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NEW Fannie, Freddie, Conventional Conforming Updates
NEW Home Price Expectations Wane in Fannie Mae Survey
NEW Google Discontinues Mortgage Tool; Lots of Fannie/Freddie Updates
NEW Fannie Mae Eliminates Continuity of Obligation Policy
NEW Fannie/Freddie Clarify Buybacks; Will The CFPB Settle Discrimination Suit?
NEW Fannie Mae Expects Next Rate Hike in March
NEW Fannie/Freddie Changes; Positive Millennial Trends for Lenders; Chase Settlement
NEW Fannie Mae Survey Points to Credit Easing
NEW Fannie Touts Benefits of Recent Guideline Changes
NEW Agency News; Fannie's eClosing Project; Why So Much M&A?
NEW Trends in Servicing; Fannie & e-Signatures; Lawsuits & Settlements Including FAMC's
NEW Fannie & Freddie 2016 Loan Limits; Agency Requirements After a Bankruptcy or Foreclosure
NEW Fannie and Freddie Updates, Multifamily News; Zillow and Google Team Up
NEW Fannie Mae: Rate Hike near Certainty, Housing Gains will Continue
NEW Fannie Housing Survey: Fear of Commitment?
NEW Fannie Selling Guide Updates; Expanded Income Options
NEW Flood of Fannie and Freddie Changes in The Primary and Secondary Markets
NEW Fannie Mae Announces Credit Related DU Upgrades
NEW New Reps & Warrants From Fannie and Freddie; Millennial Trends
NEW TRID Flubs, Fluffs, PR Victories, Training; Fannie/Freddie Weigh in on Enforcement
NEW GSE Reform Analysis; Tons of Fannie and Freddie Changes; New Products
NEW Fannie Mae Digitizes National Housing Survey Results
NEW More Relatively Big Changes in Most Recent Fannie Selling Guide
NEW eSignature Progress; Agency News in Primary Markets; Fannie Earnings
NEW Housing Attitudes Reverse Course in Fannie Mae Survey
NEW Fannie Mae Upbeat on Housing, Economy in 2nd Half
NEW Update on MSAs; TRID for Realtors; Avalanche of Freddie & Fannie updates
NEW Fannie Program Helps Disabled/Seniors’ Families Purchase Homes
NEW Fannie and Freddie Continue Moving Toward Common Security
NEW Compendium of FHA, VA, Ginnie, Fannie, Freddie Updates Including LPMI & TRID Policies
NEW Several Significant Income-Related Underwriting Changes from Fannie
NEW Chase Layoffs; Nationstar Lawsuit; Profits Per Loan in 1st Quarter; Big Fannie Seller Changes
NEW Paid-Off Revolving Debt No Longer Required to be Closed - Fannie
NEW Fannie Mae: Housing Faring Better than Economy
NEW Mixed Signals in Fannie Housing Survey
NEW Outsourcing QC; Fannie/Freddie News; Preventing Fraud; MI Earnings
NEW Agency Updates - Does Fannie Really Need to Approve Lender Management Changes?
NEW Fannie Announces Closing Cost Assistance for Homepath Loans
NEW Attitudes toward Housing Stalled -Fannie Survey
NEW Changes in Fannie/Freddie Pricing and Programs; How Much Does 3.75 mln sq. ft. of Office Cost?
NEW Fannie Housing Survey Logs Major Milestone
NEW Single Fannie/Freddie Security Details Coming Soon - FHFA
NEW Settlement Agent Poll; Fannie & Freddie Continue to be Discussed; Apps Continue Downward
NEW Not to be Outdone; Fannie Profits Bring Dividend Total to $136.4 Billion
NEW Fannie CU Webinar; Reports on Health of Reverse Mortgages, Homebuilders, and Housing Market
NEW Fannie Survey Says: Housing Attitude Remains Cautious
NEW MBS MID-DAY: Today's big winner (relatively): Fannie and Freddie MBS!
NEW Ambac Sues BofA; Golden First Mortgage's Judgment; Fannie, Freddie, FHA Updates
NEW Rent Increase Estimates; Fannie, Freddie, and Ginnie Updates
NEW Builder and Lot Price Trends; Ellington Cash Infusion; Latest on Fannie & Freddie