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NEW PHH to Lose CEO; Fannie/Freddie Changes--Their Future Remains Uncertain
NEW Trends in Credit Underwriting - Freddie Addresses Lack of Scores; M&A in the Appraisal Biz
NEW Legal News; CFPB Reform Update; Fannie, Freddie, Conforming Lender Changes
NEW Fannie/Freddie Conventional Conforming Changes; Strong Economy Nudging Rates
NEW Freddie Mac: Inflation and Rate Hikes Likely Already Baked-In
NEW Fannie/Freddie Legal News Not Helping Stockholders; Training and Events
NEW Freddie Mac Looks at Ramifications of Aging-in-Place
NEW Vendor and MI News; Fannie/Freddie in the Markets; Refis Down to 2009 Levels
NEW Freddie Mac Housing Outlook: Uncertainties Abound
NEW MBA's GSE Reform Idea: A Clone Army of Fannies and Freddies
NEW The Ceaseless Lender and Investor FHA, VA, Fannie, Freddie Program Changes
NEW Fannie and Freddie Updates Including Duty to Serve, Risk Sharing, HARP, HAMP, ULDD, etc.
NEW Fannie and Freddie Hear Call of Duty (to Serve)
NEW Major Milestone For Joint Fannie/Freddie MBS
NEW Mortgage Activity Will Be Crushed By Rising Rates -Freddie Mac
NEW Freddie Mac Names eNote Vendors
NEW Taxpayers Getting Another $5.3 Billion from Fannie and Freddie
NEW Fannie and Freddie Updates From The Conference; Trends in HELOCs & eClosings
NEW Fannie and Freddie Lowering Underwriting Barriers
NEW Housing and Economy Probably Heading Downhill - Freddie Mac
NEW Bank M&A; USDA Rural and Disaster Updates; Freddie's Single Security Proposal
NEW Freddie/Fannie news; Jumbo News; Approaching Webinars, Conferences, and Classes
NEW Home Ownership Pessimism Might be Overdone -Freddie Mac
NEW Work in Disaster Area, but Don't Live There? Fannie/Freddie Still Want to Help
NEW Freddie and Fannie in The News: Reform, Risk Sharing, and MI; Investor Updates
NEW Thornburg, Sindeo, and Caliber News; DU 10.0 Changes; Freddie to Tweak Underwriting?
NEW Impac to Raise Funds; Servicing Packages; Fannie/Freddie Program Changes
NEW Appraisal Trends; Fannie & Freddie - Never a Dull Moment
NEW Fannie/Freddie Collaborate on New Loan Application
NEW Freddie sees Banner Year for Originations; Lowers Interest Rate Projection for 2017
NEW Freddie Mac: Boomer Opportunity
NEW Freddie Mac Won't Need Taxpayer Help After All
NEW Fannie And Freddie Changes; Jumbo Market Altering And Not For The Better
NEW Fannie, Freddie, And Lender Updates; New Non-QM and Pricing Engine Products
NEW Fannie/Freddie Changes in the Primary and Secondary Markets; Jobs and BofA Layoffs
NEW Brexit to have Lasting Impact According to Freddie Mac
NEW Fannie/Freddie Joint Venture Creeps Forward
NEW Freddie, Fannie, Conventional Conforming Updates; Private MI Changes
NEW Freddie's Mortgage Market Indicator Inches Toward Stability
NEW Ginnie Issuance Passes Freddie; TILA Dollar Amounts; Bank Supervision Economics Study
NEW Changes to Freddie and Fannie Coming Up; Free Webinars on Wide Range of Topics
NEW Nearly ¾ of States in Stable Range According to Freddie Housing Indicator
NEW HR 2121 Up For Vote; Freddie's New Security, Fannie's New Board Member
NEW Freddie Sees Housing Standing Out Amid Slowing Economy
NEW Flood Insurance Update; What's New with Fannie & Freddie?
NEW Freddie Posts First Loss since 2012
NEW Freddie Mac sees Brightest Housing Year in Decade
NEW Fannie, Freddie, Conventional Conforming Updates
NEW Google Discontinues Mortgage Tool; Lots of Fannie/Freddie Updates
NEW Freddie Mac Expands LTV Ratios for Super Conforming Mortgages