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NEW BofA and GMAC Resume Foreclosures; Feedback on HVCC's "Replacement"; Faulty Note Transfers; DU Early Check Reports; HECM Saver
NEW Early Pay-Off Penalties Hit Originator Wallets; Foreclosure Uncertainty a Real Issue; Wells Wholesale Accepting BoA Appraisals; Reasons for Buybacks
NEW White House Against Nationwide Foreclosure Moratorium; Corporate Cash Surplus; JP Morgan Chase Earnings; 3.0s Trade
NEW FHFA Releases Framework for Dealing with Foreclosures. Borrowers Must Play Ball
NEW Loan Buybacks Still an Issue; Input on Lender Turn Times; Goldman Sachs Freezes Foreclosures; eNotes; Investor Updates
NEW Industry Feedback on Foreclosure Debacle; Rate Sheet Rebate vs. Processing Turn Times; Best Practices Lender Guide; Acceptable Income Types
NEW Options ARM's - The Gift that Keeps on Giving; Top Lenders by Volume; Investor Angle on Foreclosure Issues
NEW Foreclosure Fiasco: No End in Sight. Nothing But a Big Mess
NEW WSJ Asks If Homebuyers Even Need Mortgage Brokers; Wells Wholesale Channel Staying Put; More on Foreclosures; Lock Extension Regs
NEW New FHA MIP in Effect; Foreclosure Mess Impacts Title Companies; Wells Stops Short Sale Extensions; Servicers Review Processes
NEW Chase Suspends Foreclosures; Loan Originators Victim of NMLS Scam; Low FICO Score Homebuyers; Commissions Swapped for Salaries
NEW National Flood Insurance Program Extended, Pending Presidential Signature; Foreclosure Process Articles; Too Much Home Price Data;
NEW Flood Insurance Program Deadline; Uniform Appraisal Data; New Reverse Mortgage Product; Foreclosures in Judicial States; GSE REO
NEW GMAC Temporarily Suspends Foreclosures in 23 States; Discover Entering Mortgage Biz?; HMDA Data; New DU Version 8.2; Prop 4 in Florida
NEW Affordable Rental Housing Overlooked Amidst Foreclosure Crisis
NEW Administration Adds Funds to State Housing Foreclosure Prevention Programs
NEW Foreclosure Filings on Track to Hit 3 Million Homes. Repos Expected to Reach 1 Million in 2010
NEW HARP Subordination Scenario; Jumbo Loan Foreclosure Numbers; Rates Low But Fewer Qualified Borrowers; International Homebuyers
NEW OCC/OTS Report: Delinquencies Decrease. Foreclosures Rise. Loan Mods Re-Defaulting
NEW Late Stage Delinquencies & Foreclosures Continue to Rise
NEW MBA: Delinquency Rate Rises in First Quarter. Foreclosures Running At Record Pace
NEW State Housing Finance Agencies Deal With Higher Delinquency and Foreclosure Rates
NEW Foreclosure Hot Spots Concentrated in Four States
NEW Fixing The Housing Market: A Foreclosure Prevention Alternative
NEW Lenders Discuss 2nd Lien Modification Issues and Defend Foreclosure Prevention Efforts
NEW Fannie Mae Reduces "Waiting Period" for Re-Established Credit; Ginnie to Allow Single Loan Securitization; More Foreclosures; RESPA Updates
NEW Foreclosure Rates Soar in March. Ten States Account for Majority of Filings
NEW HAMP Alternative Announced in Another Attempt to Reduce Foreclosures
NEW FDIC Selling Mortgage Assets of Failed Banks; "Good" Foreclosure Stats; Updates from: Chase, WAMU, USB, Wells, FAMC,SunTrust
NEW Foreclosure Filings Drop. Prevention Policies Distorting Supply and Demand
NEW Lenders Preparing for Fed's Exit; Foreclosure Ban in Process?; FDIC Banking Profiles and CRA Requirements; More GFE
NEW Fannie Mae Approved Mortgage Insurers; Electronic Appraisals; Foreclosures and Home Supply; Lender Updates
NEW Foreclosures Decline in January. Expecting Evictions to Increase in Months Ahead
NEW Walking Through the Foreclosure Process: From NOD to Eviction
NEW Home Builders Waiting for Labor Market to Improve. Nervous About Foreclosures
NEW Foreclosure Filings Still on the Rise. Labor Market is Major Influence on Outlook
NEW Proven Ways To Help You Stop Foreclosure
NEW Fannie Mae Suspends Foreclosure Evictions During Holiday Season
NEW Geithner: TARP Extension to Help Mitigate Foreclosures, Stabilize Housing
NEW RealtyTrac: Foreclosure Filings Down 8% in November
NEW Fed Governor: Foreclosure Stabilization Requires Tailored Strategy
NEW Foreclosure and Lending Regulation News from North Carolina. Updates from Fannie, Freddie, PMI, AIG; Tax Credit Extended
NEW Officials Meet to Discuss Foreclosure Scams
NEW Loss Severities and the Lengthening Foreclosure Process
NEW Making Obama's Foreclosure Plan Work
NEW RealtyTrac Says Foreclosures Jump in July
NEW 1 in 84 Homes Receive Foreclosure Notice in First Half of 2009
NEW Mortgage Performance: Fighting Rising Rate of Foreclosures with Loan Modifications
NEW JPMorgan and Citigroup Announce Moratorium on Foreclosures
NEW Bank CEOs Pledge to Work on Foreclosures, Pay Back TARP Money