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NEW Last Week: "Housing Recession." This Week: "At Or Close To The Bottom"
NEW Selling Spree Continues Despite Mixed Data
NEW Marketing, Origination, DSCR, All-Cash Programs; September Events, Training, and Webinars
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Remains at 22-year Low
NEW Fun While it Lasted: Bonds Give Up Data-Inspired Gains
NEW Mortgage Rates Little-Changed at Recent Highs
NEW Cliff-Diving Continues For New Home Sales, Now Down to 2016 Levels
NEW What's This? Bonds Are Still Capable of Rallying After Weak Data?!
NEW Subservicing, Profitability, Servicing Products; Investor's Conventional Conforming Changes
NEW Unfriendly Trend as Fed Fear Sets In
NEW Highest Mortgage Rates in More Than a Month
NEW New Week Off to Weak Start
NEW Cap. Mkts, Broker, HMDA Review, AI/ML Products; Recent Freddie and Fannie News
NEW Bonds Tank After EU Inflation Data
NEW Mortgage Rates Rose Sharply This Week
NEW Consolidation Pattern Breaks, And Not In a Good Way
NEW TPO, Underwriting, eSign, and Sales Tools; News From GNMA, FHA, and VA
NEW Mortgage Rates Unchanged Today, Higher Than Last Week
NEW Rate Consolidation Running Out of Room
NEW Home Sales Slow Again but Demand Continues
NEW Stronger Data Giving Bonds Pause, But Supportive Ceilings Remain Intact
NEW Community Lending, Financial Literacy Tools; Customer Experience Study; CMLA/CHLA; FHFA and Ginnie and Seller Servicers
NEW Mortgage Rates Back Near Recent Highs For Surprising Reasons
NEW UK Inflation Data Steals Show From Domestic Market Movers
NEW Bonds on The Defensive After Overnight Losses
NEW Sales Research Papers; Fulfillment, Non-QM Products; Fed Balancing Act Continues
NEW Mortgage Applications Drying Up Rapidly as Rates Rise, Economy Slows
NEW Mortgage Rates Edge Higher Ahead of Fed Minutes
NEW Inconsequentially Weaker and Increasingly Range-Bound
NEW Housing Recession or Big Shift to Multi-Family? Maybe Some of Both...
NEW Range-Finding Ahead of a More Relevant Wednesday
NEW PPE, Sales Performance, Bank Statement, Non-QM Products; Upcoming Training, Webinars, and Events
NEW Mortgage Rates Slightly Lower to Begin The Week
NEW Super Sideways Summertime Monday
NEW Lowest Builder Confidence Since 2014
NEW Capital Markets, TPO, CRM, AI Products; Bloomberg and Wells' Correspondent
NEW Strong Start Reinforcing Lower Range Ceiling
NEW Stable and Sideways Now That Rates Are Back in The Range
NEW Reconciling Recently Irrational Rate Movement (It's Actually Rational!)
NEW Supportive Start And a Closer Look at 2.91%
NEW DSCR, Credit Union, Subservicer Oversight Products; News From Wholesalers; Home Point Earnings
NEW Rates Are Actually Lower Than Last Week (Despite Moving Higher Today)
NEW Making Sense of Today's Seemingly Senseless Selling
NEW More Tame Inflation; More Bond Losses
NEW Recruiting, Cap. Mkts., DPA, Lead Conversion, Broker Products; Jumbo, Non-Agency, Non-QM News
NEW Rates Started Lower, But Rose Unexpectedly This Afternoon
NEW How In The World Did Bonds Lose Ground After a Big Drop in Inflation?
NEW CPI Delivers on Volatility Promise And on Paradoxical Potential
NEW Automation, Non-QM products; LD,Notarize,Cypress, and UWM in the News; Disaster Updates; CPI and Rate Volatility
NEW Refinancing Picks Up Slightly. Overall Volume Still Flat