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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW Processing, Correspondent, Valuation Tools; CPI! The CFPB Proposes What? Figure Streamlining HELOCs and More
NEW Best-Ex, Verification, Servicing Tools; STRATMOR and Customer Experience; Re-Branding, Ownership, Alliances Continue
NEW Marketing, AI, 2nd Mortgage Products; Lender and Investor Processing and Fee News
NEW TPO, MERS Review, LOS Products; Fannie/Freddie Changes; Rates React to Jobs Data
NEW Hedging, POS, DPA, Verification, Fee Cure Paper; Conference Chatter; Training and Events
NEW Correspondent And Broker Products; Attorney's Thoughts On CFPB Nonbank Registry
NEW Servicing Interface, Inspection Tools; Newfi/Dunmor Alliance; Does Yield Curve Inversion Matter?
NEW Fee Collection, Industry Report, LOS Insurance Tools; Disasters and Storms; Insurance Input Sought; USDA's New Map
NEW Co-Issue, MERS Audit Products; Retirement, Wholesaler Lawsuit, MBA and CFPB Requesting Info
NEW Compliance, LOS, Best-Ex, MSR Valuation Products; 2nd Mortgage and Conv. Conforming News
NEW Internal Audit, Jumbo, VOE Tools; Government Program News; Southeast and West Lending Trends
NEW Social Security, LOS, AI Doc Assist Products; Webinars and Training; Turn Off Auto VOEs
NEW Broker Products; Legal Thoughts on Dual Licensing; Agency and Investor News; Interview With Tour de France Rider
NEW Hedging, TPO, ROV, Fee Collection Tools; STRATMOR on Bank Strengths; Training and Webinars
NEW Servicing, Accounting, TPO Products; What Every Lender and Servicer Should Know About Catastrophes
NEW Portfolio ARM; Market Intelligence, VOE Tools; Bank of England & RESPA; CFPB Ruling Interview
NEW Broker Products; Credit, AI Chatbot, Hedging Tools; CFPB Verdict: LO Jobs
NEW Pricing, POS, Broker to banker, Cybersecurity Tools; STRATMOR/Teraverde Deal Inked
NEW Compliance, Processing Tools; Flagstar/JPM Warehouse Deal; Disaster Updates; Econ News Moving Rates Down?
NEW Servicing, LOS, Risk Management, Warehouse Tools; Webinars, Training, and Events
NEW Company Webinars; POS, Non-Agency Products; STRATMOR and Customer Service; Freddie and Fannie News
NEW Broker Loan Products; Super Jumbo, Accounting, RON, Fraud Prevention Products; Wholesale and Correspondent News
NEW Hedging, Community Lending, Verification, CRM, Warehouse Products; NAR Reports on Q1; FHA and USDA Changes
NEW Fee Collection, Flood Insurance, Servicing, DPA Products; Redwood and Home Equity; Agency News
NEW Digital HELOC, Non-QM, Diligence, CRM, Construction Products; Primer on NEXA/Kortas/Grella Case
NEW Fee Collection, S&D Products; Webinars and Training; Rates Ease on NFP Miss
NEW Hedging, Wholesale and Correspondent Products, 4506 vs. 8821, U/W Automation, Recapitalization Possibilities
NEW TPO, Market Analysis, VOE, Real Estate Search Tools; GSE and USDA News
NEW VOI, Marketing, Warehouse Tools; STRATMOR Automation Survey; Bank Acquisition; Fannie Earnings
NEW Borrower Outreach, Servicing Oversight Products; TPO News; Bank Merger Announced; Brokers and RESPA
NEW Servicing, MISMO Consulting Products; STRATMOR and Decisioning; UWM and UMortgage; California on DU and LP
NEW Electronic Bidding, MORA, Processing, Marketing Tools; CFPB and Servicing Fees, Mortgage Fraud Case
NEW Data Mining, Servicing, Marketing Products: Check Your Noncompete Agreement; Training Next Week
NEW Data Analytics, Servicing Products; STRATMOR's CD Workshop; Training and Webinars
NEW Piggyback, 2nds, POS Products; G-Rate’s CEO Podcast Interview; Agency News
NEW Cybersecurity, TPO, Verification Tools; Tech Tracking Whereabouts; Why Rates Are Where They Are
NEW MSR Execution, VOI, Post-Closing Audit, Client Acquisition Tools; May Training and Events
NEW Non-QM, Verification, Fraud Prevention, Buy Before You Sell Products; STRATMOR on Borrower Satisfaction
NEW Networking, Pricing Engine, VOE Products; Agencies Address Foreclosures and Potential NAR Settlement
NEW Valuation, Online App., Data Intelligence, UW Guideline Integration Tools; STRATMOR ICE Integration
NEW Home Equity Processing, Del and Non-Del, TPO, Rate Reset Products; Government Program Updates
NEW Hedging, Fee Collection, VOIE, Valuation, Analytics Tools; Webinars and Training Through Next Week
NEW DPA, Servicing Oversight, Relationship Mgt., Change Mgt. Products; TPO and Broker News
NEW Servicing, Non-QM DSCR, RON Products; Freddie and Fannie News; Rate Cut Outlook
NEW Non-QM, Seconds, Warehouse, Efficiency Products; Primer on CRAs, Bureaus, and Data Analytics
NEW CRM Product; STRATMOR CD Workshop; FHFA on Lock-In Effect; Training and Webinars
NEW LOS, AOT Execution, HELOC, HMDA Dashboard Products; TPO News; Ocwen to Become Onity
NEW AE, Ops Jobs; Anti-Fraud, CRM, Audit Products; Wholesale News... Lawsuit Ahead?
NEW Recruiting, Loan Trading, TPO, Compliance Tools; FHA and USDA News; Fed Cuts Wanted, but Not Needed?
NEW MERS, POS, AI Underwriting Products; Training and Webinars for the New Month