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NEW Weekly Mortgage Apps Drift Lower
NEW Nice Rally With Buyers Back in The Office
NEW Rates Drop Sharply to Start The New Week
NEW Stronger Start Making Case For Support
NEW March Home Prices Extend Recent Rebound
NEW Recruiting, Sales and Marketing, QC, Underwriting, HELOC, CRM Tools; FHA and VA Investor News
NEW Do Rates Care About Debt Ceiling?
NEW Bonds Diverge Over Data Implications
NEW Appraiser, ECOA, Video Marketing Products; Conventional Conforming News; What Has Driven Rates Higher?
NEW Mortgage Rate Highest in More Than 6 Months
NEW Debt Ceiling Debate Volatility Causing Issues For Bonds
NEW Bullet Point Explanation of Debt Ceiling's Rate Impact and Other Reasons For Selling Spree
NEW April's Pending Home Sales Unchanged, Stalled by Regional Declines
NEW IMB Wanted; 1% Down, Compliance Products; Training and Webinars Next Week; STRATMOR on Brokers
NEW Mortgage Rates Start Lower But End Higher
NEW Today is Best Viewed as "In-Range Volatility"
NEW Sales, DPA, QC, Appraisal, Servicing Products; Freddie and Fannie News
NEW Stronger Start Despite UK Inflation Data
NEW Mortgage Applications Decrease Again, Volatile Rates, Stagnant Inventories
NEW Mortgage Rates Move Back Above 7%
NEW Debt Ceiling Finally Having an Impact
NEW Bonds Looking For Support in Spite of Data
NEW Servicing, POS, Marketing, Fulfillment, Pricing Engine Products; FHA, VA, USDA, Ginnie News
NEW Mortgage Rates Approaching 7% Again
NEW Why Are We Here And Where Are We Going?
NEW Limited Data But Lots of Fed
NEW UW, Capital Markets, Training, Verification Tools; Webinars to Wrap up May; Chatter from NY
NEW A Ceiling That Actually Matters
NEW What The Range Breakout Means For The Outlook
NEW Range Breakout !
NEW Process Streamlining, Accounting, Servicing Tools; Orion Waiving U/W Fees, Wholesale News
NEW Range Breakout ?
NEW Mortgage Rates Now at 2 Month Highs
NEW Existing Home Sales Slump Continues
NEW Hedging, Non-QM Selling, Correspondent, Digital Insurance, Fee Collection Tools; Retail Offerings; Household Debt
NEW For The Bond Market, The Waiting Will Continue
NEW Mortgage Rates Barely Budged on Wednesday; Deep Dive on Rate Index Methodology
NEW Debt Ceiling Debate Finally Gets a Headline
NEW Multifamily Starts Help to Boost April's Housing Stats
NEW Appraisal, HELOC, Internal Audit, Correspondent Products; The U.S. Economy: Strong Like Bull?
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Deflated by Rising Rates
NEW Breaking Down The Paradoxical Reaction to Retail Sales
NEW Mortgage Rates Inch Up to 2-Week Highs
NEW Lack of Existing Home Listings Boost Builder Confidence
NEW Bonds Lose Ground Despite Retail Sales Miss
NEW Referral, Credit, Jumbo, Marketing, Online App Products; Fed Thoughts While Rates Tread Water
NEW Mortgage Rates Up About an Eighth of a Percent To Start The Week
NEW Hurry Up And Wait
NEW Without Conclusive Answers, The Sideways Curse Continues
NEW Appraisal Modernization, Cybersecurity, Non-QM, CRM Products; STRATMOR CU and Bank Forum