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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW Cybersecurity, Warehouse, Accounting, Marketing Tools; New Broker Products; CFPB Co-Marketing Case
NEW Hedging, PPE, Fee Collection, QC Products; Gov't and Conforming News; Producer Inflation Alive and Well
NEW Accounting, Asset Transfer, LOS Tools; Conv. Conforming News; Encompass and MortgageCX; Mortgage Apps Continue Downward
NEW DSCR, PPE. Borrower Intelligence, DPR Products; STRATMOR MortgageCX News; Training This Week; Chopra Speaks
NEW Warehouse, HELOC, AMC, Rate Lock; Automation, POS Products; Insurance and Disaster News
NEW Housing News, Appraisal, Broker Pricing, LOS to G/L Automation Products; FHA, USDA Program News; Renter Data
NEW Correspondent, Broker, Liquidity Mgt., Marketing, AOT Products; Training and Webinars; Foreign Investment in U.S. Drops
NEW Hedging Webinar; Home Insurance Nightmare; GSE Changes; Interview with Henry Broeksmit on Youth in the Industry
NEW QC/Fraud, LO AI, MSR Financing, GNMA Programs; Disaster Updates and Guides - The CFPB is There for Us
NEW LO Jobs; Jumbo and Non-Agency News; Bond Market Digests Higher Unemployment Rate
NEW HELOC, TPO, Home Buyer Trends, Agency Approval, CRM Products; Training and Events
NEW Homebuyer, Lead Source, AML, Pre-Qual Appraisal Products; Credit Changes Schedule
NEW DSCR, Non-Del, CRM, Pricing Engine, Real Estate Agent Products; STRATMOR Customer Service Workshop; NAR President Resigns
NEW Credit Report, Buyer Research, Broker Processing Products; Guild and First Centennial Deal
NEW Lead Gen, Non-QM, QC Tools; Webinars Next Week; STRATMOR and Employee Morale; Subservicing Podcast Interview
NEW Best Ex, Cybersecurity, Audit, LO Profile, Credit Reporting, QC Products; IPO is Today; FOMC Minutes
NEW Credit Verification, AMC, Lead Gen Tools; Advocacy; Comp Strategy on Brokered Loans; Marketing
NEW Servicing, HELOC Referral, CRM, Audit, Spanish Language Products; Webinars and Training This Week
NEW Broker Pricing, Non-QM, Lead sourcing, Tech Products; STRATMOR on Employee Culture; The Fed and Rates
NEW Pricing, Internal Audit, CRM, Home Insurance, Lead Generation Tools; Comp Survey; MBA's Cost Per Loan Stats
NEW TPO Geocoding, Warehouse, Fee Collection Products; CoreLogic Wildfire Report; STRATMOR Compensation Survey
NEW DSCR, HELOC, Automation, Outsourcing, Processing Products; Disaster Updates; Mortgage Apps Drop for 4th Consecutive Week
NEW Marketing, Database, Cost Reduction Products; UBS MBS Settlement; Webinars This Week; Consumer Spending
NEW Secondary Marketing, Broker Delivery, Outsourcing Products; Conv. Conforming News; Rates, Inflation, and the Fed
NEW Broker Pricing and Non-QM Products; Seminars and Conferences; Rates Higher on Producer Prices
NEW Manufactured, HELOC, Automation, Home Insurance Products; Wholesaler Earnings and News; Inflation and Rates
NEW TPO, Due Diligence, Automation, Servicing Products; LD Earnings; Events and Training; Moody's Bank Downgrades
NEW HELOC, Servicing, PPE, Relationship, DPA Products; Events and Webinars This Week
NEW Closing Gifts, USDA, Non-QM, POS, VOI, Broker Shopping Products; Freddie/Fannie News; Training
NEW TPO Programs, Broker Locking, New Media Company, CRM Products; Investor News; Capital Markets
NEW Client Database, Relationship, Hedge Cost Tools; Events, Training, and Webinars
NEW 2008 & 2018 lenders: ghosts in the machine; warehouse, pre-approval, DPA, manufactured housing, marketing products
NEW ITIN, AOT, Warehouse, Servicing Products; Rocket Changes, Conventional Conforming News; Fannie's $5 billion Net Income
NEW Efficiency, POS, Policy and Procedure Tools; Events and Webinars Entering August; More "Soft Landing" Talk?
NEW Home Equity, DPA, Servicing, Database Mining, Warehouse Products; Underwriting Best Practices
NEW Hedging, Productivity, POS, Audit and Tax Products; Non-Agency News; STRATMOR on Sales Costs; GDP Solid
NEW Productivity, Automation, Data Tracking; HELOC Servicing Products; Freddie and Fannie News; Interview on Yield Curve Inversion
NEW Borrower-Focused, MI, Retention. MERS Audit, Delinquency Mgt. Products; Events and Training
NEW Construction, Rental DSCR, Warehouse Products; Agency News; MBS and Rate Sheet Pricing; Retail Profitability Study
NEW Lite Doc, Efficiency, 40-Year, HELOC Products; FHA, VA, USDA, HECM Agency and Investor News
NEW Correspondent Programs; STRATMOR and Customer Service; Credit Products and News; Training and Webinars
NEW CFO, Compliance, Cap Mkts; POS, AI, REO, 2nd Lien, Verification Products; Housing Stats
NEW FHA Jobs; Outsourcing, Insurance, Fraud Stats, eSign, HELOC Products; Webinars and Training; MBA on CFPB Enforcement
NEW Efficiency, Fulfillment, Correspondent Products; Offices Into Housing; Capital Markets
NEW TPO, Outsourcing, DPA, MSR Transfer, Compliance Products; Company and State Events
NEW Search Engine; Co-Issue, TPO, LO Survey, Credit, HELOC Servicing Products; Be Wary of Interest Rate Predictions
NEW Processing, Internal Audit, Cash Mgt., Security Tools; Training and Events; CPI Results and Mortgage Rates
NEW LO Marketing Tools, Automation, Subservicing, DPA Products; HMDA Data; Training and Webinars
NEW Broker and LO Scorecards, Escrow Mgt., Homebuyer Products; How Many Borrowers are at Less Than 4 Percent?
NEW Solar for LOs; New Correspondent, Non-QM, Renovation Products; Freddie and Fannie News; Job Numbers Move Mortgage Rates