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NEW Friendly Wholesale Inflation vs Patience and Other Headwinds
NEW Independent Appraisal, Accounting, Sales Tools; Conventional News; PPI Drives Rates Lower
NEW Mortgage Rates Roughly Unchanged After Last Week's Huge Drop
NEW The Best Half Point MBS Sell-Off
NEW Moderate Weakness Would Be a Victory
NEW TPO, HOA Data, Outsourcing, Due Diligence Tools; Training and Webinars; NAR's 2023 Forecast
NEW Biggest Rally in Over a Decade After CPI Overdelivers
NEW Record Single Day Drop in Rates After Inflation Comes in Cooler
NEW CPI Data Resoundingly Delivers on Promise of a Big Reaction
NEW Rate Sheet, Licensing, AMC, Sales, AOT Products; Homebuyer Study; CPI Numbers Drive Down Rates
NEW Mortgage Rates Unchanged to Slightly Higher
NEW Have We Mentioned The Pre-CPI Trading Range?
NEW Reverse, Non-QM, Credit Union, Title Products; Investors and Lenders on the Brink?
NEW Purchase Applications Tick Higher Despite Growing Costs
NEW Mortgage Rates Move Lower For Third Straight Day
NEW Super Sideways After Solid Gains, But Nothing Matters Until Thursday
NEW Do Bonds Care About Elections?
NEW MLO Jobs; Subservicing Notarization, Sales Tools; Opting out of Trigger Leads; Election Day
NEW Mortgage Rates Hold Their Ground Despite Bond Market Volatility
NEW Early Indications Show September Home Prices Falling Less Than July/August
NEW MBS Outperform as Treasuries Fret Over Issuance
NEW New Issuance Keeping Pressure on Bonds Ahead of CPI
NEW MSR Analysis, Appraisal, Outsourcing, Compliance Tools; Agency News
NEW Ho Hum NFP Friday; MBS Outperform; 50 is The New 75
NEW Bonds Digesting Stronger Jobs Report Without Any Panic
NEW Home Equity, Sales, Tax Service, Subservicer Audit Products; Webinars and Training
NEW Post Fed Weakness Keeping Markets on Edge
NEW Mortgage Rates Rising Back Toward Long-Term Highs
NEW Bonds Brace For Data to Confirm Powell's Warning
NEW Hedging, eHELOC, Digital Lending, Buydown Products; Webinars and Training; Rates Head Higher
NEW Mortgage Rates Move Higher After Fed Rate Hike, But Not Because of It
NEW Powell Sticks To Same Script (The One That Bonds Don't Really Like)
NEW Here's What Changed in The New Fed Announcement
NEW What's at Stake With Today's Fed Announcement?
NEW Non-QM Products; Low Producing LOs and Branches: Never-Ending Problem; Mortgage Apps Decline for 6th Week
NEW Small Improvement in Rates Has Little Effect on Mortgage Volume
NEW Mortgage Rates Recover Slightly Ahead of Fed Day
NEW Both Sides of The Market Eagerly Trading Fed Cues
NEW Data Erases Initial Strength in Bonds and The Fed Pivot Trade
NEW CoreLogic: Thriving Home Price Growth in Less Expensive Areas as Other Regions Moderate
NEW Lock Policy, Sales Goals, Automation, Temp Buydown Products; Capital Markets Bonus Primer
NEW Mortgage Rates Slightly Higher To Start The Week. More Volatility Ahead
NEW Late Day Volatility Surrounding Month-End and Corporate Issuance
NEW Slow Start, But This Week and Next Are Very Important
NEW DPA, Broker, HELOC, Business Review Products; Webinars; M&A Environment
NEW Solid Week Despite Friday's Selling, But Next One is More Important
NEW Persistent Inflation Hammered Pending Home Sales in September, Falling 10%
NEW The Day is Young, But Data Suggests The Correction Has Run Its Course
NEW Payment Scenario, Sales, AMC Products; MBS Price Primer: The Difference Between Bonds and Men?
NEW Lowest Mortgage Rates in 3 Weeks