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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW Investor, Agency, Lender, and MI Updates
NEW Aurora Bales and Sails; Wells Fargo Expands Globally
NEW There is No 3.8% Real Estate Tax; All-cash Buyers Still Making News
NEW Fannie Loses How Much? Comments on Home Ownership Priority and HUD's BofA Discrimination Suit
NEW Echo Boomers and Home Ownership; Redwood Trust's Loss; Thoughts on Agency Condo Policies
NEW Details on FHA's MIP Increase; HSOA update; Upcoming Events
NEW Flagstar Settles Fraud Charges; More on HSOA's Demise; Letters on Citi and Provident
NEW Adios Home Savings of America; An Issue of MI and Investor Documentation and Underwriting Changes
NEW MI Companies Watching for the FHA MIP Increase; BofA and Fannie - Does it Matter?
NEW Volker Rule's Impact on Hedging Rate Locks; Potential HARP 2.0 Borrower Pool Defined
NEW Fannie and Freddie Future Plans; NMLS Licensee Stats on the Rise
NEW Clearing Up Some G-fee and HARP 2.0 Confusion; More Conferences and Companies Expanding
NEW Thoughts on Provident's Condo Change; Accumulation of Investor and Lender Changes
NEW Provident and Condos; Startling Utah Stats; Promising Signs for US Economy - Will Rates Creep Up?
NEW "Wow" Stats from Citi's Lawsuit Settlement; Short Sale vs. Foreclosure Losses; ASF Notes; More Conferences
NEW Trends in Mortgage Banking; Conferences Across the Nation Being Lined Up; Snazzy USDA Pilot Program
NEW FHA Insurance Premium to Increase Again; CFPB Servicing Statement; AMC Tax Issues?
NEW Some 2011 Mortgage Volume Stats; EverBank to Buy MetLife Warehouse Lending
NEW Saturday Lender Updates, Gossip and Interesting Letters from the Trenches
NEW Settlements Actually Mean Anything? FinCen's Impact on Non-bank Mortgage Lenders
NEW Ally to Sell ResCap? NCUA on Loan Workouts; Thoughts on the FHA Streamline Situation
NEW Missouri Goes After Processor DocX; Wells Now #1 Servicer; Rural Streamlines
NEW Google Ends Mortgage Ads; Streamlines to be Nixed from FHA Compare Ratios; Servicing Agreement Bumping Along
NEW All FHA Today: Compare Ratios, Streamlines, Condo Approvals, LI Program Changes
NEW PHH Restructuring; MBA Classes; Servicing Comp Change Bearing Away; Harsher Fraud Penalties Coming?
NEW Citi Exits Broker Biz; Fed Addresses Sticky Second Mortgage Situation
NEW "Dead On Arrival" Refi Plan to be Announced Today; Large Investors Devolve/Evolve - Is Servicing, or F&F, the Answer?
NEW Freddie's PR Nightmare; Servicing's Negative Earnings Impact; More on MetLife's Fade
NEW Correspondent Investors: News, Volumes and Rumors; Government Turns Focus to HEMP
NEW Special Edition of Investor, Lender and MI Changes
NEW California Says "No Thanks"; FHA Compare Ratio, and Lender FHA Changes not to be Ignored
NEW Forecast on FHA Compare Ratios; MetLife Chatter; Importance of Contingency Plans for Lenders
NEW Refi Plan for Gon-government Loans? Chalk Another One up for MERS
NEW The Latest on On-line Lending; Principal Forgiveness Cost; How HUD's Changes Will Impact Gov't Lenders
NEW BofA Halts Cash-out Refinancing; Letters From the Trenches; Mortgage Hiring Continues
NEW Old Rating Agency Model Becoming Extinct? Independent Mortgage Banks Able to do HARP 2.0 Loans?
NEW MBS Price Considerations Surrounding G-Fee Increase; PNC's Results Reflect Servicing Lawsuit Settlement?
NEW Wells' Mortgage Earnings Indicative of Industry? HUD to Limit Appeals?; CFPB Appraisal Fees
NEW CFPB Unfurls Mortgage Company Audit Procedure; Recent and Upcoming Housing Forecasts
NEW Special Holiday Edition Dedicated to the Mortgage Tax
NEW MBA Class on Fair Lending; Redwood's New Jumbo Deal; Chase's Mortgage Earnings Sag
NEW Insight from Mortgage Trader Lingo; CFPB to Sharpen Claws on PHH? Chatter on Goals for GSEs
NEW How MetLife's Exit Impacts the Industry - Will Others Follow?
NEW Wells Rolls the G-fee Hit Ordered by Congress; Indiana Refines Originator Rules; Fannie's EarlyCheck Benefits
NEW Is Underwriting Too Tight?; MBA's Stance on Current Industry Topics; Agency Downgrade?
NEW Reaction to CFPB's "Tell Your Story"; RMBS Chatter; VA's Appraisal Changes; USB Reacts to G-fee Hike
NEW Guarantee Fee Increase Chatter; Cordray in at CFPB? MERS Update; PHH's New Chief
NEW AOT, Guarantee Fee Primer; PIMCO Losing Investors; O2 Funding's Interesting Website Announcement
NEW All Cash Purchases Increase; VA's Final Rule for Vets to Avoid Foreclosure; HUD's Settlement with FNF Provides a RESPA Lesson
NEW Special Edition of Nothing but MI, Investor, and Lender Updates - Not for the Faint of Heart