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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW Broker, Correspondent Products; Lenders Springing Up; Central Banks "Ready to Act"
NEW LO Jobs; Broker, HELOC Products; Coast to Coast Events and Training; 1.07% 10-year!
NEW LO Jobs; Broker, Credit, Compliance Products; Coronavirus Continues to Drive Markets
NEW LO Jobs; Pooling, Non-QM, Appraisal Products; CFPB, Audit, Exams, and Compliance News
NEW Sales, Language, Broker Tools; GSE Reform Continues; Two 2020 Fed Cuts?
NEW Broker, Correspondent Products; Credit Shifts; Moody's Weighs in on Non-QM
NEW Controller, LO Jobs; Compliance and Servicing Events; Coronavirus Dominating Markets
NEW Underwriting, Appraisal Products; Lender, Vendor, and Borrower Products
NEW HELOC, Construction, and Title Products; Digital Borrower Solutions
NEW Compliance, Servicing, Renovation, Broker Products; Shifts in Freddie and Fannie
NEW Broker, Sales, Processing Products; Coast-to-Coast Training and Events
NEW Servicing, 203(k) Products; Conventional Conforming Underwriting Shifts
NEW LO Jobs; Subservicing, Broker, Originator Products; Vendor Alliances Increasing
NEW LO Jobs; Sales, Marketing, Broker products; American Borrowing stat
NEW Non-QM, Marketing, Digital Products; Shifts in Non-Conforming and ATR, QM Patch
NEW Marketing, LO Jobs; VA, Compliance Products; Credit Study and Underwriting Shifts
NEW Underwriting Jobs; Marketing, VA Products; FHA, VA, USDA Lending Changes
NEW LO Jobs; Non-QM, CRM Products; Vendor News; Capital Markets and The Fed
NEW MLO Jobs, Digital, Subservicing Products; National Events and Training
NEW MLO Jobs; Non-QM, Vendor Products; Conventional Conforming Product Shifts
NEW Subservicer White Paper; Originator Census; Freddie and Fannie Updates
NEW Marketing, Broker, Pricing Products; Rates, the Fed and the Coronavirus
NEW Audit, AMC, Underwriting, and DPA Tools; Primer on Prepayments and EPOs
NEW LOS, Broker Products; Capital Markets, the Fed, Coronavirus, and Trade
NEW Subservicer, Cost-Cutting Products; Customer Satisfaction Awards
NEW Underwriting Products; Credit Trends; Coronavirus and World Events Moving Rates
NEW Client Engagement, Sales, API Products; Coronavirus Scare; ECB's Low Rates
NEW Non-QM, Loan Trading Products; Comp Survey; Moderate Expansion Continues
NEW Warehouse, Broker Products; M&A With Lenders and Vendors; Coronavirus and Bonds
NEW Non-QM, Digital Tools; Population Shifts in Lending; Capital Markets
NEW Renovation Products; CEOs Can't Ignore LIBOR Transition; Cap. Markets
NEW HUD Jobs; Borrower Satisfaction Report; Vendor News and Updates
NEW Retention, Fraud Prevention Tools; Events and Training Coast to Coast; Capital Markets
NEW Marketing, Pricing, Sales Tools; FHA, VA, and Ginnie Changes
NEW Compliance, LO Tools; Deep Dive Into W-2 vs.1099 and the SAFE Act
NEW Pricing, VA Products; Agency Direction and Future Back in the News
NEW Sales Jobs; Broker, Marketing, Secondary Products; Various Vendor News
NEW Pricing, Broker, Sales Products; Missiles, Oil, Tariffs, and Brexit and Their Effect on Mortgage rates
NEW Marketing, Pricing, Strategy Tools; Upcoming Events and Training
NEW Non-QM, Subservicer Review Products; Wholesale and Correspondent Changes
NEW Broker Products; Credit and Underwriting Changes; Middle East Driving Rates
NEW Marketing and LO Jobs; Coast-to-coast Training and Events; Who is Buying MBS?
NEW SAFE Act Policies not Uniform Around the Industry; Impeachment Process is not Driving Rates
NEW Taxpayer First Act Updates; Program and Processing Notes; China's Effect on Our Interest Rates
NEW Affordable Lending, First-time Buyer Products; URLA and Conventional Loan Amounts
NEW 2020 Forecasts; News from Ginnie, USDA, Investors Following FHA and VA Changes
NEW Repo Activity, Household Debt, Tariffs, and Shelter Costs in the Capital Markets
NEW Compliance, Digital Products; Customer Service Trends; Capital Markets Steady
NEW Training, Digital Products; What is, or Isn't, Moving Mortgage Rates?
NEW Digital, Broker, Correspondent Products; Vendor Updates; Holiday Trading in Bond Market