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NEW Servicing, Accounting, TPO Products; What Every Lender and Servicer Should Know About Catastrophes
NEW Mass Panic as 10yr Yields Lose Almost 4bps
NEW Mini-boom in Refi Apps Continues
NEW No Fireworks Expected From Fed Minutes
NEW Mortgage Rates Stabilize After 3 Day Losing Streak
NEW Bonds Unfazed By Fed Tone Shift
NEW Mostly Flat After Initial Weakness
NEW Mortgage Rates Close Enough to Unchanged Over The Weekend
NEW Portfolio ARM; Market Intelligence, VOE Tools; Bank of England & RESPA; CFPB Ruling Interview
NEW Slightly Weaker to Start Super Slow Week
NEW Moderate, Inconsequential Weakness
NEW Mortgage Rates Continue Higher For 2nd Straight Day
NEW Broker Products; Credit, AI Chatbot, Hedging Tools; CFPB Verdict: LO Jobs
NEW 11 Day Weekend Starts Now
NEW Gradual Weakness All Day And a Quieter Calendar Ahead
NEW Mortgage Rates Start Sideways But Move Higher in The Afternoon
NEW Builders Are Finishing More and More Homes, But Permits Have Been Flat
NEW Back to Boring
NEW Pricing, POS, Broker to banker, Cybersecurity Tools; STRATMOR/Teraverde Deal Inked
NEW Like The Last CPI Never Even Happened
NEW Mortgage Rates Back Under 7% After Inflation Data
NEW Persistently High Rates Quash Builder Confidence
NEW Compliance, Processing Tools; Flagstar/JPM Warehouse Deal; Disaster Updates; Econ News Moving Rates Down?
NEW CPI Perfectly Matches Expectations, Making For The Lowest Possible Volatility
NEW Refi Index Takes Advantage of Rate Drop
NEW Bonds Ready to go Big in Either Direction
NEW Another "Nice" Day For Rates, But Tomorrow is The Real Story
NEW Servicing, LOS, Risk Management, Warehouse Tools; Webinars, Training, and Events
NEW Big Miss in PPI Making For an Interesting Morning
NEW What You See Today Won't Necessarily Be What You See Tomorrow
NEW Mortgage Rates Inch to New 1-Month Lows
NEW Company Webinars; POS, Non-Agency Products; STRATMOR and Customer Service; Freddie and Fannie News
NEW High Stakes Week With CPI and Retail Sales on Wednesday
NEW The Upcoming Week Will Be Significantly More Volatile
NEW Higher Inflation Expectations Keep Yields Range-Bound
NEW Every Bit as Sideways as it Should Have Been
NEW Broker Loan Products; Super Jumbo, Accounting, RON, Fraud Prevention Products; Wholesale and Correspondent News
NEW Mortgage Rates Technically at Lowest Levels in a Month
NEW Bonds Boosted by Data and Well-Received Auction
NEW Claims Make For "Nice" Start, But It's a Drop in a Much Bigger Bucket
NEW Mortgage Rate Winning Streak Ends Gently
NEW Token Pull Back Keeps Things Boring
NEW Slightly Weaker Start Ahead of Afternoon Treasury Auction
NEW Hedging, Community Lending, Verification, CRM, Warehouse Products; NAR Reports on Q1; FHA and USDA Changes
NEW Economic Data Cools Rates, Boosts Application Volume
NEW Strong in The AM, Weaker in The PM
NEW Mortgage Rates Just a Bit Lower as Winning Streak Hits 5 Days
NEW Fee Collection, Flood Insurance, Servicing, DPA Products; Redwood and Home Equity; Agency News
NEW Overseas Markets Return (To Buy Bonds)
NEW Uneventful Start to What May be an Uneventful Week