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For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW Vendor Management, QC, Borrower Retention Tools; CX Strategy; Dave Chappelle and Affordable Housing
NEW FHA Jobs; Processing Efficiency Tools; TPO, Non-QM, Education Products; Consumer Inflation Pushes 10-year Past 2%
NEW March Training and Events; Broker and Lender Products
NEW Broker and Lender Services/Products; Training and Events
NEW Jumbo Buyer Wanted; Secondary, Sales, Origination, Processing Tools; Jumbo News Around the Industry
NEW Pricing, Non-QM, BI, Subservicing Tools; Processing and Pricing Shifts; Strong Employment Data Shoots Rates Higher
NEW Hedge Cost, QC, Compliance Tools; Investor FHA Changes; Upcoming In-person Events
NEW Secondary and Underwriting Products; Compliance Expert on Misconceptions
NEW FHA, VA News Impacting Lenders; Vendor Tools
NEW Back Office Tech., Purchase, Vendor Mgt., MSR Acquisition Products; February Events and Training
NEW Jumbo Lending News; Podcast Interview with Milo CEO on Crypto Mortgages; Cap. Mkts Digest Rate Hike News
NEW Conforming Conventional Updates; Lender and Broker Services; The Fed Has Spoken
NEW Company Sponsored Webinars; Vendor Products; Apps Drop; Bonds Tread Water to vendors; last week's apps drop
NEW Fannie & Freddie Updates; Automation/Pricing/LOS Products
NEW Underwriting, POS, Subservicing, Lead Gen Products; Webinars and Events to Wrap up January
NEW Pre-Qual, Vendor Mgt., Subservicer Review, Warehouse Products; Pandemic to Endemic?
NEW Webinars Today; Training, Automation, Broker Tools; Write Up on MLO Purchase Focus
NEW LO Webinars & Training; LLPA Changes & Condo News; Continuing Ed Legal Settlement
NEW Vendor Updates and Offerings; LLPA Perspective; Milo's Crypto-mortgage
NEW Processing, Dashboard, CHLA Priorities; Comp Study; The Changing Face of the Fed
NEW TPO, Fraud, LOS, Vendor Mgt. Tools; Housing and Inflation; Stearns' Business Shut Down
NEW Redfin/Bay Equity Deal; Powell & 7 Percent Inflation; Various Vendor Offerings
NEW Disasters & Higher Insurance Costs; Correspondent, Sales, and Automation Tools
NEW Secondary, Processing, Referral, Automation Tools; B2B Lawsuits Update; NFP Comes in Low
NEW Contract, Conversion, Retention, Margin Mgt. Tools; Jumbo and Non-QM News; Rates Near 2021 Highs
NEW VA Cash Out, Processing, Referral Tools; PPP News; Mortgage Rates on the Move
NEW Digital, Vendor Mgt., Training Tools; January's Training and Events
NEW Gambling Psychology, Inflation Fears, The Flattening Yield Curve, and Why Mortgage Prices are Sometimes "Sticky"
NEW Workflow, Vendor, Digital Processing Tools; Warehouse Bank Wanted; Freddie and Fannie News
NEW Pre-Approval, Business Intelligence, Non-QM, Reno Products; Workplace COVID Changes and Requirements
NEW Broker, ECOA, VA Cash Out Products; Disaster News; Thoughts on Yield Curve and IMBs
NEW Purchase Originations, eNote Tools; FHA, VA, Ginnie News; Inflation and Savings
NEW Encompass, Rehab, CRM Products; Jumbo, Non-Agency, Non-QM Changes
NEW HELOC, Broker, POS/LOS Products; FEMA News... Private Flood Insurance for FHA Loans?
NEW Processing, Speakers Bureau, Marketing, Subservicing Products; Conventional Conforming Changes; Rocket's Acquisition
NEW Sales, Tech, VOE Tools; Freddie and Fannie Changes Continue; Omicron and Mortgage Rates
NEW TPO, QC Report, CRM, Pooling Products; Ginnie: $2.14 Trillion Outstanding; Fed Path Set
NEW PPE, Customer Retention, Dashboard Tools; Lender Profitability Study; Rates Shrug at Faster Tapering
NEW Pricing, Subservicer, Appraisal, Jumbo and DPA Products; Primer on the Fed's Discomfort
NEW Data, AI, Encompass, Workflow, Lead Conversion Tools; Credit Tightening; Events and Webinars; LO Comp
NEW Servicing, Closing, AI, MI Products; USDA, FHA, Ginnie News; Rates Quiet... Holiday Slow Down?
NEW AI, TPO, Warehouse, CRM Tools; Customer Service Tip; LIBOR Cessation News; FDIC vs. CFPB
NEW Secondary, Broker, Non-QM, Disaster, Dashboard Tools; VA and FHA Changes; Jobless Claims!
NEW Sales, Appraisal Jobs; Jumbo, Processing, Servicing, Warehouse Tools;'s Woes
NEW Sales Training, VOA, Talent Acquisition, Marketing Tools; CFPB Trends: Competing on Compliance?
NEW Correspondent, Warehouse, Sales Jobs; Referral, VOE Tools; Upcoming Events and Training
NEW Mentoring, Recruiting, Productivity Tools; Investor's FHA, VA, USDA Program News; Layoff Video
NEW Homebuyer, Fee Collection, Loan Delivery Tools; Conv. Conforming Changes; IMB Profits
NEW Coaching, Jumbo, Medical Professional Products; Investors Follow Conventional Conforming Limit Changes
NEW ECOA, Coaching, Title, Verification Tools; Events This Week; Rates Driven by COVID Variant News