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NEW Foreclosures Give Boost to Existing Home Sales
NEW Foreclosures Climb 81% in 2008, Says RealtyTrac Report
NEW Renters Get Reprieve in Fannie Mae Foreclosures
NEW RealtyTrac Says U.S. Foreclosures Fell in November
NEW Renters aren't Immune from Foreclosure Woes
NEW Bernanke Recommends Buying Mortgages to Help Stave Off Foreclosures
NEW Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Announce Ban on Foreclosures Until Jan. 2009
NEW RealtyTrac Says U.S. Foreclosures Rose 5% in October
NEW Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac to Modify Approach to Foreclosure Prevention, WSJ Says
NEW J.P. Morgan Chase Unveils Mortgage Foreclosure Initiative
NEW Home Foreclosures Drop 12% as State Laws Slow Mortgage Defaults
NEW Countrywide Customers to Get Foreclosure Assistance
NEW Senators Ask that Conservatorship Freeze Foreclosures on GSE Mortgages
NEW Foreclosures at Highest Rate Since January 2005, Says RealtyTrac
NEW Expect Two More 'Waves' of U.S. Foreclosures, Economist Warns
NEW Foreclosures Loom as Possible Public Health Menace
NEW Foreclosures Continue To Climb in July, Says Realty Trac Report
NEW Freddie Mac Doubles Financial Incentives to Servicers Who Help Borrowers Avoid Foreclosure
NEW Hope Now Alliance Saves 1.9 Million Homes From Foreclosure
NEW Foreclosures Spike by 121% from Previous Year, Says Report from RealtyTrac
NEW U.S. Foreclosure Rates Decline in June, Says Realtytrac
NEW American Cities See Record Annual Foreclosure Rate Increases in Q2
NEW Annual Home Foreclosures Soared by 48% in May, Says Report
NEW Increase in U.S. Pending Home Sales Related to Foreclosures, Economist Says
NEW Foreclosures Cost Lenders, Homeowners, the Community Big Bucks
NEW Reader Offers Simple Plan to End Foreclosure Turmoil
NEW Bill to Aid Communities Cope With Aftermath of Foreclosure Passes House
NEW Jump in Mortgage Foreclosures is "Urgent Problem"
NEW Foreclosures Must Be Averted for Sake of Economy
NEW Fed's Kroszner Says Foreclosures to Increase in '08, Urges FHA Modernization
NEW Are Programs Beginning to Slow Rate of Foreclosure Growth?
NEW "Foreclosure Avalanche" Prompts Servicer Survey
NEW RealtyTrac Report Confirms Foreclosures Skyrocketing
NEW Foreclosure Filing Up 68 Percent Since November 2006 Per RealtyTrac
NEW Treasury Secretary Outlines Foreclosure Rescue Plan
NEW Foreclosure Scams Can Be Complex Enough To Fool Most
NEW Foreclosure Help Is Available
NEW Efforts Made To Help Borrowers Avoid Foreclosure
NEW GAO To Look At Foreclosure Incidence and Causes After Hearings
NEW Mortgage Delinquency and Foreclosure Rates Remain Low
NEW Freddie Mac Joins Others In Foreclosure Avoidance Program
NEW Foreclosure Activity Up and Mortgage Defaults To Rise
NEW Stop Foreclosure By Confronting It Head-On
NEW Foreclosure Happens, But There Are Solutions
NEW Mortgage Foreclosures and Delinquent Payments Decline
NEW FHA, Freddie Move To Protect Troops From Identity Theft - Foreclosure
NEW HUD Pushes Mortgage Lenders To Avoid Foreclosure Losses
NEW Residential Mortgage Foreclosure and Delinquent Payments Decline