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NEW Mortgage Rates Up About an Eighth of a Percent To Start The Week
NEW Hurry Up And Wait
NEW Without Conclusive Answers, The Sideways Curse Continues
NEW Appraisal Modernization, Cybersecurity, Non-QM, CRM Products; STRATMOR CU and Bank Forum
NEW Inflation Uncertainty Keeping Rates in Consolidation Mode
NEW Bonds Bounce as Data Confirms Range Resistance
NEW TPO Products; CRM, Pre-Qual, Retention, QC, Marketing Tools; Events and Training
NEW Mortgage Rates Near 1-Month Lows
NEW Rally or Resistance?
NEW Data and Bank Drama Can't Break Range; Inflation "Predictions"
NEW Correspondent, Servicing, Due Diligence Products; Earnings; DTI Change Recission
NEW Mortgage Rates Fall After Inflation Data
NEW Does Today's Data Change The Outlook?
NEW "As-Expected" CPI Good Enough For Modest Gains But Not a Range-Breaker
NEW TPO, Referral, Appraisal, AI, Processing Products; LO Comp; April Consumer Prices Came in as Expected
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Boosted by Fed Comments
NEW Mortgage Rates Rise Just a Bit More Ahead of Important Inflation Data
NEW MBS Recover Some Losses Thanks to 3yr Auction
NEW Another Placeholder Day Ahead of CPI
NEW Servicing, MSR Cashflow, POS, Digital, AVM, TPO Communication Products; Demographic Trends for Originators
NEW Mortgage Rates Jump to Highest Levels Since Last Monday
NEW Rising Rates Reiterate Relevance of The Range
NEW In The Center of The Range, Waiting on Supply and Data
NEW Productivity, Non-QM, CRM, Automation Products; ChatGPT, AI, and the Mortgage Industry
NEW Plenty of Movement, Not Much Progress; More Volatility Ahead
NEW Logical NFP Reaction Leaves Range Intact. Bring on CPI
NEW NFP Plays The Percentages. Bonds Reacting Like You'd Expect
NEW AMC Alternative, Workflow, HMDA Dashboard Products; Opendoor and Redfin Earnings; What's Moving Rates?
NEW Mortgage Rates Briefly Hit 3 Week Lows; More Volatility on The Way
NEW Asymmetric Risk Ahead of Jobs Report
NEW Not Eager to Challenge The Range, But Bank Rumors Complicate The Outlook
NEW Fulfillment, Benchmark, Servicing, Home Equity Tools; Disaster Updates; More Banks in Turmoil
NEW Lowest Mortgage Rates in Weeks After Fed Hikes Rates. Here's How That Works...
NEW Bonds Like Fed's Friendly Hike
NEW Here's What Changed in The New Fed Announcement
NEW Inventory Woes Help Boost Home Prices in March.
NEW TPO, BI, Social Media, POS Products; Conv. Conforming Changes; Blend CEO Interview
NEW Ho-Hum ISM Data Leaves Focus on Fed
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Decreased Last Week
NEW Mortgage Rates Fully Erase Monday's Surge
NEW What a Difference a Day Makes
NEW Bank Drama and Economic Contraction To The Rescue
NEW Recruitment, Marketing, Database, MSR Valuation Products; News From Freddie and Fannie; Jumbo Pricing Concerns
NEW Snowball Sell-Off to Start The Month
NEW Mortgage Rates Jump After First Republic Sale
NEW Trifecta of Trouble For Bonds
NEW TPO, Accounting Outsourcing, Processing, DPA Tools; Upcoming Training, Webinars, and Events
NEW Stronger Today, Sideways in General
NEW Housing and Rates Having Tough Time Finding Momentum
NEW Strong Start With Help From Overnight Trading And Moderate Inflation