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NEW Highest Rates Since November After Inflation Remains Elevated
NEW UW, Rate Quote, Margin Management, Servicing, Tools; Fannie Results; Webinars and Events; Great Communication Video
NEW Mixed Reaction Giving Way to Weakness After CPI
NEW Mortgage Rates Hit 2023 Highs And There's More Volatility in Store
NEW Which CPI Number Matters Most and How Wide is The Potential Range of Reactions?
NEW Rate Locks Break 9-Month Losing Streak
NEW Holding Ground Ahead of Tuesday's Inflation Data
NEW Broker Marketing, Servicing Products; Freddie and Fannie News; Industry Metrics; STRATMOR Interview
NEW Rates Played Chicken With The Fed (And Lost)
NEW Bonds Keep Fading; Cue The CPI Anxiety
NEW If Bonds Aren't Rallying, They're Selling
NEW CRM, Lead Conversion, Marketing, AE Pipeline, MSR Financing Tools; More Mortgage M&A; CFPB News
NEW Gains Evaporate After Weaker Auction; Sideways Volatility Expected Ahead of CPI
NEW Mixed Performance For Mortgage Rates
NEW Coming to Terms With The Fed and Curve Inversions (Do They Matter?)
NEW Automation, Collections, DPA, Insurance, Capital Markets Products; STRATMOR Survey; Events and Webinars
NEW Mortgage Rates Recover Slightly But Remain Elevated
NEW Strong Auction Helps, But Not Enough to Get Rates Back Into The Recent Range
NEW More Fed Speakers and More Bond Market Supply
NEW eMortgage, CRM, Cybersecurity, Analytics, Compliance Tools; More Correspondents Exiting, Lender and Investor Updates
NEW Refi Applications Surge as Rates Inch Lower
NEW Mortgage Rates Still Rising, But at a Slower Pace
NEW Bonds Tried (And Failed) to Sustain Post-Powell Rally
NEW Core Logic Sees Smaller Home Price Losses Ahead Despite Some "At-Risk" Markets
NEW Reverse, Servicing Products; Wholesaler News; Bill Cosgrove on Origination Costs
NEW Eagerly Anticipating Powell's Q&A
NEW Mortgage Rates Jump to Highest Levels in a Month
NEW Suddenly Scared About Powell and Supply
NEW Black Knight Sees Home Price Gains Turning Negative Soon
NEW Warehouse, Credit Measuring Tools; Non-QM Products; Disaster News; Securitization Court Ruling
NEW Bonds Begin New Week on The Defensive
NEW Wild Ride For Rates After Stunning Jobs Report
NEW Perfect Storm Leaves Rate Range Perfectly Intact
NEW Big Double Whammy For Bonds, But With a Few Caveats
NEW Enterprise Sales; Staffing, Compliance, Tools; Angel Oak Security; Events and Training; Surprise Jobs Number
NEW Mortgage Rates Back Under 6% For First Time in Months, But Just Barely
NEW Bonds Talked Into Modest Gains by Europe
NEW Europe Driving Gains While US Bonds Resist
NEW Bidding, Credit Verification, DPA, Warehouse, Marketing, Disaster Alert, TPO Products
NEW Fed Hikes Rates. Mortgage Rates Drop. Here's How That Works
NEW Markets Surprisingly Surprised by Unsurprising Powell Comments
NEW Here's What Changed in The New Fed Announcement
NEW Today's Fed Announcement is All About The Press Conference
NEW U/W, PPE, Marketing, Compliance Products; House Price Stats Dissected; Vendor Monopolies
NEW Mortgage Applications Slow Their Pace, But Rates Should Help Soon
NEW Mortgage Rates Have Been Calm So Far This Week. That Could Change Now
NEW Home Prices Are Slightly Lower, But Far From Plumetting
NEW What to Expect From Fed Day
NEW HMDA Compliance, Expansion Plan, Pricing Engine, Subservicing Products; Program and Procedure Changes
NEW Stronger Start on Tame Employment Cost Data