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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
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NEW U/W, Cyber, ECOA Automation, Reverse Products; Credit Cost Hike; FHA, VA, USDA News
NEW Credit Reporting's "Massive" Cost Increase; Non-Agency/Non-QM News; Current Management Concerns
NEW Due Diligence, Compliance, Automation, Broker Communication Tools; Conforming Conventional Changes
NEW PPE, CRM, DPA, Pre-Approval, Subservicing Products; RMF Exits Reverse; Carrington's Response to CFPB
NEW Non-Agency, POS, Warehouse Products; STRATMOR on the Business Cycle; Production Costs
NEW TPO, HELOC Workflow, Processing, PPE, API Tools; CFPB Fines Carrington $5.25mm
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NEW Tech, QC, Foreclosure, POS, Jumbo Products; USDA, FHA, HUD News
NEW Independent Appraisal, Accounting, Sales Tools; Conventional News; PPI Drives Rates Lower
NEW TPO, HOA Data, Outsourcing, Due Diligence Tools; Training and Webinars; NAR's 2023 Forecast
NEW Rate Sheet, Licensing, AMC, Sales, AOT Products; Homebuyer Study; CPI Numbers Drive Down Rates
NEW Reverse, Non-QM, Credit Union, Title Products; Investors and Lenders on the Brink?
NEW MLO Jobs; Subservicing Notarization, Sales Tools; Opting out of Trigger Leads; Election Day
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NEW Hedging, eHELOC, Digital Lending, Buydown Products; Webinars and Training; Rates Head Higher
NEW Non-QM Products; Low Producing LOs and Branches: Never-Ending Problem; Mortgage Apps Decline for 6th Week
NEW Lock Policy, Sales Goals, Automation, Temp Buydown Products; Capital Markets Bonus Primer
NEW DPA, Broker, HELOC, Business Review Products; Webinars; M&A Environment
NEW Payment Scenario, Sales, AMC Products; MBS Price Primer: The Difference Between Bonds and Men?
NEW AOT, POS, Marketing, Warehouse, Processing Tools; Misc. Agency and Investor News; Q3 GDP Figures
NEW IMB Wanted; Fraud Search, Automation, Fee Collection Tools; Events and Training; ADU Financing Interview
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NEW Warehouse, Processing, Homeowner Insurance Products; Jumbo and Non-QM News; Credit Suisse MBS Settlement
NEW Tax, Insurance Products; Primer on Fed's Moves and Inflation; Julia Gordon to Address Likelihood of FHA MIP Change
NEW Company Webinars; PPE, HELOC, AMC Products; Wholesaler Updates; Disaster News; Inflation Pushes Rates Higher
NEW Correspondent and Broker, MSR and Servicing Products; Wholesale and TPO; Inflation Update
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NEW Audit, Pre-Qual, TPO Programs, HELOC Evaluation Tools; Loan Limits and Amounts Drive Program Changes
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NEW Underwriting, Subservicing, Automation, HELOC Products; Investors React to Hurricane Damage
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NEW Processing, TPO, Co-op, Subservicing, Home Ownership Products; Q&A on Rates Yesterday
NEW DPA, Correspondent, Fulfillment, Marketing Products; STRATMOR and Customer Experience; IMB Merger
NEW TPO, Coaching, Warehouse, Processing Products; Relentless Rising Rates Provide no Relief
NEW Non-QM, Employment Opportunities, Ginnie Mae RBC Rule; Fed Rate Hike Reaction
NEW Housing Supply, Career Opportunities, Vendor Services; How the Fed Impacts Rates
NEW Housing Inventory, Employment Opportunities, Vendor Services; News Driving Rates
NEW Housing Correction, Industry Events, Vendor Services; All Eyes on Fed This Week
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