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NEW Bond Bounce Continues Ahead of Jobs Report and Next Week's CPI
NEW No, Mortgage Rates Are NOT LOWER Today!
NEW Bonds Remain Defensive Due to Range and Incoming Data
NEW Credit Union, UW, TPO Products; Report on Lending Trends; FHA and VA News; Sprout's Demise
NEW Mortgage Rates Jump Higher. Is The Recovery Over?
NEW Sharp Losses Offer a Reminder About The Range
NEW Rates are Applying the Brakes to Appreciation.
NEW Appraisal, Sales, Jumbo and Non-QM Products; Training and Events in July; Rates and Recession Fears
NEW Mortgage Apps Pull Back Despite Lower Interest Rates
NEW Beware The Bounce
NEW Mortgage Rates Hold Mostly Steady at Recent Lows
NEW Strong Start Balanced by Potential Resistance
NEW Warehouse, Customer Service, HELOC Products; Disaster News and NFIP Primer
NEW Bonds Begin NFP Week Near Best Levels in a Month
NEW Rates Plummet to 3 Week Lows. Has The Corner Been Turned?
NEW Big Gains Intact After Huge Intraday Swings
NEW Bonds Think The Corner Has Been Turned
NEW Processing, Underwriting, Flood, Loss Mitigation; New Products and Non-Agency, Non-QM News
NEW Rates Lowest in More Than a Week After Inflation Data
NEW Bonds Get The Rally They Deserved in Exchange for Cooler PCE Data
NEW Strong Start as PCE Inflation Remains in Check
NEW Bridge, DPA, Non-Agency, Fee Collection Products; Training, Webinars, Events
NEW Mortgage Rates Cautiously Improve But Thursday is Anyone's Guess
NEW Bonds Bolstered by Big Swings in Inflation Data and Expectations
NEW "Trading It Out" Ahead of Thursday's Inflation Data
NEW Refinancing Volume Responds to Improvement in Rates
NEW Margin Improvement, Non-QM, Secondary Tools; FGMC Fallout; California MBA Weighs In; Broker Petition
NEW Mortgage Rates Moderately Higher Despite Bond Market Recovery.
NEW Surprisingly Resilient as Range-Finding Expedition Continues
NEW Home Prices Still Surging, But Today's Data is For April
NEW Operational Cost, Pre-qual, Broker, Legal and Vesting Tools; News From Wholesale Channel; Housing Supply and Demand
NEW Mortgage Rates Moderately Higher to Start The Week
NEW Bond Market Defensiveness Justified by Weak Auction
NEW Pending Home Sales Rise For 1st Time in 6 Months
NEW Sideways Range Taking Shape
NEW New Loan Products; Sales Webinar; GSE's New Fee, Conforming Conventional Changes
NEW Housing is Normalizing, Not Dying; Nice Rate Rebound After Last Week's Rout
NEW Bonds Lost Ground, But It Was Still Sort of a Victory
NEW New Home Sales Paint Completely Different Picture Versus Last Month
NEW Pre-Qual, Appraisal, Marketing, Accounting Tools; Rural Housing Process and Ginnie Mae News
NEW Staying Flat Would be a Victory
NEW Black Knight's First Look: Another Record Low For Delinquencies
NEW No, Rates Are Actually MUCH Lower This Week
NEW Big Intraday Weakness Against Backdrop of Bigger Picture Strength
NEW Bond Bulls Running as PMI Data Confirms Rate Ceiling
NEW Title, Lead Conversion, MSR, POS, QC Products; STRATMOR piece on Tech; Wholesalers and TPO Investors
NEW Despite Onslaught of Fed Speakers, Bonds Hold Solid Gains
NEW Epic Knowledge Drop on Why Mortgage Rates Can Appear to Have Dropped by Near Record Amounts Recently
NEW PPE, U/W, Lead Purchase Products; Events, Training, and Webinars Through July
NEW Application Volume Rises Despite Rate Surge