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NEW Fannie Mae Back in Black With Taxpayers
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NEW Price Expectations Moderating; Credit Availability Improving -Fannie Survey
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NEW Fannie Mae Creates Appaiser Blacklist; Do AMCs Make Sense? Bank M&A Rolls On - Are Mortgage Banks Doing the Same?
NEW Treasury Official Throws Cold Water on Fannie/Freddie Optimism, HARP Extension
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NEW Fannie Mae, CFPB in Sync on Servicer Rules
NEW Mortgage Credit Easiest in 3.5 Years, Consumer Attitudes Improve -Fannie Housing Survey
NEW Investor & Lender Changes Continue; Freddie & Fannie: Golden Gooses?
NEW Fannie Mae: Technology has Role to Fill in Mortgage Shopping Experience
NEW G-fee Changes in Limbo; Wells Settles with Fannie; Tax Breaks Expiring; Drug Testing in Financial Services' Future?
NEW Fannie Mae Ends Year with Final Repurchase Agreement
NEW A Number of Thoughts on Fannie & Freddie; How Big are Modern Loan Files?
NEW Fannie and Freddie Overhaul Mortgage Insurance Master Policy Requirements
NEW OIG Recaps 6 Months of Success For Fannie and Freddie
NEW Housing Recovery Intact but Moderating Fannie Mae says
NEW OIG Recommends Tighter Oversight of Fannie Mae Short Sales
NEW Freddie Mac Dividend Will Fully Reimburse Taxpayers; Fannie is Close
NEW Ally Says Adios; Should We Care About Mel Watt? Fannie's Current QM Guidance - Worth Knowing
NEW Mel Watt Nomination Blocked - For Now; New Fannie Lawsuit
NEW Fannie and Freddie Announce Expanded HARP Eligibility Dates
NEW Webinar on Compliance Issues; State-Level Updates; What is a Fannie "Defect Rate"?
NEW Rising Rates and End of QE in 2014 - Fannie Mae
NEW Fannie Mae will soon Finalize First Risk-Sharing Deal
NEW Reconsidering Death Sentence For Fannie and Freddie
NEW Fannie Shifts $5 bln in Taxpayer Risk to Newcomer NMI
NEW Fannie Mae Portfolio Continues Contracting; Delinquencies Decline
NEW Recovery Will Continue Despite Contracting Mortgage Industry - Fannie Mae
NEW Fannie Mae Portfolio Reduction Picks up Speed
NEW Broker's Share of Biz Drops; Fannie & Freddie Update Policies Including QM/ATR, ULDD, and Fees
NEW Housing Contribution to GDP Will Double by 2015 - Fannie Mae
NEW Strong Fannie Earnings Bring Taxpayer Recompense Over $100 billion
NEW Fannie Mae says Consumers Taking New Interest Rates in Stride
NEW President Calls for Ending Freddie and Fannie, Hints at HARP Expansion
NEW Fannie Mae Expects Rates to Continue Higher
NEW Obscure Fannie Program Benefits Parents, Students, and Disabled Children
NEW Fannie's Non-agency Issuance; Ops and Production Departments Dusting off ARM Manuals
NEW More on Mini-correspondent Trend, Shrinking Margins, Selling Caps; New Freddie Security; Citi Settles with Fannie
NEW Fannie Mae to get $948 Million for Misrepresented Citi Loans
NEW Senate Bill to Abolish Fannie and Freddie Hits the Floor
NEW Fannie Sees Slow Growth Through End of Decade
NEW Fannie's Premium Recapture Policy; Margin vs. Volume Formula; How are MBA Applications Counted?
NEW Fannie, Freddie Shareholders Sue Government Over Takeover
NEW Fannie Mae: Renters Satisfied with Renting but Most Hope to Own
NEW Fannie Aims to Curb Short Sale Woes With New Site
NEW Fannie Bucks Trend as Multifamily Delinquencies Decline
NEW Fannie Forecast Serves up Feast for Housing Recovery Bulls