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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW Transactions Covered by the CFPB; FHA and VA Pricing Jump Explained; More on Assumability of Loan Types
NEW What Wells and Chase Results Indicate to Mortgage Bankers; Fined for Renegotiating a Rate Lock?
NEW Some Astute Concerns About Disparate Pricing, Assumable Loans, and the CFPB Complaint Database
NEW Amazing Detroit Mortgage Stats; More on Lock Renegotiations; Videos for Bank officers and Directors; Who is Deephaven Mortgage?
NEW More Thoughts on Renegotiations and LO Comp; Capping Gfees? Don't Hold your Breath
NEW Recent Bank Mergers; Ugly News for Access National and Golden First; Thoughts on New Appraisers
NEW LOs Should Know Rate Locks Work Both Ways; Chatter About Forced Place Insurance; What is OMWI?
NEW DE Underwriter Change? MI Company fines and their Responses; How Much can the CFPB Penalize and what does it do with the Money?
NEW MBA Q4 Profit Numbers Study; Government Plan for those with Weak Credit; MERS is Alive and Well
NEW The State of Applications and Pipelines; Goldman's New Investment Company
NEW Chase Mortgage Cutbacks; FHA MIP Clarification; Modified Loan Performance; Thoughts on the Future of Securitization
NEW Thoughts on Keeping the 30-yr Mortgage; Tax Implications of Cancelled Mortgage Debt
NEW Wells Trims Use of Outside Legal Counsel; USDA Update; Various State Originator Websites and Possible Law Changes; HARP Shortcomings
NEW What's up with Blackstone and the Overall Supply and Demand Picture? HUD App for Complaints
NEW Volume Rankings and Market Share Changing, Helping Smaller Lenders; Servicing Sales a Hot Topic
NEW Who Needs HARP 3 with Rampant Loan Mods? Fannie, Freddie Stocks Rally - Much Ado About Nothing?
NEW LO Compensation Based on Product Type? Warehouse Banks to Approve Comp Plans? More Views on Gfee Changes
NEW Establishing a New Fannie Mae in Texas? How Gfees are a Tax on Borrowers; Thoughts on Cutting Weak Producers
NEW Improving Credit Markets Force Titanium Shut Down; What is Moving the Relative Prices of Ginnie, Fannie, and Freddie MBS?
NEW Blackstone Buying $100M Single Family Homes per Week; LO Comp Plan Impact Default Rates? MBA Compliance Classes and QRM Update
NEW RESPA and Dodd-Frank Conflict on Incentives; To Appraise or Not to Appraise, that is the Question
NEW Ginnie Issuance Numbers; Continued MI News; Investor and Seminar News
NEW Sequester Puts Native American Loan Program on Hold; Uniform State Test Info; Interesting Prepayment Info and How it Impacts Pricing
NEW Credit Unions Have Good Year; Refresher on Types of Loans Under Qualified Mortgage Concept
NEW Sticking to the Plan with FHFA Strategies and Securitization Platform; Unbridled Financial Institution Mergers and Acquisitions; REIT Chatter
NEW Reverse Mortgage Lending Dips; PHH's Private Label Subservicing; More on Hiring Millennials
NEW FHA and the Sequester; A Note in Defense of Builder Affiliate Relationships
NEW Where do Industry Volumes Go in 2013; And What is Moving Rates? Chase Layoffs
NEW Paper on Agency's Future; Free Bank Research Site; Status of Community Banks
NEW The Fed's Impact on REITs; USDA Update - Keep our Fingers Crossed
NEW Better Know the Cost to Produce a Loan; Smoldering Non-agency Security Market; LO Earnings
NEW Capital Markets Eye Margin Requirements and QRM; Fed Minutes: Much Ado About Nothing
NEW Letter on CFPB Exams; Good Site for Bank Research; Bank M&A Continues; Purchase Loans Cost More than Refis?!
NEW GMAC Channels Join ClearPoint in Big Changes; Basel III Concerns Alive and Well; Mortgage Jobs
NEW REITs Roar; Wells Moving Out of Joint Ventures, into Europe; Two Industry Questions Worth Pondering
NEW Who Owns 10,000 Houses? Finance Industry and Cybersecurity; QM's Impact on Volumes 7 Years from Now
NEW All-cash Buying on the Rise While Delinquencies Drop; Nevada wants to do what?
NEW Redwood's 0% Default Rate; The Nationstar Model and the Current State of Servicing Valuation
NEW Investor Bales on Wholesale; Right of Rescission Legal Ruling; Capacity and Profit Margins; HARP 3
NEW Stats and More Stats on Housing; Reminder of Fannie Mae's Change for Affinity/Co-op Members
NEW Zany Commercial and Multifamily Numbers; Upcoming Training and Events
NEW VA IRRL Performance; Goverment Goes After Rating Agency; HARP 3 Chatter
NEW Soaking Up Shadow Inventory; KBW's Opinion of Gain on Sale Margins; Small Lenders to Increase Share?
NEW 2012 Origination Volume - Wow! IRS on Loan Modifications; Pulte Earnings
NEW FHA MI Change; Info on Salaried LO's with 3% Max; Transitional Licensing, CRE Thoughts
NEW Wells Fargo's LO Compensation Based on Quality and Speed; Amazing List of Recent M&A; Wassup with Rates?
NEW Bank Deposits Withdrawn at Fastest Pace Since 2001; Las Vegas ASF Chatter; Texas Ratio Primer
NEW Social Media Guidance from Federal Regulators; DAP Changes; Regional Events and Mortgage Jobs
NEW Eminent Domain Plans Dropped; NAR Report on Internet Home shopping; Flagstar Earnings - Stock Tumbles
NEW Eminent Domain Back in the News; Free Training and Webinars; Vendor Job Fair Updates