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NEW Mortgage Rates Slightly Higher Ahead of Important Inflation Report
NEW MBS Outperform Amid Treasury Supply Pressure
NEW Supply Anxiety Ahead of CPI/Fed
NEW Jumbo, PPE Products; Training and Webinars, Fast and Furious; Support Your MBA
NEW Rates Seen Staying Higher For Longer. Blame Canada?
NEW Canada Doesn't Really Matter. Bring on CPI and The Fed
NEW Accounting, Digital, Broker Comp Tools; FHA, VA, USDA Developments; Why Rates are Stubborn
NEW Canada? Again?!
NEW Mortgage Rates Recover After Downbeat Data
NEW Claims Data Completely Erases At Least One Day of Higher Rate Expectations
NEW Jobless Claims Stoke The Rally Fires For Bonds
NEW HELOC, Affordable Housing, Servicing, QC, MSR Valuation Products; New Appraiser Education Standards?
NEW Mortgage Rates Highest in More Than a Week
NEW BOC Warns US Rate Market Against Complacency
NEW Foreign Central Banks Planting Seeds of Doubt
NEW Referral and Marketing Tools; TPO Products; U/W, Doc Custodian Review; DSCR and 2nd Program News
NEW Mortgage Applications Fall for the Fourth Straight Week
NEW Rates Remain Fairly Flat Compared to Last Week
NEW Nothing to See Here
NEW Webinars and Training; Servicing, CRM, Processing Automation Products; The Fed Next Week
NEW Limited Calendar Promotes Volatility in a Range
NEW Mortgage Rates Roughly Unchanged Over The Weekend
NEW Weaker Data Helps Bonds Hold Ground
NEW Decent Recovery After PMI Data; Markets Trading The Ceiling Time Frame
NEW Third-Party, Down Payment, Outsourcing Products, Freddie and Fannie Updates for Appraisals
NEW What Debt Ceiling? And Who's Lying About The Jobs Report?
NEW What Debt Ceiling? Yields Follow NFP Higher
NEW Making Sense of Friday's Jobs Numbers
NEW Reverse Point-of-Sale, Marketing and PR, TPO Products; Random TPO News; Ugly Insurance and Water News
NEW Data-Driven Rally, But There's Bigger Data Ahead
NEW Weaker Data Reinforcing The Ceiling
NEW Webinars and Training, Construction Tracking, MERS Certification, 100% Financing, HELOC Products; Jumbo, DSCR Program News
NEW Mortgage Rates Quickly Down to 2-Week Lows
NEW Domestic Events Mostly Overshadowed by European Influence
NEW Resilience And Resistance After Debt Ceiling Punt, or is it Europe?
NEW Warehouse, Appraisal, Non-QM, RON Products; Reverse Mortgages: Catch the Wave; Mortgage Apps Continue Decline
NEW Weekly Mortgage Apps Drift Lower
NEW Nice Rally With Buyers Back in The Office
NEW Rates Drop Sharply to Start The New Week
NEW Stronger Start Making Case For Support
NEW March Home Prices Extend Recent Rebound
NEW Recruiting, Sales and Marketing, QC, Underwriting, HELOC, CRM Tools; FHA and VA Investor News
NEW Do Rates Care About Debt Ceiling?
NEW Bonds Diverge Over Data Implications
NEW Appraiser, ECOA, Video Marketing Products; Conventional Conforming News; What Has Driven Rates Higher?
NEW Mortgage Rate Highest in More Than 6 Months
NEW Debt Ceiling Debate Volatility Causing Issues For Bonds
NEW Bullet Point Explanation of Debt Ceiling's Rate Impact and Other Reasons For Selling Spree
NEW April's Pending Home Sales Unchanged, Stalled by Regional Declines
NEW IMB Wanted; 1% Down, Compliance Products; Training and Webinars Next Week; STRATMOR on Brokers