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NEW Residential Building Continues to Dominate Construction Spending
NEW Permits and Starts Sit at 16-Year Highs
NEW February Construction Spending Partially Driven by Inflation
NEW Springtime for Builders if not Sales
NEW Lead Gen., Database, Tax Service, Non-Agency Products; Housing Starts and Building Permits Attract Attention
NEW Construction, Housing Permit Backlogs Rose in January
NEW Single-Family Construction Spending Rose by One-Third Last Year
NEW Pending Sales Faded Along with Inventory in December
NEW Housing Permits and Starts Ended Year at 2021 Highs
NEW Residential Construction Spending Turned Positive Again in November
NEW Lumber Prices Likely to Remain Volatile
NEW Residential Construction Sails into Holiday Season
NEW Residential Construction No Longer Dominating Spending
NEW Fannie Mae Sees Supply Chain, Inflation as Economic and Housing Risks
NEW Capital Markets, Comp, Social Media Products; Tech Change Study; Housing Starts, Fannie's 2022 Forecast
NEW Housing Starts Flatten, Permits Promise Future Improvement
NEW Residential Construction Spending Fades for Second Month
NEW Construction Numbers Fall Back from August Levels
NEW New Home Construction Spending Slips. Remodeling Picks up Slack
NEW Construction Numbers Pushed Higher by Multifamily Surge
NEW Construction Spending: Residential is Only Game in Town
NEW Fannie Mae Says COVID-19 Surge Won't Impact Growth. Probably.
NEW Builders Pull Back on Housing Starts
NEW Housing is the Only Game in Town For Construction Spending
NEW "Seesawing" Pending Sales May Signal Market Turning Point
NEW Existing Home Sales Rise Slightly for the First Time in Four Months
NEW Housing Starts Continue to Improve as Permits Lose More Ground
NEW FannIe Mae Forecasts Home Price Growth, Existing Sales
NEW Residential Projects Continue to Drive Construction Spending
NEW Lumber Prices are Plummeting, but Still Historically Expensive
NEW Inflation Holds Key to Fannie Mae's New Forecast
NEW May Housing Starts Post Modest Recovery from April's Slump
NEW Construction Spending Increased Slightly in April, Led by Residential Sector
NEW Housing Outlook Facing More Uncertainty
NEW Construction Starts Pulled Back in April Due to Supply Problems
NEW Residential Sector Continues to Drive Construction Spending
NEW It's March and the Spring Market is MIA
NEW Most Builders Locking in Lumber Prices or Passing Increases Through
NEW Housing Starts Reach Highest Levels Since 2006
NEW Residential Outlays Dominate Construction Spending
NEW Construction Starts and Permits Took a Double-Digit Hit in February
NEW Construction Spending Rising Twice as Fast as Expected
NEW Permitting Soars as Builders Prep for Spring
NEW Residential Construction Spending Grew by 11.8% in 2020
NEW Pending Home Sales' Recent Decline is Nothing Compared to Yearly Gains
NEW Existing Home Sales Reach Highest Levels Since 2006
NEW Upbeat 2021 Econ Forecast From Fannie Mae
NEW Construction Surges to Highest Levels in 15 Years
NEW Residential Spending Continues to Lead Construction Numbers
NEW Housing Permits and Starts Show no Signs of Slowing Down