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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW Differences Between Broker and Mini-Corr; Jumbo Deals; Lender Financing Alternatives
NEW New Rep & Warrant Product; Citi Settles; What Wells' Earnings Tell Us; Adios Mini-Corr?
NEW Bank Mergers Continue; Lots on The MI Industry Updates
NEW CFPB Addresses Death; Servicing News; New Investors Popping Up
NEW Revised Housing & MBS Forecasts; CRA Education; Impac's Alt-QM
NEW Why You Don't Want CFPB Handling Your Remodel; ECOA/HMDA Review Types
NEW Financing Options Increase; Mortgage Banker M&A; Question on QM Rental Income Underwriting
NEW Vendor and Mortgage Insurance Company News; The Unemployment Data's Impact on Rates
NEW Non-Bank Servicers Under the Microscope - Who Will Service Loans?; HELOC Problems Ahead?
NEW Stearns vs. Prospect Verdict; FinCen & Fannie Mae; We're Done With Half of 2014 Already?
NEW Defense of VA Fees; Force-Placed Insurance Update; Overcoming Non-QM Loan Liabilities
NEW Marketing HARP; Stearns' Name Change; LEAP News & Lender Updates
NEW New Century, Carrington, & RFC Legal News; MI Master Policy News; FHA's LEAP Difficulties
NEW Pay Attention to Diversity in Counterparties; State-Level Changes of nNote; Recent HECM News
NEW Why Mergers Work (or Don't); Interesting Best-Ex Info; ABA & SunTrust; Goldman Sachs' Fiasco Program
NEW ABA Renews Freddie's Alliance; Agency & Non-Agency Lawsuit News; Analyst Digs at Stonegate
NEW FHLBs Moratorium on Captive Insurers; CFPB Under Fire; Basel III Delay?
NEW Ex-Fannie CEO now Prospect's CEO; Force-Placed Insurance Primer; BNY Mellon's New Mortgage Securitization Plan
NEW SunTrust, Ocwen Settlements; Mortgage Investors Borrowing From FHLBs
NEW Supreme Court to Hear LO Overtime Case; Tons of Training and Events
NEW CFPB Openings/Salaries; LO Comp Splits, Referral Fees; Why do People Move?
NEW Very Interesting Non-Agency/Jumbo News; CFPB Fines a Title Company
NEW MBA Reports on Lack of Profits for Mortgage Banks; Homebuilder's Misleading Ads; More Mergers
NEW Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy Impact on Lenders; Lots of Upcoming Training and Events
NEW CFPB & AMCs; Lots of Lender Updates; New Non-QM Investor; Who is Connective?
NEW Credit Availability Increasing; CFPB's Supervisory Highlights; Student Debt
NEW Before You Chime in on G-Fee Changes, Know The Implications; More Bank Mergers
NEW Student Loan's Impact on Housing; FHA's Recent Numbers; Lender Updates
NEW COFI Primer; Agency Stock Drama; Upcoming Events Including Bowling and Breakfasts
NEW PHH Sells Fleet Business; New Reverse Mortgage Program for Correspondents; Caliber's Non-Agency Rollout
NEW Fed Study on Affiliated Relationships; Bank M&A; is Privacy Dead in Lending?
NEW Freedom Continues to Grow; $500k Fine for RESPA Violation; Information on Individual Liability in CFPB Cases
NEW Kroll on Non-Bank Mortgage Companies; Free-For-All in Servicing Market
NEW RBS Shrinking Mortgage Biz; Bank M&A; MBA's New Compliance Class; Reverse Mortgage Update
NEW MBA Releases Lender Profit Numbers for 2013 - Ouch; New HUD Head
NEW State-Level Changes; Lender Updates; Range-Bound Rates
NEW Fastest Growing Cities in the US; Gag Rule in Loan Servicing; Lender & Vendor Updates
NEW Anti-Money Laundering Still a Concern; Investor Updates; Secondary Conference Chatter
NEW The Current State of Bank and Lender M&A; HUD Approval Process Pause
NEW Maybe NMLS Numbers Weren't so Scary; Recent CFPB Proposals and Implications
NEW Disturbing News in Latest NMLS Report; Primer on Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices
NEW Company Funding; Johnson Crapo Update; Why CEOs Don't Rely on Interest Rate Predictions
NEW FHA's HAWK Program Bends on MIP; VA's Final QM Rule; Changes to HARP Eligibility Nixed
NEW Subservicer Vendor Management; Changes at Cole Taylor; Reps and Warrants Change
NEW Agency and Investor Updates; Primer on Debt Service Ratio; One Suggestion to Cure FHA's Woes
NEW Trends in 0 Point Loans; CPR primer; Proposed FHA ARM Changes
NEW GSE Stress Testing; Housing Finance Reform Update
NEW Radian to buy Clayton; Low Down Payment Loans, Expanding Guidelines on the Rise
NEW Origination Volume in 2014 vs 2013; Mergers and Acquisitions Continue; Cash-Out Refi Popularity Drops
NEW Mel Watt to Speak on GSEs; MBS Issuance; What Recent Earnings Tell Us