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NEW UI Urges Abandoning New Fannie/Freddie Amendments
NEW Freddie Mac's 12-Month Portfolio Growth Nears Half Trillion
NEW Fannie/Freddie COVID Programs Extended to Match FHA, VA Deadlines
NEW Freddie Mac 2020 Portfolio Growth Doubles 2019's
NEW MLO Jobs; Broker, Recruiting, HELOC Products; Freddie and Fannie Compliance Reminders
NEW Fannie/Freddie Allowed to Keep More Capital (Again)
NEW Retail, Ops Jobs; Appraisal, Non-QM, Jumbo, DPA Products; Industry Weighs in on Good Freddie/Fannie News
NEW Freddie Mac's YTD Purchases Top $1 Trillion
NEW Freddie is Making the Switch to The Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR)
NEW FHFA Looking to Lock-In Fannie/Freddie Liquidity Rules
NEW Freddie Mac on Track For 25% More Loans This Year, Most of Them Refis
NEW MLO, Ops Jobs; Doc, Sales, Broker Tools; Disaster Updates; Investors React to Freddie and Fannie Changes
NEW Ops Manager, AE, MLO Jobs; Appraisal, Sales, Relationship Products; Debating Freddie and Fannie's Future
NEW Fannie/Freddie Adopt Not-so-New Credit Score Model
NEW Fannie/Freddie Report Increased Profits
NEW Freddie's Loan Volume is Up, Delinquency Rate Begins to Retreat
NEW Calabria to Seek Input on Future Fannie/Freddie Policies
NEW 70% of Freddie's Portfolio Suggests Refis Aren't Dead
NEW Ending Fannie/Freddie Conservatorship Still a Top Priority for FHFA
NEW Fannie/Freddie Extend Foreclosure Relief to Year's End
NEW Freddie Mac Reminds Disaster Victims: Mortgage Relief is Available
NEW Freddie Mac Delinquencies Jump for Second Month
NEW Fannie and Freddie Remain Profitable Despite Mortgage Delinquencies
NEW Freddie Mac's Volume Increased in June, Delinquencies Skyrocketed
NEW Fannie/Freddie Borrowers Continue to Exit Forbearance
NEW Freddie Mac's Growth Slowed, Delinquencies Spiked in May
NEW Freddie Says Economic Stimulus Softened Pandemic's Impact
NEW Regulator Seeks Authority to Charter Fannie/Freddie Competitors
NEW Marketing, Bank Statement, Servicing Products; Webinars and Events; Freddie and Fannie in the News
NEW Ops Jobs; Marketing, AMC, Forbearance Products; Freddie and Fannie News
NEW Freddie's Loan Portfolio on Pace to Increase by 14.3 Percent This Year
NEW Broker, eSign, Marketing Products; USDA, FHA, Freddie, Fannie News and Trends
NEW FHFA Pushes Forward With Fannie/Freddie Conservatorship Exit
NEW CFPB Empowers Fannie/Freddie to Overcome Lockdown Woes
NEW Fannie/Freddie Seek Financial Advisor to Help Them Exit Conservatorship
NEW Freddie Mac Posts Q1 Gain Despite Pandemic Hit
NEW Mortgage Market Shows Resilience, Refis Continue to Dominate Freddie's Volume
NEW Freddie Announces No Lump Sump Required After Forbearance
NEW Fannie/Freddie Regulator and CFPB Agree Will Share Mortgage Servicing Info
NEW Freddie Cautiously Optimistic as Housing Market Shows Resilience
NEW Refinances Dominated Freddie Mac Volume in February
NEW Freddie Mac Suspends Foreclosures, Offers Additional Crisis Support
NEW Refinances Dominated Freddie Mac January Volume
NEW MBS Live Commentary: Freddie Mac MBS Don't Exist Anymore
NEW Compliance, Servicing, Renovation, Broker Products; Shifts in Freddie and Fannie
NEW Fannie/Freddie Report Growing Net Worth Under new Policy
NEW Subservicer White Paper; Originator Census; Freddie and Fannie Updates
NEW Refis Made up More Than Half of Freddie Mac December Business
NEW Freddie Mac Predicts Lower Rates in the Next Two Years
NEW Refinancing Share of Freddie's Volume Soared in October