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NEW Mortgage Rates Now at 20-Year Highs
NEW Why do US Rates Suddenly Care About The UK?
NEW No Reprieve For Selling Spree Yet, But More Resilience vs EU
NEW DPA, Correspondent, Fulfillment, Marketing Products; STRATMOR and Customer Experience; IMB Merger
NEW Let's Talk About Whether It's Time To Talk About Some Resilience
NEW Hits Keep Coming For Mortgage Market (The Bad Kind)
NEW TPO, Coaching, Warehouse, Processing Products; Relentless Rising Rates Provide no Relief
NEW Heartbreaking Day Leaves Mortgage Rates Much Higher Than 6.29%
NEW Why So Much Selling Today Instead of Yesterday?
NEW Bonds Getting Utterly Smoked
NEW Non-QM, Employment Opportunities, Ginnie Mae RBC Rule; Fed Rate Hike Reaction
NEW Mortgage Rates Breathe Sigh of Relief After Fed Announcement
NEW Deceptively Sideways After an Important Fed Day
NEW Here's What Changed in The New Fed Announcement
NEW Existing Home Sales Down Slightly, Price Appreciation Slows
NEW No, The Fed Hike Doesn't Mean Anything For Mortgage Rates
NEW Housing Supply, Career Opportunities, Vendor Services; How the Fed Impacts Rates
NEW Application Volume Rises Slightly Despite Big Rate Increases
NEW Here's What Matters on Fed Day, Part 2
NEW Highest Rates Since 2008 Are Officially Boring
NEW Here's What Matters on Fed Day
NEW Just When You Thought Bonds Might Calm Down a Bit...
NEW Housing Inventory, Employment Opportunities, Vendor Services; News Driving Rates
NEW Housing Starts See Double Digit Gains
NEW Mortgage Rates Surging to New 14-Year Highs
NEW Bond Buyers on Strike Until They Hear From The Fed
NEW Builders are Cutting Prices, Adding Incentives as Confidence Wanes
NEW Bonds Taking Defensive Lead-Off to Start Fed Week
NEW Housing Correction, Industry Events, Vendor Services; All Eyes on Fed This Week
NEW Traders Hit Snooze Button, With Next Alarm Set For Fed Day
NEW Big Fed Rate Hike Coming Next Week, But That's Not What Matters
NEW MBS Spreads Are Not Happy
NEW Capital Markets, Job Movement, CPI Takeaways; Mortgage Rate Surveys
NEW 6% Mortgage Rates Are OLD News
NEW Have Bonds Lost Enough Ground to Imply Some Relief?
NEW Volatile, Weaker Morning With Lots of Data to Digest
NEW Rushmore Exits Correspondent, Vendor Services, GNMA Risk-Based Capital; Jobless Claims
NEW Boring Day For Rates, But Not "Good" Boring
NEW Slow and Sideways as Markets Wait For Bigger News
NEW Which MBS Coupon Now?
NEW Treasury Yields, Employment Offerings, Vendor Services; Inflation on the Rise
NEW Mortgage Application Volume, Tiny Increase in Purchase Activity Ends 5-Week Slump
NEW Unfortunate, But Logical Reaction to Much Hotter Core Inflation
NEW Rates Jump a Quarter Point Instantly After Key Inflation Report; Now Back to 14-Year Highs
NEW Credit Access Reflects Reduced Appetite for Risk
NEW Bonds Reeling After Inflation Shocker
NEW Home Affordability, Vendor Services; Capital Markets; Latest CPI
NEW Rates Edge Up; Deep Dive on Mortgages vs 10yr Treasury and Fed Funds Rate
NEW Potentially Decent Day Turns Sour After 10yr Treasury Auction
NEW Mortgage Evolution, Employment, Vendor Services; Fed Hawk Talk Persists