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NEW "Higher For Longer" Fears Becoming a Reality After JOLTS
NEW Redfin to NAR, “Enough is Enough”
NEW Today's Data is What Bonds Were Afraid Of
NEW Cybersecurity, CE, CRM, Warehouse Products; Disaster News and Insurance - Scaling Back in FL and CA
NEW Mortgage Rates Back Near Long-Term Highs
NEW Bonds Blasted by Data and Stop-Gap
NEW Optimization, Document Tracking, MSR Financing Products; Saving Money on Credit Reports and CE
NEW With Shutdown Averted, Bonds Get Back to Same Old Trend
NEW Fairly Huge Improvement in Rates Followed by Some Deterioration
NEW Bonds Almost Hold Onto Gains Ahead of Shutdown Uncertainty
NEW Leveling Off Into The Weekend (We Hope)
NEW Accounting, JV Partner, Credit, Stand-Alone 2nd Products; Shutdown Primer for Lenders; Tax Transcripts?
NEW Bonds Bounce Despite Stronger Data
NEW Small Reprieve in Rate Rout
NEW NAR Calls for End to Rate Hikes as Pending Sales Drops Again
NEW A Different Kind of Day So Far
NEW Hedging, TPO and Broker Programs; Servicing, QC, Consulting Products; CFPB Report on Lending; STRATMOR and MortgageCX
NEW Relentless Surge in Mortgage Rates
NEW What is "Repricing" in The Broader Context, And How is it Moving Markets?
NEW All Good Things Must Turn Bad
NEW Verification, Credit, Servicing, Automated QC, POS, DSCR Products; Events and Training Fast Approaching
NEW Highest Rates in Decades Cut into Mortgage Volumes
NEW Mortgage Rates Barely Budge at Long-Term Highs
NEW Stronger Start, Weaker Finish, No Real Reason
NEW New Home Sales at 5 Month Lows; Still Much Higher Year-Over-Year
NEW Bond Market Continues "Repricing"
NEW Home Price Appreciation Continues Defying The Odds
NEW Data Mining, Digital Lending, Real Estate Database, Servicing Products; Conventional Conforming Program Shifts
NEW Mortgage Rates Officially Hit New Multi-Decade Highs
NEW Sell Now and Wait For Something to Convince You to Buy
NEW New Week, New Highs
NEW Borrower Engagement, Analytics, Internal Audit Tools; CRA News; STRATMOR on the Cost of Indecisive Leadership
NEW If The Fed Didn't Hike, Why Did Mortgage Rates Hit Long Term Highs?
NEW Waiting For October
NEW Token Correction
NEW Marketing, CRM, Fair Lending, HELOC, Non-QM Products; Webinars and Training Next Week; Why do People Move?
NEW Mortgage Rates Jump up to 23-Year Highs
NEW New Yield Highs After Post-Fed Follow-Through and Econ Data
NEW Another Big September Fed Breakout
NEW DPA, CRM, QC, Asset Management Products; Deep Look at Housing and Rates: Not for the Faint-Hearted
NEW Mortgage Rates Rise After Fed's Updated Rate Forecast
NEW Higher For Longer
NEW Old vs New Fed Statement With Changes Highlighted
NEW What Can The Fed Say That We Don't Already Know?
NEW Credit Verification, MSR Acquisition, Non-QM, Tax, Outsourcing Products; STRATMOR and CX; Timeline for Credit Score Changes
NEW Mortgage App Volume Rebounds from Holiday Doldrums
NEW Mortgage Rates Modestly Higher Ahead of Fed Announcement
NEW Pre-Fed Jitters Result in Highest Yields Since 2007
NEW Mixed Results for August Construction
NEW Pre-Fed Narrative Sails On, But Timbers Nearly Shivered