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NEW Fannie & Freddie 2016 Loan Limits; Agency Requirements After a Bankruptcy or Foreclosure
NEW Judicial Foreclosure Process Hurting More Than Helping
NEW Foreclosures Increase; Delinquency Measures Continue to Fall
NEW Judicial Process States Continue to Tilt Foreclosure Scales
NEW Foreclosure Inventories Declining Faster in Judicial States
NEW Foreclosure Stats Reflect Two Trends - RealtyTrac
NEW CoreLogic Points to Dichotomy in Foreclosure Numbers
NEW Foreclosure Starts Seek New Floor
NEW Foreclosure Normalization: An End that Never Comes
NEW Employment, Home Price Gains Improving Foreclosure Picture
NEW Good News but Old Story, Foreclosures Down Again
NEW Foreclosures Plummeting Overall, but Some States Spiking
NEW Foreclosure Inventory Rapidly Disappearing
NEW Delinquencies, Foreclosures Rose in May
NEW Foreclosure Activity Hits 19 Month High
NEW Despite Improvements, Foreclosures Still Double Pre-Crisis Pace
NEW Foreclosure Shift Increasingly Evident
NEW REO Surge Signals Foreclosure "Clean-up"
NEW Judicial States Continue to Elevate Foreclosure Stats
NEW "First Look" at Foreclosure Milestone -Black Knight
NEW Foreclosures, Delinquencies, Backlogs all Shrink Year-Over-Year
NEW Repeat Foreclosures Now Account for More Than Half of Total
NEW 90-day Delinquencies Increasingly Ended in Foreclosure Last Month
NEW Current Regulations Failing to Address Biggest Foreclosure Driver
NEW Foreclosure Spikes Signal "Spring Cleaning" RealtyTrac says
NEW Foreclosures Down 66 Percent From Peak, but Still Twice Normal
NEW Zombies Rise as Foreclosure Pipelines Clear
NEW Higher Home Prices Suggest Foreclosure Over Short-Sales
NEW CoreLogic: Foreclosure Inventory Heading Below Half Million
NEW Regional Population Gains; List of Largest Banks; Agency Foreclosure Waiting Periods
NEW Senate Extends Foreclosure Protection for Military; House Approval still Required
NEW Early Stage Foreclosure Filings up Nationwide and in Most States
NEW Foreclosure Avoidance Programs get Facelift
NEW Foreclosure Inventory a Hurdle for New Home Construction
NEW CFPB Proposes New Foreclosure Rules
NEW October Saw Double Digit Increases In Foreclosure Filings
NEW Foreclosures Ticked up in September, Downward Trend Holds
NEW Even Bad News is Good in September Foreclosure Summary
NEW Quarterly Foreclosure Rate Rises for 1st Time in 3 Years
NEW HOA Foreclosure News; QRM Update; Volatility's Impact on Lenders
NEW Watchdog Addresses Problems With Foreclosure Review Payments
NEW Foreclosure Inventory to fall below Half-Million by Year-End
NEW First Increase Since 2010 for Annual Foreclosure Rate
NEW RealtyTrac: Fewer Localities have Persistent Foreclosure Problems
NEW Disproportionate Foreclosure Distribution; Good Reviews for HAMP Mods
NEW Concentration of Foreclosure Inventory is a Concern - CoreLogic
NEW Foreclosure Inventory Continues to Shrink but Distressed Loans up
NEW Foreclosures hit Important Milestone; Concerning Trends in Some States
NEW Foreclosures up Again in May, but Annual Counts Still Falling
NEW Foreclosure Inventory at Six-Year Low