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For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW PPE, Business Intelligence, Jumbo Products; April Training and Events; Primer on Yield Curve Significance
NEW Customer Service, Digital, Warehouse, Pricing Tools ; Non-QM, Jumbo, ARM News
NEW AI, Underwriting, WealthBuilder Products; Non-Agency News, Good and Not so Good
NEW Non-Agency, TPO, Pre-approval, Compliance, CRM Products; Dallas Fed on Housing; FINRA Rule 4210 Update
NEW Capital Markets; AI UW, Efficiency, Valuation, Sales Tools; Conventional Conforming News
NEW Training and Events; TPO, Processing, Tax Products
NEW Title Company Wanted; Jumbo, Custom Letter Products; FHA and VA Developments; Blockchain and Mortgage Update
NEW Secondary Mktg., Appraisal, Fulfillment Products; Home Affordability Slips; Jumbo News; Crypto Mortgages
NEW Lender Products and Services; IMB Profits Plummet; Conforming Updates
NEW Products and Services; Customer Service Study; Training and Events
NEW Cash Flow Worksheet, MBA Membership Products; Thoughts on CFPB's Latest Moves
NEW TPO Products, CRM, Accounting Products; Primer on the Capital Markets Job
NEW Company Sponsored Events, Compliance Products; Pool of Loans for Sale to CUs; CFPB and UDAAP
NEW Fulfillment, Automation, CE Products; TPO Business Tweaks & New Products
NEW eClosing, AI, Portfolio, and Non-QM Products; Conforming Updates
NEW Sales Tools; BI, Digital Processing, VOE, Servicing Products; FHA, VA, and Rural News
NEW eClosing, eMortgage Products; April Full of Conferences; News on CRA for IMBs; Capital Markets
NEW Non-QM, CFPB Readiness, Homeowner Monitoring Products; Title Survey; Upcoming Events; IDS Sale
NEW Training & Events; Vendor Products & Tools; Conventional Conforming Updates
NEW Borrower, Disaster Alert, Verification, Processing Tools; Non-QM and Non-Agency Product News
NEW Servicing, Digital, Customer Service Tools; Retail Lender News
NEW Retention, Broker, Underwriting, Warehouse Products; New Non-QM Wholesaler; Ukraine Driving Rates
NEW Study on Prepayments, MLO Productivity, Compliance, Profitability Tools; Conforming Conventional News
NEW Product Offerings; FHA/Ginnie/USDA News; UWM Earnings
NEW Lots of Training & Upcoming Events; Vendor Products; Cap Markets Focused on Ukraine
NEW Lender and Broker Products; Russian Mortgage Rates; Ukraine Driving Markets
NEW Loan Sales, POS, CD, Jumbo Products; Rocket Earnings and Industry Changes; Capital Markets
NEW Subservicing, Webinar, QC, Verification, Underwriting Products; 2022 trends; Ukraine Crisis Unfolds
NEW Lender and Broker Tools; Training and Events; Cap Markets Update
NEW Various Vendor Tools; Lots of Lender Updates; New Jumbo and Non-Agency Programs
NEW Compliance, MLO, U/W jobs; processing, disclosure, broker tools; conventional conforming changes; fraud report; refi to purchase shift
NEW Servicing, Accounting, Compliance, Sales Tools; Polly CEO Interview on Margin Compression
NEW Lead Gen., Database, Tax Service, Non-Agency Products; Housing Starts and Building Permits Attract Attention
NEW Secondary, DSCR, Broker Products; Fannie and Freddie Updates; What's the CDFI Program?
NEW Lender/Broker Products; Events and Training; Cap Markets Update
NEW Fee Collection, MSR Acquisition Tools; Deep Dive into Recent Rate Moves; Capital Markets
NEW Vendor Management, QC, Borrower Retention Tools; CX Strategy; Dave Chappelle and Affordable Housing
NEW FHA Jobs; Processing Efficiency Tools; TPO, Non-QM, Education Products; Consumer Inflation Pushes 10-year Past 2%
NEW March Training and Events; Broker and Lender Products
NEW Broker and Lender Services/Products; Training and Events
NEW Jumbo Buyer Wanted; Secondary, Sales, Origination, Processing Tools; Jumbo News Around the Industry
NEW Pricing, Non-QM, BI, Subservicing Tools; Processing and Pricing Shifts; Strong Employment Data Shoots Rates Higher
NEW Hedge Cost, QC, Compliance Tools; Investor FHA Changes; Upcoming In-person Events
NEW Secondary and Underwriting Products; Compliance Expert on Misconceptions
NEW FHA, VA News Impacting Lenders; Vendor Tools
NEW Back Office Tech., Purchase, Vendor Mgt., MSR Acquisition Products; February Events and Training
NEW Jumbo Lending News; Podcast Interview with Milo CEO on Crypto Mortgages; Cap. Mkts Digest Rate Hike News
NEW Conforming Conventional Updates; Lender and Broker Services; The Fed Has Spoken
NEW Company Sponsored Webinars; Vendor Products; Apps Drop; Bonds Tread Water to vendors; last week's apps drop
NEW Fannie & Freddie Updates; Automation/Pricing/LOS Products