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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW Buybacks Plague Industry from Top to Bottom: FHA Webinar Today; Update on Non-Agency Secondary Market; NMLS Deadlines Loom
NEW HUD Pushes Implementation of New FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium to October
NEW USDA Rural Housing Update; The Cost of New Regulations; More on the Pipeline Hedging Environment; Mortgage Jobs & New Warehouse Lender
NEW Fannie Mae Approves Genworth; Reams of FHA Updates; New Correspondent Investor; Bulletins from Wells, USB, SWS, Texas & SAFE Act
NEW Pipeline Hedging and Profit Margins; Still Dealing with the Same Rapid Refi Rumors; Fannie's Q2 Loss; FHA Insurance Funds Dwindle; Renegotiation Policies
NEW Investor Update After Investor Update: Overlays and Bulletins Galore
NEW Countrywide Settles Suit But Admits No Wrongdoing; How Secondary Prices Loans; Earnings from PHH, Radian, Ally;
NEW FHA Changes on the Horizon; Cross Selling Mortgages to Banking Clients; Failed MBS Trades; "Credit Repair" Fraud Case Settled;
NEW HVCC's Sun is Setting, Sort Of; Mega-Refinancing Rumors Dying Down; Loan Fraud Penalties
NEW Rapid Refinance Program: Don't Bet On It
NEW Final Ruling Issued on SAFE Act; Underwriting Guideline Overlays, Adverse Market Fees and Steep LLPAs; CMBS Sales; California State of Emergency;
NEW Home Builder Rankings; Updates from HUD and Fannie Mae; Home Ownership Stats; FHA Sanctions;
NEW Buyback Risk Locks Some Borrowers Out of Refi Market; Jawboning on Fannie and Freddie; Anecdotes from the Trenches;
NEW Lots of Investor Updates; Fannie HARP vs. Freddie HARP; Originator Rankings: Wells, BoA, Chase, GMAC, Citi...
NEW Investor Group Challenges Loan Servicers; Loss Mitigation Recommendations; What is "WillCap" and Who is "Talcott Franklin"?; EU Bank Stress Tests
NEW Underwriters & Processors Included in SAFE?; Mortgage Volume vs. Profits; Reader Quotes on L.O Compensation; Movement Seen in Commercial Sector
NEW Solid Earnings from Wells and MGIC; High Quality Loan Production; Labor Unions Threaten Big Banks; VA Underwriting Update
NEW Small Banks Behind on TARP Repayment; More Opinions on Mortgage Reform; Home Builders Outsold by REO Inventory Holders; MGIC & RMIC Updates
NEW Fannie & Freddie Better Together?; Plenty of Investor Updates; Broker Compensation Bill Opinion;
NEW Yield Spread Already Removed from GFE; Goldman's Record Setting Fine; NMLS Update; MI Deductibilty; Bank Earnings
NEW FHFA Opposes PACE Program, California Files Lawsuit; Financial Reform Vote; New Housing Counselor Handbook; FDIC Selling Distressed Loans
NEW Mortgage Investor Gossip; FICO Scores and Loan Production; "Hardest Hit" State Housing Programs; FHA Mini-Eagles;
NEW HARP Subordination Scenario; Jumbo Loan Foreclosure Numbers; Rates Low But Fewer Qualified Borrowers; International Homebuyers
NEW Congress Goes Back to Work; Fannie Mae Appraisal Changes; Reverse Mortgage Volumes; G-Fees
NEW The Fed, The Economy, And Mortgages; Loan Production Picks Up; Wholesale Lender Updates
NEW Wells Fargo Cutting Jobs; Consumer Credit; SAFE Act Resource; M.I. Update; Manufactured Housing Lenders
NEW The Future of Rate Sheets; Industry News That Isn't Pessimistic; High Opportunity Cost Investing
NEW Tax Credit Closing Deadline Extension Signed; Appraisal Chatter; Lender Update; Job Postings
NEW National Flood Insurance Program Extended; Originator ID Requirements; Electronic Loan Apps; NAMB Call to Action
NEW Top Mortgage Underwriters in H1 2010; MBS Issuance Jumps; Tax Credit Update; AUS Flipping; Lending Profits Rebound
NEW Homebuyer Tax Credit Fraud; Reasons for 203(K) Loans; SAFE Act and NMLS Registry; Mortgage Jobs; Another Refi Boom Coming?
NEW Financial Reform's Impact on Mortgage Lenders; Fed MBS Coupon Swaps; Pipelines Still Not Filled; Investor Updates
NEW Homebuyer Tax Credit Closing Deadline Looms; Why Borrowers Can't Refinance; Advice From an Appraiser; Lenders Who Buy 203(K) Product
NEW Lenders Prepare For Tax Credit Deadline; Fin Reg Compromise Done; Appraisal Issues; SAFE Act Update
NEW House Passes Flood Insurance Extension; Servicer Short Sale Timeline Rankings; MERS & Fannie, Waiting Period Update
NEW HVCC's Future in Doubt?; FHA Getting Ahead of Defaults; CRA Changes; Reverse Mortgage Issues; MGIC Update
NEW Credit Unions Still Offer HELOCs; FinReg Reform Update; HUD Guidance on FHA Approval; More Investor Bulletins
NEW Lender Updates Only an Underwriter Could Love; MBA Loan Buyback Seminar; Real Yields
NEW Don't Hold Your Breath For HELOCs; Extra Margin In Rate Sheets; 2009 Tax Transcripts Available; Reminder on Originator IDs
NEW HAMP Redefault Rate; Underwriters on Watch for Rent Buybacks and Short Sale Schemes; TBW CEO Fraud Case; MBS Volume
NEW Signs of Life in the Non-Agency Mortgage Market; Housing Supply Shortage?; HUD's Final Rule; Fannie & Freddie Delisted; Apps Rise
NEW Monoline Insurer Primer; SIFMA Study for Risk Hedgers; Fannie Mae Servicer Reimbursements; Flood Insurance Reminder From GMAC; BoA Bulletin
NEW Originator Identification Requirements; Mortgage Fraud Report; Flood Insurance Saga; Condo Guidance; FHA Annual Premiums
NEW More On Mortgage Insurance; Non-Agency Lending Thaw; FHA Reform Act Amendments; EPO Policies; Credit Rating Agencies
NEW Private Mortgage Insurers Make Push For FHA Business; GSEs Roll Out Uniform Data Program Details; Bulletins From BoA and Wells
NEW Checking In On Mortgage Reform Legislation; Mark-To-Market Loan Hedging Concerns; FTC & Countrywide; Subprime The Talk Of The Town?
NEW GNMA Single Loan Securitization; Slow Recovery For Housing; GFE Guidance; FDIC & CRA News; More Originator Jobs
NEW Most Profitable Bank Owned Origination Channels; FHA Net Worth Requirements; Manufactured Home Lending; HomePath News; More On Flood Insurance Policies
NEW Warehouse Line Issues Still Prevalent; Another Lender Exits Wholesale Business; BoA Suspends USDA Commitments & Updates Flood Insurance Guidance
NEW Flood Insurance Update; USDA Conditional Commitments; Originator Jobs; News From Fannie & Freddie, Citi, SunTrust, Guild, Mountain West, USB