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NEW Non-QM Secondary, TPO, Servicing, General Ledger, Marketing Products ; Events and Training
NEW No Help From Data Today
NEW Data Calling Fed's Confidence Into Question
NEW Mortgage Rates Back Above 7%
NEW 2 Out of 3 Reports Agree Rates Should be Higher Today
NEW Hedging, Multi-Family Servicing, CU Appraisal, Imaging, POS Tools; Conventional Conforming News
NEW Calmer Day of Losses. Data Resumes on Thursday
NEW Mortgage Rates Move Higher For 3rd Straight Day
NEW Quiet, Data-Free Session Leaves Focus on Treasury Auction
NEW Servicing, LOS, POS, HELOC, Processing Tools; Agency Repurchase Progress
NEW Rate Drop Prompts Jump in Refi Application Volume
NEW Volatility After CPI, But Only Moderate Weakness
NEW Mortgage Rates Rise After Inflation Data, But it Could Have Been Worse
NEW MSR buyer, Hedging, Non-Agency, QC, Workflow, Servicing Products; Moving Stats; Oh Fudge!
NEW Paradoxical Initial Reaction to Hotter CPI, But The Day is Young
NEW Super High Potential Energy Surrounding Tuesday's Data
NEW Mortgage Rate Winning Streak Finally Pauses, But Just Barely
NEW Non-QM, DSCR, HELOC, Pre-Approval, Automation Tools; The MBA, CFPB, and White House on Mortgages
NEW Time to Find Out if The Last CPI Report Was an Outlier or Warning Shot
NEW All in All a Pretty Logical Week
NEW Lowest Rates in Over a Month. Upcoming Inflation Data Casts a Critical Vote
NEW Mixed Reaction to Mixed Jobs Report
NEW Non-QM, RE Agent Monitoring, Mandatory Sales Products; The White House and Closing Costs; Webinars and Training
NEW Bonds Definitely Daring Jobs Report to Surge
NEW Lowest Mortgage Rates in More Than a Month Ahead of Important Jobs Report
NEW Placeholder Day Ahead of Jobs Report
NEW Hedging, Renovation, QC, Validation, Verification Products; Investor and Correspondent News and Metrics
NEW Uneventful Gains Despite Apparent Market Movers
NEW Mortgage Rates Back Under 7% on Average
NEW DSCR, Non-QM, DPA, Automation, Payoff Products; Conventional Conforming News
NEW ADP and Powell's Prepared Remarks Doing No Damage; JOLTS Up Next
NEW Housing Data Showing Positive Signs, Mortgage Apps Up 9.7%
NEW Gains Before and After Data
NEW Lowest Rates in 3 Weeks
NEW Loan Portal, Processing, HMDA Compliance, TPO Products; Freddie and Fannie News; FICO 10 T in the MBS Market
NEW Lead-Off Rally Extends as Traders Wonder if They Were Tricked
NEW Mortgage Rates Not Much Higher Than Friday
NEW Sleepy Start to What May Be an Exciting Week
NEW Slightly Weaker Start, But Still Holding Most of Last Week's Gains
NEW Correspondent, TPO Name Changes, Lien Release, Insurance, Workflow Products; Ginnie Primer and Gov't News
NEW Bonds Leading Off in a Friendly Direction
NEW Pending Home Sales Still Bouncing Along The Bottom
NEW Mortgage Rates Start Slightly Higher, but Finish Lower
NEW Surprisingly Strong Reaction to Weak ISM Data
NEW TPO, Warehouse, Appraisal Mgt., Homeowner Engagement Tools; Credit Changes
NEW It Took a Village (Of Econ Data)
NEW Lowest Mortgage Rates This Week After Key Inflation Data
NEW TBA Pricing, Delegated Correspondent, Servicing Products; STRATMOR and Comp
NEW Decent Reaction to Econ Data, and Not Just PCE
NEW Small Scale Volatility But Very Sideways Overall