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NEW Recent Gains Could Simply Be a Correction. Data Will Decide
NEW ECB And Data Help Restore More Logical Trading Ranges
NEW AOT, POS, Marketing, Warehouse, Processing Tools; Misc. Agency and Investor News; Q3 GDP Figures
NEW Longest Winning Streak For Rates Since Late July
NEW Another Solid Day; Detailed Discussion on 5.0 Coupons vs 7% Rates
NEW Why Follow 5.0 UMBS if Rates Are In The 7's?!
NEW IMB Wanted; Fraud Search, Automation, Fee Collection Tools; Events and Training; ADU Financing Interview
NEW Weekly Mortgage Application Data: It's Like You'd Expect With Rates in The 7's
NEW Mortgage Rates Fall Yet Again. How Long Can This Last?
NEW Strong Showing For Bonds. So Have Things Changed?
NEW Home Prices Fell Even Faster in August, But Still Up Big Year-Over-Year
NEW Snowball Rally Confirms New Range Trade
NEW Jumbo ARM, Subservicer Products; FHFA/Freddie/Fannie News
NEW A Rare Winning Streak For Rates, But Don't Get Excited
NEW US Bonds Try (And Fail) To Follow The EU Rally
NEW Fighting to Hold Friday's Recovery
NEW Real Estate Company Wanted; Fulfillment, Digital, Verification, Cybersecurity Products; Ginnie News
NEW Sifting Through Ashes For Seeds Of Hope
NEW Crazy, Scary Morning Gives Way to Moderate Gains
NEW Bonds Daring The Fed To Stay The Course
NEW Servicing, Automation, Pricing, Property Data Products; Early November Events and Training
NEW Important Day For Bonds and an Important Conversation About MBS Coupons
NEW Mortgage Rates Have Been Over 7% For a While--Easily as High as 7.375% Today
NEW Some Nuances in The Existing Home Sales Data
NEW Bond Market Pricing In Things It Doesn't Necessarily Expect to See
NEW Hedging, Automation, Community Lending, DPA Products; STRATMOR on Customer Experience
NEW Another Day, Another 20 Year High in Rates
NEW Another Move to Long Term Lows 'Just Because'
NEW Housing Starts Slide While Building Permits Improve
NEW From Bad to Worse, And Running Out of Ways to Blame The UK
NEW Underwriting, Compliance, eMortgage, Loss Mitigation Products; Training and Events; Apps Drop Further
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Hits 25-Year Low
NEW Secret Market Movers or New Normal For Intraday Volatility?
NEW Mortgage Rates Sneak By Without Much Change
NEW Record Annual Decline in Builder Confidence
NEW Fighting For Survival or Accepting Fate
NEW Subservicer, Processing, Non-QM, Culture Building Tools; USDA, FHA Changes; Freddie's Cash Flow Product
NEW Mortgage Rates Aren't Moving Like They Used To
NEW Technically Stronger But it Feels Weaker
NEW Token Supportive Bounce on More UK U-Turns
NEW Warehouse, Processing, Homeowner Insurance Products; Jumbo and Non-QM News; Credit Suisse MBS Settlement
NEW 20 Year High Rates as Inflation Persists. Any Hope in Sight?
NEW Even When It's Good, It's Bad
NEW Rent Growth Slowing in Many Areas, Still at Elevated Levels
NEW Even Modest Losses Would be a Victory of Sorts
NEW Tax, Insurance Products; Primer on Fed's Moves and Inflation; Julia Gordon to Address Likelihood of FHA MIP Change
NEW How Much Should We Read Into Today's Big Reversal?
NEW Stunning Round Trip For Mortgage Rates After Inflation Data
NEW As Feared, Hotter CPI More Than Enough to Break The Range (At First)
NEW Company Webinars; PPE, HELOC, AMC Products; Wholesaler Updates; Disaster News; Inflation Pushes Rates Higher