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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW Loan Servicer Settlement Process Far From Over; Fed Webinar on Originator Comp; Net Tangible Benefit Impact on Borrower Qualification;
NEW Feedback on Risk Retention and QRM Definition; Short Sale Delays; Loan Servicers Blamed for Foreclosure Crisis; Lender Bulletins
NEW Overestimated Strategic Default Rates; New Home vs. Foreclosure; Option ARM Worst-Case Assumptions; Flagstar Releases Compensation Guidance
NEW Update on Warehouse Lending; HUD Training Events & Announcements; Independent Loan Professionals File Suit Against the Fed
NEW Skin in the Game: "Qualified Residential Mortgage" Debate Primer
NEW Retail Banks or Independent Lenders: Who Writes Better Mortgages?; Compensation Reform's Impact on Lock Desk Policies; Lots of Investor Bulletins
NEW The Future of HARP; Reverse Mortgages Cut by Wells Wholesale; Farmland Price Bubble; HSBC Suspends Foreclosures; Project Bravo
NEW Fed Q&A on Originator Compensation; High Quality MBS Investments; BoA Settles One Buyback Suit; Non-Agency Lending Stats
NEW Horizontal vs. Vertical Risk Retention; More Originator Compensation Guidance; Provident Pushing Mandatories
NEW Which Judge is Right on MERS?; Qualified Residential Mortgages or Not; Banks Face Servicing Settlement Liabilities;
NEW Loan Servicing Reform Debate Heats Up; Fed Changes Rule on Escrow Accounts; Citi's Compensation Policy; FHA Loan Applications Fall
NEW Originator Compensation Questionnaire; Rent vs. Own; Attestation of Compliance; Toll Brothers Q1 Earnings; TBW Treasurer in Court
NEW Public Perception of Originator Compensation Changes; Details on Redwood Non-Agency MBS Deal; Several Investor Updates;
NEW Compensation Discussions Around the Country; QRM, MERS updates
NEW Comp Updates from Wells, GMAC - Countrywide's VIP Program Under Fire
NEW Primer on Mortgage Servicing Reform; The Cost to Rescue Fannie and Freddie; Three New Mortgagee Letters; Redwood Markets Non-Agency MBS
NEW Judge Rules Against MERS; Annual FHA MIP Fee Increase; Higher Energy Prices and the Housing Market
NEW HARP Extension Endorsed; Home Loan Industry Layoffs; SEC Sues IndyMac; Too Big To Fail Banks; Lender Updates
NEW Higher Loan Funding Costs Loom; Hardest Hit Housing Funds at Work; Originator Compensation a Work in Progress;
NEW Congress Revisits Originator Compensation Reform; Servicing Values in Question; Freddie Mac COO Resigns; Loan Officer Liability
NEW Fannie & Freddie White Paper Due Friday; ARM Products Gain Marketshare; Importance of Reps and Warrants; Mortgage Jobs
NEW Private Funding Needed for Non-Agency Loans; Rising Demand in the Commercial Sector; Investor Updates Gone Wild; Reverse Mortgage Foreclosures
NEW GSE Reform Debate Heating Up; BoA Exits Reverse Mortgage Business; Prepay Speeds Fall 24%; Fixed Compensation Rates;
NEW Originator Compensation FAQs Part IX; Revisting the Loan Buyback Situation; Rent vs. Own; Radian Write-Down
NEW Originator Compensation FAQs Part VIII; Home Price Projections; Kate Berry on Loan Officer Pay; Non-Agency Product Grading
NEW Originator Compensation FAQs Part VII; Cash-In Refinancing Popular; Window Open for Federal NMLS Registration; MetLife on L.O. Pay
NEW Originator Compensation FAQs Part VI; Conventional ARMs Attracting Loan Apps; Temporary Buydowns Suspended; Ally Financials
NEW Originator Compensation FAQ Part V; FHA Anit-Flipping Waiver Extended; HUD Issues Guidance on New FHA Remittance Process
NEW Originator Compensation FAQ Part IV; 500 FICO FHA Product; Feedback on Fannie and Freddie REO Inventory
NEW Originator Compensation FAQs Part III; Reg Z and TILA Compliance; GSEs Lobbying for Dividend Cut; Cross Channel Envy
NEW Originator Compensation FAQs Part II; NAMB Requests Delayed Implementation, Slowing Loan Production, Fraud in Illinois
NEW Fannie and Freddie Foreclosure Inventory Over 240,000 Properties; Fed Responds to Originator Comp Questions; NMLS Uniform Licensing Forms
NEW Lots of Lender Updates; MERS Leadership Change; Wells on Originator Compensation; Job Openings; Bank of America Legal Fees
NEW Originator Compensation FAQs; Loan Putbacks Bruise BoA; Foreclosures Pinch PNC Profits; Servicer Watchdogs; Lender Updates
NEW Realtor Influenced Settlement Costs; The Future of Fannie and Freddie; New Mortagee Letters; Wells Fargo Q4 Loan Production
NEW Freddie Mac Eliminates Streamline Refi Product; Wells Fargo & U.S. Bank Earnings Recap; Plan B for 2011; Lender Bulletins
NEW Quality Control Review Requirements; JPM Chase Mortgage Banking Earnings; Safe Act Reminder; Loan Officer Comp. Conference Call; Lender Updates
NEW New LLPA's Implemented by Lenders; Flagstar Jumbo Product Offering; JPM Chase Earnings; Plethora of Investor Bulletins
NEW Income Verification Verbiage from Dodd-Frank Bill; Ginnie Mae Net Worth Requirements; Feedback on Reverse Mortgages; MBIA Downgraded
NEW Barclays Sees Sharp Slowdown in Prepayment Speeds & No Ease in UW Guidelines; Loan Fraud in South Florida; Reverse Mortgage Volume Down
NEW Amherst Explains Massachusetts Foreclosure Reversals; More on Citi's Originator Compensation Guidance; Lots of Lender Updates
NEW Risk Retention Regs Delayed; Citi Shares Perspective on Originator Compensation; Massachusetts Foreclosures Reversed
NEW Loan Officer Licensing Linked to Credit Reports; Fannie Mae UMDP Training Schedule; Pipelines Thin Out; USDA Update
NEW Good and Bad Feedback on NMLS Process; 2nd Liens on the Move; Another Contractor Mistaken Levels Wrong Home, Texas Cash-Outs
NEW 112th Congress Seated; Primary Dealer List Expected to Grow; Bearish Home Price Outlook; Preparing for CMBS Issuance; New Mortgagee Letter
NEW Four Housing Issues to Watch in 2011; Quarterly NMLS Call Reports; Budget Debate Looms; BoA Buyback Resolution Feedback
NEW Loan Officer Professional Privacy Gone; New Mortgagee Letters; Covered Bonds Coming?; BoA Settles with GSEs. Allstate & MBIA Still Suing;
NEW A Poem to Sum Up the Year in Mortgage Lending
NEW FTC Blocks Loan Mod Consultants from Collecting Upfront Fees; 3Q Loan Production Stats; Florida Extends L.O Licensing Deadline; Unrealized Losses
NEW Reverse Mortgage Primer; Feedback on Originator Licensing Backlog in California; More Risk-Based Pricing Disclosure Updates