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NEW Gfees Impact Mortgage Pricing; Fannie and Freddie Profits; Early Close for Bond Markets Due to Hurricane Sandy
NEW Housing Market Optimism Surges in Fannie Mae Survey
NEW MBS RECAP: Fannie/Freddie 30yr Roll Day Makes For Thin Trading Conditions
NEW Clock Ticks for Fannie and Freddie as FHFA Designs New Secondary Market Platform
NEW Freddie and Fannie Can Earn a Profit, Right? And their Double-secret "High Risk" Watch List of 300 lenders
NEW Unintended Consequences of QE3; Letters from the Trenches on Current Lending Standards; Fannie to Roll out State-Based Pricing?
NEW Fannie Mae Economists Expect Housing Recovery to Continue
NEW DeMarco Discusses The New Securitization System Set To Replace Fannie / Freddie
NEW New Fannie Mae Guidelines Allow Verification of Assets in Lieu of Income
NEW Why the Recent G-fee Increase? Why the Annual Fannie Sales Cap? Will There be More?
NEW Fannie Mae: Construction Jobs a Major Drag on Recession and Recovery
NEW Trends in Subprime Collateral and Homeownership; Ready for Fannie DU 9.0?
NEW Fannie Mae's Portfolio down 9.9 Percent in July
NEW Fannie Mae Notes Servicers' STAR Performance
NEW Fannie and Freddie Short Sale Change; LO-Realtor Comments; Specified Pool Primer - How to Pick Up an Extra Point or Two
NEW Fannie Mae Posts Q2 Profit; Won't Need Treasury Help
NEW What is the Fastest Growing Commercial Sector? BofA & Fannie Grapple Over $10 billion
NEW Freddie To Align With Fannie On Lower LTV HARP Guidelines
NEW Fannie Mae Expects Low Rates to hold through 2014
NEW FHFA's DeMarco Announces Timothy J. Mayopoulos as Fannie Mae CEO
NEW FHFA Veteran Picked to Run Strategic Plan for Fannie and Freddie
NEW Fannie and Freddie: "Where the Money Went."
NEW Buybacks Wearing on Industry; Fannie, Freddie and Wall Street; FHA & Condo Project Changes?
NEW Concerns Grow Over Freddie/Fannie Price Dislocations
NEW Fannie Mae Posts Q1 Profit; won't Request Treasury Draw
NEW Fannie Mae Survey: Slightly More Upbeat on Economy, Home Prices
NEW Fannie's New G-fee Policy Concerns Lenders; CFPB's Busy Summer Season Including QM
NEW Fannie Mae Sets Short Sale Rules, Timelines
NEW OIG Finds FHFA Deficient in Oversight of Fannie Mae Underwriting Guidelines and Variances
NEW Year End STAR Achievers Announced by Fannie Mae; PHH Shines
NEW A Legal Take on Fannie-BofA; RESPA in the Supreme Court; Freddie's Performance
NEW Theory on MIP Dates; The MBA and QM; Chatter on Compare Ratios and BoA/Fannie
NEW Remember "Tangible Net Benefit"? Nationstar's IPO; Fannie Update
NEW Fannie Mae: Attitudes Towards Housing and Economy Stabilizing
NEW Fannie Loses How Much? Comments on Home Ownership Priority and HUD's BofA Discrimination Suit
NEW Fannie Mae's Losses Narrow but Treasury Advance Requested
NEW MI Companies Watching for the FHA MIP Increase; BofA and Fannie - Does it Matter?
NEW Bank of America Cuts Pipeline to Fannie Mae
NEW Fannie and Freddie Future Plans; NMLS Licensee Stats on the Rise
NEW Wells Rolls the G-fee Hit Ordered by Congress; Indiana Refines Originator Rules; Fannie's EarlyCheck Benefits
NEW Fannie Mae CEO Michael Williams Steps Down
NEW Fannie's Interesting HARP 2.0 Shift; Spotlight on the Agencies; Fortress' Chief to Take Some Time Off
NEW Banks to Increase Loan Loss Reserves? SEC's Fannie and Freddie Lawsuit; FHA Anti-Flipping Rule
NEW VA Loan Limits; QRM Update; TMBA Kick-off Conference for January; Fannie STAR News for Servicers
NEW Fannie Mae Announces Third Quarter Servicer Results
NEW Fannie, Freddie Fee Hikes in New Payroll Tax Proposal
NEW Countrywide & Guam's Settlement; PMI Files for Bankrupcty; Primer on Fannie & Freddie's Impact on Fed Funds
NEW Wells Fargo FICO Pricing Changes Roil Rate Sheets; BofA Challenges Fannie on Buybacks; A Lesson in Cajun Economics
NEW FHA Gets the Nod, Fannie & Freddie Don't; Flood Insurance Changes; NMLS Update
NEW Fannie Mae Sees "Woefully Slow" 2012