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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW MetLife to Bale and Sail on Mortgages? The Fed, PSA's, and Foreclosures; PHH Discusses Agency Repurchases
NEW Conference and Originator Chatter; Supreme Court & RESPA
NEW Second Mortgage Holders to Lose How Many Billions? Appraisal Lawsuits; US Government Defines "Flood"
NEW Bond Markets Closed; Prepayments & FHA/VA Loans; New Mortgage Company
NEW Flood Insurance Focus; Vendor Mergers & Agreements; Unemployment Different Based on Gender and Race: "Mancession"
NEW Production Jobs; FHA Streamline Issues; MERS Victory; More on NMLS training; Investors Suspending Programs & Limiting AMC's
NEW A Pod of Investor Updates; Upcoming Conferences & Lots of Various Training Sessions
NEW Focus on Appraisals, Appraiser Hurdles, and AMC's; Bank of America Details Mortgage Exit Strategy
NEW Flood Insurance Update; 2% Paid on Impound Accounts; Insurance Against a Drop in Home Values? Sign Me Up!
NEW Fraud Trends; Lenders One Weighs in on G-fees; HARP & Servicing Comments; Where Does Impound Income Go?
NEW New Repurchase Risk Tool; Foreign Buyers in Florida Paying Cash; HUD Changes Multi-state Rules
NEW Suggestions on Improving HARP; Rates Back to Pre-Twist Levels; 10/1 Approaching
NEW LO Comp Lawsuit Results; TBW Accounting Firm Sued; Investors Gearing up for VA Funding Fee Change
NEW New Reasons for Slow Refi's; Regulators Lacking Manpower; MISMO back to MBA
NEW FTC Goes After Loan Mod Companies; MERS Training; FHA MIP Suggestion
NEW Mortgages from the Supermarket?; Major Banks Downgraded; Lots of Investor Updates
NEW Positive LO Compensation Feedback; The Impact of Foreclosure Numbers
NEW Changes in G-fees, MI Levels and Risk Pricing from GSEs? Improving Commercial Real Estate?
NEW High-level Production Jobs; Wholesaler Rankings; Countrywide Bankruptcy?
NEW Mortgage Company Performance Survey Findings; LO's Comment on Effect of New Comp Rules
NEW Mortgage Banking Movies?; The BofA Ripple Effect in the Industry
NEW SEC & REIT's; Fannie & Freddie Latest; WSJ on Government's Role in BofA Cuts
NEW BofA Correspondent Update; Basel Rules Called "Anti-American"; MetLife Servicer-Quality Rating Reduced
NEW Possible HARP Changes; MERS Holding It's Own; Loan Limits Extension
NEW Insurance 101: Errors & Omissions, Professional Liability, Fidelity Bonds
NEW Pipeline Management in a Changing Mortgage Banking Landscape
NEW Industry Observations from an Industry Old-Timer
NEW Good Night Irene? Not So Fast. It's Recert Time!
NEW Reshuffling the Deck: Merging Mortgage Technologies
NEW BofA Looks to Exit Correspondent, What Next?
NEW BofA Settlement in Question; NMLS's Interesting Originator Stats; Impact of GNMA's Mod Rule
NEW Reader Feedback on Potential Government Refi Plan; Markets Calm After Storm
NEW Feedback on Potential Housing Bailout Programs
NEW New Refinance Program Unlikely. What About a 21st Century Homestead Act?
NEW FDIC Sued Over WAMU's Bad Loans; LPS Sued Over Robo-Signing Allegations; Bank of America in Downward Spiral
NEW PMI Suspended by GSEs; FHA Rebuilds Rental Units; Appraisers Hurting Home Sales?; S&P President Resigns
NEW Originator Turnover Observations; HUD Updates on Loan Limits; Eligibility and Credit Reg Bulletins
NEW Troubling Trends in Home Sales, Realtors Want Relaxed Regs; Rating the Ratings Agencies; Banks Cutting Jobs; Loan Submissions Needed
NEW MLOs on the Move; Pricing Overages Pay Marketing Expenses; Refinancing Borrowers from 30s to 15s; Appraisal Adjustments
NEW Big Banks Shedding Assets; Will Small Banks Keep Originating Mortgages? How Borrowers Opt Out of Trigger Lead Lists
NEW Ellie Mae Buys DataTrac; GSEs Here to Stay; Ginnie Mae Guarantees; Borrower Paid Comp Comments
NEW Mortgage Mergers and Acquisitions; Fed's View of the Economy; Florida Brokers Flee Industry; Loan Mod Fraud
NEW Foreclosure Law, Advertising Changes, Trigger Leads and 'Low Rates, Who Can Refi?'
NEW Dealing with REO Inventory; Another AARP Lawsuit; Loan Limit Cutoff Dates; LO Comp Feedback
NEW Automated Pricing Engine Issues; MLO Comp Plan Impact on Renegotiation Policies; Investor Updates
NEW Appraisal Independence Requirements; GSEs Downgraded; MIAC on Renegotiations; AIG vs. BoA;
NEW Buyback Claims; Industry Consolidation Commentary; Who Wants a Job?; What about Housing?
NEW PMI Following RMIC Down the Tubes? Saxon for Sale? REIT Prices Sliding? Too Many Questions for a Friday
NEW Explaining Wider Primary/Secondary Loan Pricing Spreads; CFPB Update; Radian vs. Quicken; RMIC Done
NEW Perspective on Rejected Title Insurance Claims; Even More Negative News for RMIC; Commercial Delinquency Rates