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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW AI, Compliance, MSR, Processing Tools; Non-QM and Jumbo Changes
NEW Investor, AVM, Lead Conversion, Anti-Fraud Products; Quontic's No Ratio Program
NEW Aged Asset, Servicing, Compliance, Non-Agency Products; Employment Data and Rates
NEW Appraisal, Cap Mkts, Corresp. Jobs; DPA, Reno, HELOC Products; Mergers and Industry Updates
NEW Efficiency, Processing, Expat, Underwriting Tools; Events This Week and Next; Rates Head Higher
NEW Private Label, Fulfillment, Non-Agency Products; Wholesalers and Correspondent Process and Product Changes
NEW Prequal, Profitability, Due Diligence, Underwriting Tools; FHFA News: Appraisal Management
NEW Capital Markets, Purchase Advice Products; Investor Agency Changes; Rates Hit Housing; IMB Costs Head Higher
NEW Fee Collection, Subservicing, Processing, Sales Tools; Events and Webinars Through June
NEW LO Sales Tools, CFPB Oversight, Processing, Rehab Products; Updates From Fannie
NEW Loan Sales, Closing Cost Scenario, Asset Sale Tools; Rates Dropping...What is the "Neutral" Interest Rate?
NEW Non-QM, Underwriting, Appraisal Products; MBA's Compliance Offering; Higher Rates Hitting Apps
NEW LO Training, Database Mining, Digital, PPE, Non-QM Products; Training and Events
NEW 40-Year, Pre-Approval, Processing, Subservicing Products; Thoughts From the Secondary Conference
NEW Non-QM, DSCR, Desktop Appraisal, DPA Products; USDA, VA, FHA Investor Product News
NEW Loan Sales, Fee Collection, Vendor Selection, Fix & Flip Products; Tech Survey
NEW Underwriting, HELOC, DSCR, MSR Products; UWM, Rocket 1st Quarter Stats
NEW Consulting, Appraisal, Prequal, MI, Specialty Products; Costco, SoFi, and Mortgages; Rates March Higher
NEW Loss Mitigation, Text Messaging, Jumbo ARM, Custom NFT, MSR Financing Products; Strong Jobs Data
NEW Lender&Broker Products; Mergers and Acquisitions: Black Knight Worth Twice as Much as Yankees?
NEW Servicing, Automation, Processing, Sales Tools; Non-QM and Jumbo investor News
NEW Customer Experience, Non-QM, eClosing Products; Conventional Conforming Program Adjustments
NEW HELOC, Non-QM, Pricing, eNote, AI, Warehouse Products; Training and Events Through June
NEW Marketing, HMDA Dashboard, DSCR, Tax Programs; Planet Home/Home Point and Redwood/CoreVest Mergers
NEW Cap. Mkts., Underwriting, Pre-qual, Automation Tools; Freddie Results; May Webinars and Events; GDP Tumbles
NEW Audit, Non-QM, DPA Products; FHA, VA News; Apps Continue Downward Spiral
NEW TPO loan, Customer Service, CRA, QC, Lead-Gen Tools; Widespread Agency Changes; Why No Decent ARM Pricing?
NEW Fee Processing, Sales, PA Tools; Blend Layoffs, Wholesaler Stops Locks; Rates Drop as Growth Falters
NEW TPO, CFPB Exam, Sales Tools; Marketing for Purchase Business; Millennial Homeowners
NEW TPO, Cap. Mkts. Products; Upcoming Events and Training; Mortgage Applications Plummet
NEW Non-QM, DPA, Jumbo News; Training, Servicing, Marketing, Dashboard Tools; 10-Year Approaching 3 Percent
NEW Capital Markets, TPO, eClose, Warehouse Products; FHA, VA, USDA News
NEW Capital Markets, eClosing, Borrower Intelligence, Automation Products; Fannie and Freddie Relentless Changes
NEW U/W, LOS, Fair Servicing Products; New Loan and Servicing Products; Webinars and Training
NEW Prospecting, Processing, Closing Tools; Primer on the Expenses of Hedging Long-Term Locks
NEW 40-yr, Jumbo, Co-op, Audit, Credit, Homebuyer Tools; Freddie and Fannie Program News
NEW TPO Loan Products; Social Media, Profitability Products; MLOs Helping Financial Literacy
NEW eSign, Jumbo, Sales, Appraisal Products; Warehouse Wanted; FHA, VA News; QT Ahead? Rates Up, Apps Down
NEW PPE, Business Intelligence, Jumbo Products; April Training and Events; Primer on Yield Curve Significance
NEW Customer Service, Digital, Warehouse, Pricing Tools ; Non-QM, Jumbo, ARM News
NEW AI, Underwriting, WealthBuilder Products; Non-Agency News, Good and Not so Good
NEW Non-Agency, TPO, Pre-approval, Compliance, CRM Products; Dallas Fed on Housing; FINRA Rule 4210 Update
NEW Capital Markets; AI UW, Efficiency, Valuation, Sales Tools; Conventional Conforming News
NEW Training and Events; TPO, Processing, Tax Products
NEW Title Company Wanted; Jumbo, Custom Letter Products; FHA and VA Developments; Blockchain and Mortgage Update
NEW Secondary Mktg., Appraisal, Fulfillment Products; Home Affordability Slips; Jumbo News; Crypto Mortgages
NEW Lender Products and Services; IMB Profits Plummet; Conforming Updates
NEW Products and Services; Customer Service Study; Training and Events
NEW Cash Flow Worksheet, MBA Membership Products; Thoughts on CFPB's Latest Moves
NEW TPO Products, CRM, Accounting Products; Primer on the Capital Markets Job