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NEW Another Day Without Any Major Mortgage Rate Movement, So Let's Talk Rate Index Methodology
NEW Was The Fed Pivot a Surprise?
NEW Random Strength Replaced by Random Weakness
NEW TPO, Anti-Valuation Bias Tools; Retail and Broker News; Interview on Home Equity Levels
NEW Mortgage Rates Holding Longer-Term Lows Yet Again
NEW Surprisingly Strong Day Leaves Yields at Fresh Lows
NEW Stronger Data Not Derailing Stronger Bonds
NEW Credit and Verification, Broker, Borrower Portal, Accounting Products; Mortgage Credit News
NEW Lower Rates or Not, Last Week's Applications were “Tepid”
NEW Mortgage Rates Sharply Sideways
NEW Late December Sticking to The Script
NEW Housing Starts Hit 2023 High
NEW Obligatory AM Commentary
NEW PPE, Audit and Tax, LO Sales, Subservicing Tools; Fannie and Attorney Opinion Letters
NEW Mortgage Rates Almost Perfectly Unchanged Near 7 Month Lows
NEW Uneventful!
NEW U.S. Government Vs. Robocalls; Study on Debt and Generations; FHA is Alive and Well; Comprehensive Vendor News
NEW Random Holiday Week Movement And Mixed Messages From Fed
NEW Mortgage Rates Stick the Landing After Huge Weekly Drop
NEW Solid Conclusion to Superlative Week
NEW Holding Ground Nicely Despite Attempts to Push Back
NEW TPO, Accounting Automation, Verification; Training and Webinars; FHA, HECM, Ginnie News
NEW One Of The Biggest 2-Day Drops in Rates in Decades
NEW Big Rally Just Getting Started or at Risk of a Correction?
NEW Fed Pivot Outshines Stronger Retail Sales
NEW CRM, MSR Valuation, QC Trends Products; STRATMOR Strategy Report; Lower/Thrive M&A Deal; Renegotiations
NEW Rates Plummet to Lowest Levels Since May, 2023 After Fed Announcement
NEW Huge Rally as Dots Deliver and Powell Stays Out of The Way
NEW Old vs New Fed Statement With Changes Highlighted
NEW Should we Fear a Mismatch Between Market Expectations and The Fed's Reality?
NEW Jumbo, Non-QM, Accounting, Servicing, Processing Tools; Conv. Conforming News; STRATMOR on Customer Experience
NEW Refinancing Activity Responds to Rate Drop
NEW Mortgage Rates Unchanged After Inflation Report Threads The Needle
NEW Dots, Dots, Dots, Dots
NEW Super Jumbo, HELOC, DSCR, CRM Texting, Servicing Rights, QC Products; Fannie/Freddie Updates
NEW CPI As-Expected, But Internal Components Aren't Helping
NEW Mortgage Rates Barely Budge, But Volatility Potential is Much Higher Tomorrow
NEW Bonds Breathe Sigh of Relief After Auctions. CPI Up Next
NEW Broker, Business and Customer Intelligence, AI Underwriter, Marketing , Credit Union AMC Tools ; More Soft Landing Talk
NEW Focus Remains on CPI and The Fed
NEW Surprisingly Resilient Despite Stronger NFP
NEW Mortgage Rates Surprisingly Resilient Despite Moving Slightly Higher After Jobs Report
NEW Jobs Report Good Enough to Rain on Bond Bull Parade
NEW LO Technology, Broker PPE Products; Training and Webinars This Week; 3.7% Unemployment
NEW Mortgage Rates Roughly Unchanged Today, But Probably Not Tomorrow
NEW How Big Could Friday's Jobs Report Be?
NEW No Major Volatility Ahead of Friday's Jobs Report
NEW Bulk Sales, Best-Ex, Accounting Outsourcing, Verification Tools; FHA and Ginnie News; STRATMOR Tech Survey
NEW Another Day, Another 4-Month Low
NEW More Gains. Are Bonds Overbought?