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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW Hedging, Automation, HELOC, MERS Audit, LO Benchmarking Products; Training Opportunities
NEW Lender Credit, HELOC, PPE, AI Tools; Wholesale and Correspondent News; Millennial Refi Interview
NEW Fedspeak, TPO, Servicing, CFO Oversight, Consumer-Facing Tools ; A Primer on 1099 vs. W-2
NEW Hedging, Non-QM, Credit Verification, Digital Tools; Conventional/Conforming news; Fair Lending Interview
NEW Rental, Renovation, Fee Collection, Subservicing, Verification Tools; Training and Events
NEW Best Ex, Workflow, Subservicer Audit, Fulfillment Products ; FHA, VA, USDA News; Mr. Cooper's Cyberattack
NEW HELOC, Broker Pricing, LOS, Servicing Retention Products; Training and Webinars; STRATMOR on Tech
NEW LO Jobs; Production Efficiency, HELOC, Database Mining Tools; FHA, VA, USDA Changes; Freddie's $2.7 Billion in Profits
NEW Efficiency, CRM, eClosing, Customer-Facing Tools; Lender Innovation Landscape Shifts; STRATMOR's Tech Workshop
NEW Verification, HELOC, POS, Servicing Transfer Products; Webinars Today and Tomorrow; Fannie's Solid Earnings
NEW LOS to G/L Automation, MERS Audit, Broker Pricing, VOI/E, Serv. Retention Tools; Conventional Changes; Signing Bonus Drama
NEW Internal Audit, Verification, Broker, Marketing Products; Training and Webinars Next Week
NEW Hedging, Webinars, HELOC, Prequal Tools; STRATMOR on Servicing; Lunches and RESPA
NEW Tech Stack Analysis, LO Efficiency, Fair Lending Products; NAR is Lawyering Up; STRATMOR on Retaining Customers
NEW Credit/CRA and Verification, Flood, CRM, Renovation, LOS, Warehouse Control Products; Non-Agency and Reverse News
NEW Broker and Correspondent Products, Database Mining, Engagement, Cybersecurity Tools; Training and Webinars This Week
NEW Tech Sales, LO Jobs; Correspondent, Verification, Pricing Products; Mitigating Credit Costs
NEW Best-Ex, Outsourcing, LOS/Servicing, Portfolio, CRM, QC Products; Conventional Conforming News; 30-year Rates Hit 8 Percent
NEW DSCR, CRM, Predictive Analytics Tools; Wholesale News; Application Volume Continues to Drop
NEW NAR Lawsuit; Accounting, MSR Transaction, HELOC Products; Webinars and Training; Interview with Best CEO Vishal Garg and CFO Kevin Ryan
NEW Market Intel, Borrower Experience Tools; Misc. Investor News; Interview With Fairway's CEO Steve Jacobson
NEW Database Mining, Closing Cost, RON, AI, DPA Products; Vendor News Heading to Philly
NEW Efficiency, Wire-Fraud, Subservicing, VOE Products; CFPB News for Lenders
NEW Internal Audit, Marketing, Valuation, Processing Tools; Credit Cost Changes, Non-QM Back in the News
NEW Scalability, Insurance, Digital, Servicing, DPA Products; Events, Training, and Webinars
NEW TPO, Correspondent, Compliance, UW, Accounting Products; Conventional News; Employment Drives Rates Higher
NEW Hedging Cost, Reno, CRA, HELOAN, Home Inspection, Cybersecurity Products; LO Conversation Shift; Ginnie, USDA, FHA News
NEW Credit and Verification Products; POS, eClosing Tools; Redfin, NAR, Computershare, Rithm, Newrez, Caliber, OB in the News
NEW Cybersecurity, CE, CRM, Warehouse Products; Disaster News and Insurance - Scaling Back in FL and CA
NEW Optimization, Document Tracking, MSR Financing Products; Saving Money on Credit Reports and CE
NEW Accounting, JV Partner, Credit, Stand-Alone 2nd Products; Shutdown Primer for Lenders; Tax Transcripts?
NEW Hedging, TPO and Broker Programs; Servicing, QC, Consulting Products; CFPB Report on Lending; STRATMOR and MortgageCX
NEW Verification, Credit, Servicing, Automated QC, POS, DSCR Products; Events and Training Fast Approaching
NEW Data Mining, Digital Lending, Real Estate Database, Servicing Products; Conventional Conforming Program Shifts
NEW Borrower Engagement, Analytics, Internal Audit Tools; CRA News; STRATMOR on the Cost of Indecisive Leadership
NEW Marketing, CRM, Fair Lending, HELOC, Non-QM Products; Webinars and Training Next Week; Why do People Move?
NEW DPA, CRM, QC, Asset Management Products; Deep Look at Housing and Rates: Not for the Faint-Hearted
NEW Credit Verification, MSR Acquisition, Non-QM, Tax, Outsourcing Products; STRATMOR and CX; Timeline for Credit Score Changes
NEW HELOC, Manufactured, Technology, Marketing, and Digital Tools; Central Banks and Inflation
NEW Cybersecurity, Warehouse, Accounting, Marketing Tools; New Broker Products; CFPB Co-Marketing Case
NEW Hedging, PPE, Fee Collection, QC Products; Gov't and Conforming News; Producer Inflation Alive and Well
NEW Accounting, Asset Transfer, LOS Tools; Conv. Conforming News; Encompass and MortgageCX; Mortgage Apps Continue Downward
NEW DSCR, PPE. Borrower Intelligence, DPR Products; STRATMOR MortgageCX News; Training This Week; Chopra Speaks
NEW Warehouse, HELOC, AMC, Rate Lock; Automation, POS Products; Insurance and Disaster News
NEW Housing News, Appraisal, Broker Pricing, LOS to G/L Automation Products; FHA, USDA Program News; Renter Data
NEW Correspondent, Broker, Liquidity Mgt., Marketing, AOT Products; Training and Webinars; Foreign Investment in U.S. Drops
NEW Hedging Webinar; Home Insurance Nightmare; GSE Changes; Interview with Henry Broeksmit on Youth in the Industry
NEW QC/Fraud, LO AI, MSR Financing, GNMA Programs; Disaster Updates and Guides - The CFPB is There for Us
NEW LO Jobs; Jumbo and Non-Agency News; Bond Market Digests Higher Unemployment Rate
NEW HELOC, TPO, Home Buyer Trends, Agency Approval, CRM Products; Training and Events