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For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
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NEW Sales, Innovation Jobs; CEO Role Wanted; Webinars; Compliance, Database Tools; Disaster Updates
NEW Controller, Ops, MLO Jobs; Training, SPOC, Non-QM, MERS Products; Bonds Little Changed Despite Uncertainty
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NEW Sales and Ops Jobs; Marketing and Credit Products; Cybercrime Update; Watching the Stimulus Quagmire
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NEW Sales Jobs; Marketing, AMC, Subservicer Products; Company Webinars; GSE Changes
NEW Ops, LO Jobs; ROI, Workflow, Underwriting Tools; Training; Improving Forbearance Stats
NEW MLO, Ops Jobs; Retention, Co-op Products; USDA Rural Conditional Commitments
NEW eClosing, Compliance, IRRRL Products; Plethora of Disaster Policy News; Rates Hardly Budging
NEW Credit Score, Lead Source, QC Products; Free Western Secondary and Other Events; Agencies React to Disasters
NEW Production, VP Consumer Direct Jobs; Jumbo, CRM, Anti-Fraud, CD Products; Ginnie Hits $2.1 trillion
NEW Sales, Valuation, Rehab Products; Non-QM Moves in Primary and Secondary; Capital Markets
NEW Jumbo, 2nd Lien, MERS QC Audit Products; U.S. Economy Motoring Onward
NEW Ops Jobs; QC, Marketing, VOE Tools; Primer on Credit Availability
NEW CRM, Marketing, Fraud Products; Mortgage Apps Move Higher; LO Jobs
NEW LO Jobs; Non-QM, Servicer, Sales, Training Tools; Time Required to Hack a Password
NEW LO, CD Jobs; Database, HELOC, Digital Tools; Vendor and Lender Products
NEW LO, AE Jobs; Workflow, Lead, Processing, Renegotiation Products; Who Owns 1/3 of Agency MBS?
NEW Marketing, Income, Onboarding, HECM Tools; Jumbo, Non-QM, Misc. Product Updates; DIY Appraisals
NEW Jumbo, Servicing Products; Webinars; After 12 Years of Conservatorship, Agencies are Very Much in the News
NEW Sales Jobs; Forbearance, Correspondent, Title, Broker Products; Lots of Training and Virtual Events
NEW Ops Jobs; Broker Extension, Secondary Revenue, Compliance Tools; Deep Look Into new Fed Policy
NEW Virtual job fair, MLO, CD, AE, Ops Jobs; VOE, VOI, Pricing Tools; Conventional Price Shifts
NEW AI, Forbearance, Comp Tools; Training and Events: Capital Markets
NEW Finance, AE, Ops, LO Jobs; Customer Service, Income Tools; Agency Updates
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NEW Ops Jobs; Leads, Tech Tools; CFPB, LO Comp, G-Rate Legal Ruling in the News
NEW Ops, MLO Jobs; Production Shell Wanted; CRM, Productivity, Marketing Products; FHA's New Appraisal Delivery Product
NEW MLO, AE Jobs; Training, Marketing, Compliance Tools; MI Industry Snapshot; Strong Housing Numbers
NEW FHA, LO Jobs; Retention, Non-QM Products; Training and Events; Investors React to FHFA's Price Shift
NEW Controller, MLO Jobs; ROI, Broker, AI, Jumbo Products; Compliance and State-Level Legal News
NEW Appraisal, Valuation, Sales Tools; Training; 50 bp Refi hit and Other Agency Updates
NEW VOE, Loan Delivery, Lead Source Products; Investor and Lender Changes
NEW Marketing, Servicing, Comp Tools; FHA and Ginnie Changes Roll On; Rates Creep Higher
NEW FHA Jobs; Marketing, Cap. Mkts. Products; Webinars in the Comfort of your Home
NEW Ops Jobs; Reverse, Training, VA Tools and Products; Ellie's $11 billion Sale and Other Vendor News
NEW LO Jobs; Risk Tool; Webinars and Training; Servicing and MSR Update; Rates Continue Lower
NEW Business Practice, Income, Compliance Products; Renewing the Non-QM Segment
NEW Ops Jobs; Marketing, Database Tools; Disaster Updates; Capital Markets
NEW LO Jobs; Fraud, Retention, Legal Products; August Training and Events
NEW Servicing, Appraisal, Sales Jobs; Broker, Valuation Products; FHA, and Ginnie Changes; HUD Addresses the Self-employed
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