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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW TPO, Coaching, Warehouse, Processing Products; Relentless Rising Rates Provide no Relief
NEW Non-QM, Employment Opportunities, Ginnie Mae RBC Rule; Fed Rate Hike Reaction
NEW Housing Supply, Career Opportunities, Vendor Services; How the Fed Impacts Rates
NEW Housing Inventory, Employment Opportunities, Vendor Services; News Driving Rates
NEW Housing Correction, Industry Events, Vendor Services; All Eyes on Fed This Week
NEW Capital Markets, Job Movement, CPI Takeaways; Mortgage Rate Surveys
NEW Rushmore Exits Correspondent, Vendor Services, GNMA Risk-Based Capital; Jobless Claims
NEW Treasury Yields, Employment Offerings, Vendor Services; Inflation on the Rise
NEW Home Affordability, Vendor Services; Capital Markets; Latest CPI
NEW Mortgage Evolution, Employment, Vendor Services; Fed Hawk Talk Persists
NEW New Mortgage Products, Vendor Updates, Wholesale News; Can Powell Avoid Spooking Markets?
NEW Natural Disasters, Employment Opportunities, Vendor Services; Weekly Jobless Claims
NEW Fed Balance Sheet, Employment Opportunities, Vendor Tidbits, Investor News
NEW Capital Markets; Appraisal, Self-Employed, Digital Products; September Packed With Events and Training
NEW Lender Services and Software, Wholesale News; Strong August Payrolls Report
NEW CRM, Automation, Home Equity, Non-English Products; FHFA and Freddie News
NEW TPO Products; Homebuyer, Profitability Products; BofA's 0% Down; Mortgage Applications Trend Lower on Rate Volatility
NEW Credit, PPE, Non-QM, LO Sales Training Products; Training and Events Nationwide
NEW Servicing Products; Marketing; Appraisal, Sales Tools; FHA and VA News; Fed Chatter Continues
NEW TPO, Marketing, Workflow, Tax Service Products; MWF Shifts Wholesale Gears, Reali Gone
NEW DSCR, Marketing, Compliance, Asset Mgt. Tools; Non-Agency News; STRATMOR on Lenders Staying vs Exiting
NEW Marketing, Origination, DSCR, All-Cash Programs; September Events, Training, and Webinars
NEW Subservicing, Profitability, Servicing Products; Investor's Conventional Conforming Changes
NEW Cap. Mkts, Broker, HMDA Review, AI/ML Products; Recent Freddie and Fannie News
NEW TPO, Underwriting, eSign, and Sales Tools; News From GNMA, FHA, and VA
NEW Community Lending, Financial Literacy Tools; Customer Experience Study; CMLA/CHLA; FHFA and Ginnie and Seller Servicers
NEW Sales Research Papers; Fulfillment, Non-QM Products; Fed Balancing Act Continues
NEW PPE, Sales Performance, Bank Statement, Non-QM Products; Upcoming Training, Webinars, and Events
NEW Capital Markets, TPO, CRM, AI Products; Bloomberg and Wells' Correspondent
NEW DSCR, Credit Union, Subservicer Oversight Products; News From Wholesalers; Home Point Earnings
NEW Recruiting, Cap. Mkts., DPA, Lead Conversion, Broker Products; Jumbo, Non-Agency, Non-QM News
NEW Automation, Non-QM products; LD,Notarize,Cypress, and UWM in the News; Disaster Updates; CPI and Rate Volatility
NEW Verification, Non-QM, Subservicer, Franchise, Appraisal Products; Rates Tread Water
NEW Internal Audit, Marketing, Realtor-Facing, Fulfillment Products; Events and Training; Jobs and the Fed
NEW UW Productivity, Bid Tape/AOT, Origination, Doc Handling Products; National MI and Equifax; Payroll Data Drives Rates
NEW Quality Control, API, Non-QM, HELOC Products; OpenDoor Penalty; Two Harbors/RoundPoint Deal
NEW Private MI, Servicing Testing, Broker Pricing, DPA Products; Conforming Conventional Updates
NEW Capital Markets; Non-warrantable Condo, Automation Products; Retail News
NEW DPA, Revenue, Jumbo Products and Tools; Upcoming Events and Webinars; More on the Fed
NEW Compliance, BI Platform, Community Bank Products; Primer on NBER, GDP, and Recessions
NEW Broker Products; Underwriting, Customer Service Tools; RON Progress; New Exchange-Traded TBA Product
NEW Broker, Pricing, Workflow, Upcoming Events, Training, Webinars; Fed Day as New Apps Hit 22 Year Low
NEW Lead Gen, REO Mgt., Subservicing Tools; Conforming Conventional Changes; Markets Await FOMC Meeting
NEW Digital, Compliance, Automated Workflow, Home Equity Products; Rural, FHA, and VA News
NEW Non-QM, Bridge Loan, HELOC, Social Media Tools; FHA and VA Investor News; MBA's New Rate and Volume Forecast
NEW Purchase Advice API, TBA Trading Tools; STRATMOR on Signing Bonuses; Webinars and Training to Finish July
NEW Subservicing, Convenience Fee Compliance, VOE, POS Products; Non-Agency/Non-QM News
NEW Non-Agency, Jumbo, LOS, Marketing Tools; Appraisal News on ACE/PDR: a Faster Way to Close
NEW Fraud, Home Equity, Non-QM, Reno Products; Wholesale Updates
NEW Broker, DPA, Automation, Warehouse Products; Wholesaler News and New Products