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NEW Networking, Pricing Engine, VOE Products; Agencies Address Foreclosures and Potential NAR Settlement
NEW Tech, QC, Foreclosure, POS, Jumbo Products; USDA, FHA, HUD News
NEW Spike in Foreclosure Activity Not a Surprise
NEW Pandemic Foreclosure Tsunami Not on the Horizon
NEW Foreclosure Inventory at 23 Year Low
NEW Post-Moratorium Foreclosure Activity Rises Modestly
NEW Foreclosure Filings Reflect End of Moratorium
NEW Foreclosure Starts Rise Following Moratorium Expiration
NEW Foreclosure Rate Lowest in Over Two Decades
NEW Foreclosure Activity Rises in First Post-Moratorium Month
NEW CoreLogic: No Foreclosure Wave in Sight
NEW Prevention Measures and Increased Borrower Equity Lower Foreclosure Risk
NEW Correspondent, MLO Jobs; Digital, Trailing Doc; FHA's Foreclosure and Eviction Moratorium Extension
NEW 80% Annual Decline in Foreclosures Show Prevention Measures are Working
NEW Fannie/Freddie Extend Foreclosure Relief to Year's End
NEW January Foreclosure Starts Fall to Survey Lows
NEW Freddie Mac Suspends Foreclosures, Offers Additional Crisis Support
NEW Foreclosures at 14-Year Low; Loan "Mortality" up 126% Annually
NEW Foreclosures at an 18 Year Low
NEW Delinquencies and Foreclosures at 10-Year Lows
NEW Has RESPA's Servicer Rule Reduced Foreclosures?
NEW Coincidence? A Zombie Foreclosure Report in Late October
NEW Hurricane Effect: Foreclosures Up, Delinquencies Down
NEW Foreclosure Inventory Cruising on at 11-Year Low
NEW Foreclosures, Inventories Move Higher as Hurricane Moratorium Ends
NEW Foreclosure Inventory Finally Breaks 10-Year Low
NEW States Changing Lending and Foreclosure Laws; Housing Starts
NEW 10-Year Foreclosure Crisis Recap -CoreLogic
NEW Delinquencies Rose in Fourth Quarter, Foreclosure Stats Improve
NEW Foreclosures Approach Normal Level
NEW Foreclosure Inventory Below 500k for 1st Time in Nearly 10 Years
NEW Foreclosure Starts at 12-Year Low
NEW Five States Still Account For One Third of All Foreclosures
NEW Home Prices Benefit From Decline in Foreclosures -CoreLogic
NEW State Law Changes on Licensing, Advertising, Foreclosures, Attorney's Fees, Etc.
NEW 5 States Account For 40 Percent of Completed Foreclosures
NEW Foreclosure Starts Buck Generally Positive Mortgage Trends
NEW Foreclosure Inventory Back to 1 Percent
NEW Time to Stop Talking About Foreclosures?
NEW Foreclosures Hit Ironic Milestone
NEW Zombie Foreclosures Down Sharply, Overall Vacancies Rise
NEW Foreclosures Surged in March
NEW One-Third of Metros at Pre-Crash Foreclosure Levels
NEW Foreclosure Inventory Lowest since 2007
NEW Market Clearing Foreclosures at Close to Normal Rate
NEW Foreclosures Still Growing in Nearly Half of States
NEW Foreclosure Metrics Declined nearly a Quarter in 2015
NEW Foreclosure Filings Topped 1M in 2015
NEW "Remarkable Improvement" in Foreclosure Rate -CoreLogic
NEW Improved Employment, Rising Prices Credited with Falling Foreclosure Rates