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NEW Strong Start, But Tuesday's CPI is What Matters
NEW Fairly Inconsequential Friday Ahead of a Very Consequential Week Ahead
NEW Things Are About to Get Even More Interesting For Rates
NEW Surprise Surprise! AM Volatility, But Still "In The Range"
NEW New Mortgage Products, Vendor Updates, Wholesale News; Can Powell Avoid Spooking Markets?
NEW Mortgage Rates Steady to Slightly Higher
NEW Bonds Close Weaker After Early Volatility and Late-Day Illiquidity
NEW Volatile Start on European Central Bank Hikes/Warnings
NEW Natural Disasters, Employment Opportunities, Vendor Services; Weekly Jobless Claims
NEW Mortgage Rates Recover a Good Amount of Tuesday's Losses
NEW Nice Push Back Against Tuesday's Weakness. ECB On Deck
NEW How Can We Be So Sure About Corporate Issuance Impact?
NEW Fed Balance Sheet, Employment Opportunities, Vendor Tidbits, Investor News
NEW Mortgage App Volume Declines, But Jobs Data Offers Silver Lining
NEW Rates Blast Back Up Toward Long Term Highs
NEW Rate Rout Gets Ugly Thank to Corporates, Data, and Fed Fear
NEW Bonds Blasted by Corporate Issuance as Market Says Farewell to Summer
NEW Capital Markets; Appraisal, Self-Employed, Digital Products; September Packed With Events and Training
NEW Why Stronger Jobs Data Gave Way to a Rate Rally
NEW Unprecedented Rate Volatility as Markets Ponder Next Big Move
NEW Jobs Report Not Strong Enough To Keep Sellers Selling
NEW Lender Services and Software, Wholesale News; Strong August Payrolls Report
NEW Where We Are, Where We Might Be Going, And How We Might Get There
NEW Mortgage Rates Jump Back Above 6%; More Volatility Ahead
NEW September Shows Up Looking a Lot Like August
NEW CRM, Automation, Home Equity, Non-English Products; FHFA and Freddie News
NEW Rates End August at Highs
NEW So Long August. Don't Let The Door Hit Ya!
NEW Record EU Inflation But Bonds Don't Care
NEW TPO Products; Homebuyer, Profitability Products; BofA's 0% Down; Mortgage Applications Trend Lower on Rate Volatility
NEW Rate Volatility Continues to Roil Application Volume
NEW Mortgage Rates Hold Mostly Steady at Recent Highs
NEW Lots of EU-Inspired Volatility Early, But Still Waiting on Domestic Data to Shape Trends
NEW Home Price Growth Grinds to Halt. What Does It Mean For Conforming Loan Limit Outlook?
NEW Hypervigilant Volatility on Data and Central Banker Comments
NEW Credit, PPE, Non-QM, LO Sales Training Products; Training and Events Nationwide
NEW Mortgage Rates Jump Back up to 2-Month Highs
NEW Jackson Hole Follow-Through or Something Else?
NEW Yields Back at The Ceiling as Global Markets Digest Fed's Message
NEW Servicing Products; Marketing; Appraisal, Sales Tools; FHA and VA News; Fed Chatter Continues
NEW How Did Powell Bring The Pain With As-Expected Remarks?
NEW Fed Reminds Markets Why Rates Went Sharply Higher in August
NEW Powell Sticks to Script. Volatile Reaction in Bonds, But It's Small in the Bigger Picture
NEW TPO, Marketing, Workflow, Tax Service Products; MWF Shifts Wholesale Gears, Reali Gone
NEW It Doesn't Matter if Powell's Speech Matters
NEW Mortgage Rates Recover Modestly Ahead of Powell Speech
NEW Leveling Off Ahead of Jackson Hole?
NEW DSCR, Marketing, Compliance, Asset Mgt. Tools; Non-Agency News; STRATMOR on Lenders Staying vs Exiting
NEW Mortgage Rates Quickly Approaching 6%
NEW More Weakness. Is This All About The Fed?