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NEW MBA Offers Health Care to Members; Freddie & Fannie Updates; New Jumbo Security
NEW Latest Fannie Mae Housing Survey Says: Good Time to Sell
NEW "Another Solid Quarter" -Fannie/Freddie CEOs say in Separate Statements
NEW Fannie Mae sees Growth Expanding, Downgrades Loan Origination Expectations
NEW Consumer Housing Sentiment Bounces Back -Fannie Survey
NEW Judge Cites Unequivocal Language in Dismissing Fannie/Freddie Lawsuit
NEW Housing Struggling for Traction Fannie Mae says
NEW New Digs for Fannie; CFPB Fines; HELOCs on the Rise; Cash vs. Security Sales
NEW Fannie and Freddie Another Step Closer to Sharing Single Mortgage-Backed Security
NEW Improving Financial Outlooks Could Help Housing - Fannie Survey
NEW Appraiser Numbers Dwindling; One Security for Fannie & Freddie? Jumbo Loans Booming; ICE & MERS
NEW The Importance of FinCEN & SARS; Fannie/Freddie Updates; Upcoming Events
NEW Modest Housing Recovery Will Continue -Fannie
NEW Stearns vs. Prospect Verdict; FinCen & Fannie Mae; We're Done With Half of 2014 Already?
NEW Fannie Economist Sees Rates Rising to Top of Range
NEW Ex-Fannie CEO now Prospect's CEO; Force-Placed Insurance Primer; BNY Mellon's New Mortgage Securitization Plan
NEW Real Estate Pros can Soon Negotiate Short Sales Directly With Fannie
NEW Mel Watt Outlines Course Correction for Fannie and Freddie
NEW Buffett Ready to Step in for Fannie & Freddie? Breaking News: CFPB Research Discovers Confused Borrowers
NEW Fannie Survey Hints at Warmer Spring for Housing
NEW Maxine Water's Plan for Fannie and Freddie; Lenders Only Making $150 per Loan With All That Liability?
NEW Fannie Mae REO Purchase Incentives Extended
NEW Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac must not Die: Bove
NEW Who Owns Agency MBS? Is Fannie & Freddie's Future Set? The MBA Weighs in
NEW New Correspondent Lender; Citi Changes Pricing Model; Does the Latest Fannie & Freddie Plan Mean Anything?
NEW Housing Recovery Continuing, but not yet Robust -Fannie Survey
NEW Latest on Fannie & Freddie; Stearns Takes #1 Wholesale Spot; Servicing ValuePrimer
NEW More on LO Licensing; Fannie's Numbers Reflect Trends, but do They Review Files?
NEW Fannie Mae Back in Black With Taxpayers
NEW ResMac's New Wholesale Channel; Wells & 600 FICO Scores; Fannie & Freddie & Suspicious Activity Reports
NEW Fannie Offers REO Incentives to Owner Occupants
NEW Price Expectations Moderating; Credit Availability Improving -Fannie Survey
NEW Half those Eligible have not Refinanced; Fannie Mae asks "Why?"
NEW Fannie Mae Creates Appaiser Blacklist; Do AMCs Make Sense? Bank M&A Rolls On - Are Mortgage Banks Doing the Same?
NEW Treasury Official Throws Cold Water on Fannie/Freddie Optimism, HARP Extension
NEW Freddie's QC Goals; Jumbo Investor Chatter; Lender Updates; Where is Fannie & Freddie's Business Coming From?
NEW Fannie Mae, CFPB in Sync on Servicer Rules
NEW Mortgage Credit Easiest in 3.5 Years, Consumer Attitudes Improve -Fannie Housing Survey
NEW Investor & Lender Changes Continue; Freddie & Fannie: Golden Gooses?
NEW Fannie Mae: Technology has Role to Fill in Mortgage Shopping Experience
NEW G-fee Changes in Limbo; Wells Settles with Fannie; Tax Breaks Expiring; Drug Testing in Financial Services' Future?
NEW Fannie Mae Ends Year with Final Repurchase Agreement
NEW A Number of Thoughts on Fannie & Freddie; How Big are Modern Loan Files?
NEW Fannie and Freddie Overhaul Mortgage Insurance Master Policy Requirements
NEW OIG Recaps 6 Months of Success For Fannie and Freddie
NEW Housing Recovery Intact but Moderating Fannie Mae says
NEW OIG Recommends Tighter Oversight of Fannie Mae Short Sales
NEW Freddie Mac Dividend Will Fully Reimburse Taxpayers; Fannie is Close
NEW Ally Says Adios; Should We Care About Mel Watt? Fannie's Current QM Guidance - Worth Knowing
NEW Mel Watt Nomination Blocked - For Now; New Fannie Lawsuit