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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW Wells' Buybacks; Agency Results and the Impact of the HARP; How Much Does NAR Spend on Lobbying?
NEW Are Closing Costs Really Going Down? Historical LIBOR Data; Lender/Industry Updates
NEW CFPB and the MI Biz, Audit Comments, and Discussion Group; What Redwood Trust & PennyMac's Results Show Us
NEW Banks and Lending (or the Lack Thereof) and it's Impact on Rates and Inflation
NEW What is the Fastest Growing Commercial Sector? BofA & Fannie Grapple Over $10 billion
NEW LOS Primer; VA Loan Changes Coming? Appraisers to Have Comp Set in Stone? San Bernardino Bankrupt
NEW DeMarco and Geithner Grappling; The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Freddie's HARP News
NEW The CFPB and Non-banks; Yes, Mortgage Companies are Making Money; Lots of Training, Conferenceand M&A Updates
NEW Texas Bank Sues the CFPB; Hawaii's New Originator Laws; Chicago Now Looking at Eminent Domain
NEW Why the Industry Cares About this Eminent Domain Thing; Investor Updates
NEW How Long Should You Keep a Loan File? Government Report on Appraisals; One Take on DOJ/Wells Settlement
NEW FAMC's Broker Comp Move; Want to Participate in a Compensation Survey?
NEW CFPB Publishes Year's Agenda; New FICO Score; Watching Kroll Bond Ratings; Poverty in U.S. Increasing
NEW Realtors and the CFPB; Flagstar and First Horizon Diverge; Viscal vs. Monetary Policy Primer
NEW FinCen Compliance for Lenders Coming; Mortgage Production and Secondary Jobs; Lender and Agency Updates
NEW Size Doesn't Matter with the CFPB, Which Issues First Enforcement Action
NEW Security vs. Rate Sheet Prices; Big Bank Earnings and Layoffs; Eminent Domain Conference Call
NEW Yes, Qualified Mortgage Rules are a BIG Deal for the Lending and Real Estate Industry
NEW Broker to Banker Chatter; Letters from the Trenches on QM, Eminent Domain, QC and Compliance
NEW QM Rules a Huge Concern; More on Eminent Domain; ARM's, HARP, and Refi Rates
NEW Bastille Day Thoughts on Wells, 4th Party Originations, Agency Caps, Minimum Net Worth, and Counter-party Risk
NEW Eminent Domain Issue Should not be Taken Lightly; Investor and Training Updates
NEW The 800lb Gorilla Makes a Move - Who's Left for Brokers? Chase and Wells Earnings
NEW Employment Trends; ResCap; HARP Chatter; Agency Updates
NEW TARP Update; FHFA REO News; Comment on FHFA's PACE Loan Prohibition; Still Waiting for Buyback Clarity
NEW 1099 Pages from the CFPB and Links to Comment; Mortgage Debt Relief Act Expiration
NEW Reg Z and QRM Comment Period Ends Today; It's a CFPB World - Including Non-banks! Blackstone as a Landlord
NEW Barclays, LIBOR and ARM Rates; AIG, UG and HARP; Sluggish Economy Continues
NEW Orange Alerts on California's Laws and Eminent Domain Focus; Lender Updates and Many FHA Streamline Changes
NEW SunTrust Jilted; California's Law and Basel III will NOT Help Mortgage Pricing
NEW Profit Per Loan Up Dramatically - Mortgage Banks Focused on Purchase Biz; LO's Not Exempt from OT?
NEW The CFPB and Reverse Mortgages; It Takes Time and Money to Monitor Counterparty Risk
NEW First Horizon's Buybacks; Buyback Legal Chatter; Basel III and Construction Loans; Congress Snubs Small Business?
NEW FHA Streamlines and The False Claims Act - 3x Damages? Conference Call on Basel III for Small Banks
NEW Old Republic and Foreclosure Legality Updates; CA Homeowner Bill of Rights Nears Vote; Lots of Training and Education News
NEW Of Course the Borrower is Paying for Higher Lending Costs - Did Our Gov't Think Lenders Would?
NEW FHA Streamline Investor Changes; Other Lender Tweaks to Slow/Control Volume
NEW Clarity on Buybacks? MI in the Age of HARP; High Level Mortgage Jobs
NEW CFPB Turns to Reverse Mortgages; Banks Making too Much on HARP? Builders Coming Back; FHA Streamline Investor News
NEW PHH joins FHA Streamline Movement; FHA Purchase Program; TBW CFO Heading for the Slammer
NEW A Saturday Morning of FHA Streamline, Investor, Training, Agency, Conference, and M&A News
NEW Student Loans Pass Credit Card Debt; CFPB Observations; Origination Rankings - Look Who's #3!
NEW FHA Streamline Changes in the Blink of an Eye; News from Indiana and California; Mortgage Jobs in Production and Secondary
NEW Wells' Market Share Target and Streamline Change; CFPB's View of Mortgage Brokers; The MBA and 203(k)'s
NEW Berkshire Hathaway Offers to Buy ResCap; Buybacks Continue to Plague Industry; Letters from Trenches on Appraisals
NEW Details on Cost to Process a Loan; NMLS Stats; More on Reasons and Strategies for Buybacks
NEW Full speed ahead on Basel III; Commentary And Input On Appraisal Issues
NEW Originator HARP Chatter, and HARP's Impact on Refinances; Investor/Originator Updates
NEW Details on the Fed Basel III Vote Tomorrow; How it May Impact Rate Sheets / Volumes, and the BofA Servicing Sale
NEW Lender and Regulatory Updates; CMLA White Paper of Future of Secondary Markets; Struggle to Create QM Underwriting Guidelines