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NEW National Foreclosure Rates Drop but 21 States Buck Trend
NEW With Decline in Foreclosures, CoreLogic Sees End in Sight
NEW Fast-Tracking Foreclosures Might Eliminate Dead Weight Losses
NEW REO Inventories Rising Even as Foreclosures Drop
NEW Foreclosure Crisis in Final Stages?
NEW Foreclosures Up in March, but Down 10 Percent from Last Year
NEW Homes in Foreclosure Increasingly have Positive Equity
NEW Foreclosures have Doubled in Some States Despite Overall Decline
NEW After Rising Last Month, Foreclosures Snap Back to 8 Year Low
NEW Fifth Third Exits Broker Channel; M&A Updates; MI Companies Dissolve MICA; NY/NJ Foreclosures
NEW Foreclosure Time Approaches 1000 Days, But There are Fewer of Them
NEW Foreclosures Increased in January, but Down 19 percent From Last Year
NEW Foreclosure Measures at Multi-Year Lows; Some States Still Increasing
NEW Foreclosure Filings still Spiking in Many States
NEW Foreclosure Inventory Down Over 30 Percent From Last Year
NEW Official Argues Against Short-Sale/Foreclosure Deficiency Counting as Income in 2014
NEW Foreclosure Starts, Completions a Pre-Recession Levels in California
NEW Foreclosures at 5 year Low in 2013, but Some States Still Increasing
NEW GSE Foreclosure Prevention Actions top 3 Million
NEW Foreclosure Crisis Enters 9th Inning; Outcome All But Guaranteed -RealtyTrac
NEW Completed Foreclosures Down More Than 25 Percent in One Month
NEW Foreclosures Skyrocketing for High-Priced Homes
NEW Foreclosure Inventory Falls to 5 year Low
NEW Delinquencies, Foreclosures back to Early Recession Levels
NEW Foreclosure Bid Rigging Investigations Net 37 Convictions
NEW Foreclosure Improvements Held Back by Judicial States
NEW HOPE NOW Retention Actions Exceed Foreclosures by 25 percent
NEW Foreclosure Problems are Increasingly Local
NEW Foreclosure Starts Halved over 12 Months
NEW Foreclosure Activity Becoming Increasingly Local
NEW CRL Looks at Spillover from Foreclosures
NEW Foreclosure Inventory Declining Quickly; Judicial States Still Skewing Data
NEW Foreclosures Rise from 6yr Low; Judicial Backlog-Clearing Blamed
NEW Modifications Up even as Foreclosure Activity Declines
NEW Foreclosures Increase Again in June - CoreLogic
NEW Higher Home Prices Slowing California Foreclosure Activity
NEW Home Price Recovery Lags in Judicial Foreclosure States
NEW Foreclosure Payout Nears End after Error-Plagued Start
NEW Massive Disparity In Foreclosures as Judicial States Surge
NEW Modifications Decline Significantly; Foreclosure Sales Rise
NEW Homeowners Vacate Many Properties Pre-Foreclosure
NEW Foreclosures Rise From 75-Month Low, Quickly in Some States
NEW HSBC Sued for Dragging Feet on Foreclosure Process
NEW Foreclosures Still Double Pre-Crisis Rate, Inventory Down Sharply
NEW Mel Watt Hearings; Current Origination Numbers; Foreclosure Process Slowdown Merely a Hiccup
NEW Substantial Decline in Foreclosure Inventory Noted in LPS Report
NEW Builders Look to Fill Supply Void Left by Declining Foreclosures
NEW Foreclosure Bottleneck Artificially Raising Delinquency Rate - Transunion
NEW Foreclosure Prevention Outnumbered Foreclosures 2 to 1 in First Quarter
NEW Realtors Briefed on Short Sale and Foreclosure Valuation Improvements