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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW Non-QM, Bridge Loan, HELOC, Social Media Tools; FHA and VA Investor News; MBA's New Rate and Volume Forecast
NEW Purchase Advice API, TBA Trading Tools; STRATMOR on Signing Bonuses; Webinars and Training to Finish July
NEW Subservicing, Convenience Fee Compliance, VOE, POS Products; Non-Agency/Non-QM News
NEW Non-Agency, Jumbo, LOS, Marketing Tools; Appraisal News on ACE/PDR: a Faster Way to Close
NEW Fraud, Home Equity, Non-QM, Reno Products; Wholesale Updates
NEW Broker, DPA, Automation, Warehouse Products; Wholesaler News and New Products
NEW Excess Servicing, Non-QM, Anti-Fraud, Home Equity Tools; Correspondent News; Primer on Yield Curve Inversion
NEW Lock and Shop, Jumbo, Non-QM, Appraisal Tools; STRATMOR Tech Study; Events and Webinars; Inflation Up, Apps Down
NEW Webinars, Training, Subservicing, Processing Tools; Freddie and Fannie Changes
NEW Bank Statement, BI, Marketing, MERS Review Tools; Fannie and Freddie on Credit and New Fees
NEW Warehouse, Non-QM Correspondent, Compliance, CRM, Processing Products; FOMC and Fed Funds Primer
NEW Credit Union, UW, TPO Products; Report on Lending Trends; FHA and VA News; Sprout's Demise
NEW Appraisal, Sales, Jumbo and Non-QM Products; Training and Events in July; Rates and Recession Fears
NEW Warehouse, Customer Service, HELOC Products; Disaster News and NFIP Primer
NEW Processing, Underwriting, Flood, Loss Mitigation; New Products and Non-Agency, Non-QM News
NEW Bridge, DPA, Non-Agency, Fee Collection Products; Training, Webinars, Events
NEW Margin Improvement, Non-QM, Secondary Tools; FGMC Fallout; California MBA Weighs In; Broker Petition
NEW Operational Cost, Pre-qual, Broker, Legal and Vesting Tools; News From Wholesale Channel; Housing Supply and Demand
NEW New Loan Products; Sales Webinar; GSE's New Fee, Conforming Conventional Changes
NEW Pre-Qual, Appraisal, Marketing, Accounting Tools; Rural Housing Process and Ginnie Mae News
NEW Title, Lead Conversion, MSR, POS, QC Products; STRATMOR piece on Tech; Wholesalers and TPO Investors
NEW PPE, U/W, Lead Purchase Products; Events, Training, and Webinars Through July
NEW Pricing, Broker, Jumbo, Fee Collection Products; STRATMOR Survey; Investor ARM News
NEW Insurance, eVault, Defect Rate, Warehouse Products; Easy-to-Understand Basis Risk Primer
NEW Company Webinars, Non-Agency, Compliance, DPA Products; USDA and Ginnie News; Rates Smack Housing Starts and Permits
NEW Non-Agency, Appraisal, Loan Delivery Products; June and July Events; Expect a 75 bp Move Higher From the Fed
NEW AMC, Lender Wanted; Sales, Compliance, Non-QM, Processing Tools; VA Program Primer
NEW Underwriting Automation, Valuation, Pre-Approval Tools; Inflation Drives 10-year Toward 3.30 Percent
NEW Productivity, Pre-Qual, Non-Agency Products; Freddie and Fannie Changes; Consumer Price Index: Painful
NEW Cap Mkts Profitability, HELOC, Sales Tools; Upcoming Events and Training
NEW Borrower Research Papers, Non-QM, Repurchase Defense Tools; TPO News; Apps Continue to Fall
NEW AI, Compliance, MSR, Processing Tools; Non-QM and Jumbo Changes
NEW Investor, AVM, Lead Conversion, Anti-Fraud Products; Quontic's No Ratio Program
NEW Aged Asset, Servicing, Compliance, Non-Agency Products; Employment Data and Rates
NEW Appraisal, Cap Mkts, Corresp. Jobs; DPA, Reno, HELOC Products; Mergers and Industry Updates
NEW Efficiency, Processing, Expat, Underwriting Tools; Events This Week and Next; Rates Head Higher
NEW Private Label, Fulfillment, Non-Agency Products; Wholesalers and Correspondent Process and Product Changes
NEW Prequal, Profitability, Due Diligence, Underwriting Tools; FHFA News: Appraisal Management
NEW Capital Markets, Purchase Advice Products; Investor Agency Changes; Rates Hit Housing; IMB Costs Head Higher
NEW Fee Collection, Subservicing, Processing, Sales Tools; Events and Webinars Through June
NEW LO Sales Tools, CFPB Oversight, Processing, Rehab Products; Updates From Fannie
NEW Loan Sales, Closing Cost Scenario, Asset Sale Tools; Rates Dropping...What is the "Neutral" Interest Rate?
NEW Non-QM, Underwriting, Appraisal Products; MBA's Compliance Offering; Higher Rates Hitting Apps
NEW LO Training, Database Mining, Digital, PPE, Non-QM Products; Training and Events
NEW 40-Year, Pre-Approval, Processing, Subservicing Products; Thoughts From the Secondary Conference
NEW Non-QM, DSCR, Desktop Appraisal, DPA Products; USDA, VA, FHA Investor Product News
NEW Loan Sales, Fee Collection, Vendor Selection, Fix & Flip Products; Tech Survey
NEW Underwriting, HELOC, DSCR, MSR Products; UWM, Rocket 1st Quarter Stats
NEW Consulting, Appraisal, Prequal, MI, Specialty Products; Costco, SoFi, and Mortgages; Rates March Higher
NEW Loss Mitigation, Text Messaging, Jumbo ARM, Custom NFT, MSR Financing Products; Strong Jobs Data