary; MGIC's 3rd Quarter Loss; BofA Shuffles Management - Outlines Shutdown
NEW PrimeX Primer; Broker Business Still Impacting Prepayment Speeds; Shouldn't Mortgage Rates be Lower?
NEW Jumbo Saga Continues; Fannie & Freddie Increase Buybacks; Remodeling Projects Setting Records
NEW How to Manage Repurchases; Loan Limit Fight Not Dead; Surprising Multi-family Statistics
NEW More Mortgage Jobs; Loan Loss Reserve Stats - Setting Aside Enough?
NEW Wells Fargo, More than $1 Billion Per Day; State Examiner Guides Could Be Useful; MERS Training; Conference Talk
NEW Why are Banks Closing? 986 Days to Foreclose in NY? Possible Changes to MBS Structure
NEW Servicing Examination Manual; MetLife - Business as Usual? JPM Chase Mortgage Numbers
NEW MetLife to Bale and Sail on Mortgages? The Fed, PSA's, and Foreclosures; PHH Discusses Agency Repurchases
NEW Conference and Originator Chatter; Supreme Court & RESPA
NEW Second Mortgage Holders to Lose How Many Billions? Appraisal Lawsuits; US Government Defines "Flood"
NEW Bond Markets Closed; Prepayments & FHA/VA Loans; New Mortgage Company
NEW Flood Insurance Focus; Vendor Mergers & Agreements; Unemployment Different Based on Gender and Race: "Mancession"
NEW Production Jobs; FHA Streamline Issues; MERS Victory; More on NMLS training; Investors Suspending Programs & Limiting AMC's
NEW A Pod of Investor Updates; Upcoming Conferences & Lots of Various Training Sessions
NEW Focus on Appraisals, Appraiser Hurdles, and AMC's; Bank of America Details Mortgage Exit Strategy
NEW Flood Insurance Update; 2% Paid on Impound Accounts; Insurance Against a Drop in Home Values? Sign Me Up!
NEW Fraud Trends; Lenders One Weighs in on G-fees; HARP & Servicing Comments; Where Does Impound Income Go?
NEW New Repurchase Risk Tool; Foreign Buyers in Florida Paying Cash; HUD Changes Multi-state Rules
NEW Suggestions on Improving HARP; Rates Back to Pre-Twist Levels; 10/1 Approaching
NEW LO Comp Lawsuit Results; TBW Accounting Firm Sued; Investors Gearing up for VA Funding Fee Change
NEW New Reasons for Slow Refi's; Regulators Lacking Manpower; MISMO back to MBA