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NEW Time to Buy Fannie/Freddie Stocks Yet? Mortgage Litigation Tally, Another LPS Settlement
NEW LPS Announces new Tool for Fannie Mae's SMDU Interface
NEW CA Eminent Domain Update; More on Venture Capital's Impact on Housing; More State news; Fannie's Profit
NEW Fannie Mae's Record Earnings up the Ante For Taxpayers, by $52.4 Bln
NEW Expecting Higher Home Prices? Fannie Mae Says You're Not Alone
NEW Fannie Mae Promotes SMDU
NEW FHFA: Progress Report on Fannie/Freddie Replacement
NEW Challenges and Goals of Fannie/Freddie Prenuptial Agreement
NEW Fannie Mae Turns to Marketing to Increase HARP Awareness
NEW Fannie Mae Says Housing Now Providing Economic Tailwind
NEW Five Servicers Attain Four STAR Level in Fannie Mae Program
NEW Fannie Mae's Q4 and FY 2012 Income Set Company Records
NEW Fannie Mae Forecast Little Changed from February
NEW Foreclosure Prevention has aided 2.7 million Fannie and Freddie Borrowers
NEW Who Needs HARP 3 with Rampant Loan Mods? Fannie, Freddie Stocks Rally - Much Ado About Nothing?
NEW Establishing a New Fannie Mae in Texas? How Gfees are a Tax on Borrowers; Thoughts on Cutting Weak Producers
NEW Improving Credit Markets Force Titanium Shut Down; What is Moving the Relative Prices of Ginnie, Fannie, and Freddie MBS?
NEW Fannie Mae Announces 2012 Servicer Achievement Scores
NEW DeMarco Outlines Plan to Merge Fannie, Freddie into New Securitization Firm
NEW Stats and More Stats on Housing; Reminder of Fannie Mae's Change for Affinity/Co-op Members
NEW Fannie Mae's Mortgage Portfolio Down 10.6% in 2012
NEW Fannie, Freddie Extend Foreclosure Moratorium for Huricane Sandy Victims
NEW Fannie Mae Economists see 2013 as a 'Transition to Normal'
NEW HARP Petition; HARP and HAMP's Impact on the Market; Has Fannie Been Pushing Lender Approvals?
NEW Bank of America to Pay Fannie Mae $3.6B to Resolve Repurchase Issues
NEW Refinance Volume Expected To Fall 26% in 2013: Fannie Mae
NEW Watchdog Calls for Tighter Leash on Fannie, Freddie Compensation
NEW Fannie and Freddie Halt Holiday Evictions
NEW Fannie and Freddie Making Some Coin; Ginnie Volumes are Huge; Lack of Inventory to Impact Realtor Ranks?
NEW Fannie Mae Expects Positive Financial Results for Year
NEW Gfees Impact Mortgage Pricing; Fannie and Freddie Profits; Early Close for Bond Markets Due to Hurricane Sandy
NEW Housing Market Optimism Surges in Fannie Mae Survey
NEW MBS RECAP: Fannie/Freddie 30yr Roll Day Makes For Thin Trading Conditions
NEW Clock Ticks for Fannie and Freddie as FHFA Designs New Secondary Market Platform
NEW Freddie and Fannie Can Earn a Profit, Right? And their Double-secret "High Risk" Watch List of 300 lenders
NEW Unintended Consequences of QE3; Letters from the Trenches on Current Lending Standards; Fannie to Roll out State-Based Pricing?
NEW Fannie Mae Economists Expect Housing Recovery to Continue
NEW DeMarco Discusses The New Securitization System Set To Replace Fannie / Freddie
NEW New Fannie Mae Guidelines Allow Verification of Assets in Lieu of Income
NEW Why the Recent G-fee Increase? Why the Annual Fannie Sales Cap? Will There be More?
NEW Fannie Mae: Construction Jobs a Major Drag on Recession and Recovery
NEW Trends in Subprime Collateral and Homeownership; Ready for Fannie DU 9.0?
NEW Fannie Mae's Portfolio down 9.9 Percent in July
NEW Fannie Mae Notes Servicers' STAR Performance
NEW Fannie and Freddie Short Sale Change; LO-Realtor Comments; Specified Pool Primer - How to Pick Up an Extra Point or Two
NEW Fannie Mae Posts Q2 Profit; Won't Need Treasury Help
NEW What is the Fastest Growing Commercial Sector? BofA & Fannie Grapple Over $10 billion
NEW Freddie To Align With Fannie On Lower LTV HARP Guidelines
NEW Fannie Mae Expects Low Rates to hold through 2014
NEW FHFA's DeMarco Announces Timothy J. Mayopoulos as Fannie Mae CEO