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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW Pipeline Hedging: Best Practices in Secondary Marketing
NEW Revisiting Mortgage Booms and Busts Offers Perspective
NEW Continuing-Ed: The Value of Loan Servicing
NEW Must Read SAFE Act Implementation Update
NEW Share Input on New GFE/TIL; Fannie Mae Economics; HVCC; Covered Bonds; NMLS Renewal Tips
NEW Compliance Officers Face New Era of Home Lending Risks
NEW Common Sense Strategies for Mortgage Operations Meetings
NEW MortCap on Hedge Capacity Utilization & QRM
NEW The Evolution of Internet-Based Mortgage Lending
NEW Confessions of a Mortgage Banker: Communicating the Truth
NEW Reverse Mortgage Exit Motivations; Assessing Counterparty Risk; TILA & HOEPA Fee Based Triggers; HUD Training
NEW Industry Opinions: Financial Education, Underwriting Regs, TBTF, Mortgage Insurance
NEW Wells Fargo Exits Reverse Mortgage Business; Harmony Loan Product; LPS Sees Fewer Defaults; Radian Loosens Regs
NEW Feedback on VA Interest Rate Reduction Loans; HUD Career Opportunities; Fewer Free Checking Accounts
NEW Financial Literacy and "Rational Ignorance"; More Leadership Shuffling; Ginnie Mae HMBS; Prepay Perspective
NEW Common Reasons for Declined Loans; Using the NMLS Logo; Broker Marketshare Feedback; Loan Limits
NEW Brokers' Market Share Falls to New All-Time Low in 1st Quarter; Call Report Deadline; Feedback from the Trenches; Investor Bulletins
NEW NAHB Construction Outlook Downgraded; Feedback on REITs; Loan Modification Stats; Foreclosure Scrutiny Delays Ally IPO
NEW Fannie Prepay Speeds vs. Freddie Prepay Speeds; Aggressive HUD Training Schedule; REITs; Median Income Limits
NEW Leadership Changes at Freddie Mac; Overzealous Regulations; CMBS Redefault Rate; Fed Sees Second Half Bounce
NEW Risk Retention Comment Period Extended, Feedback Still Needed; Goldman Selling Servicing Division; Fannie/Freddie Updates
NEW Underwriters Who Must Comply with SAFE Act Licensing; Jobs Down But Shops are Hiring; Anyone Left to Refinance?
NEW Feedback Needed: Risk Retention Comment Period Almost Expired
NEW Post-Closing's Impact on Hedging Costs; Bank Liquidity and Required Reserves; ADP's Accuracy; NMLS Training
NEW Ginnie Mae Issuance in April; FHA Wholesaler with Limited Overlays ; Account Exec Job Opening; Investor Bulletins
NEW HUD Addresses Upcoming Reduction in Loan Limits; Foreclosure Moratoriums Back; Repurchase Requests Down
NEW Pipeline Hedging Costs; Servicer Single Point of Contact; High Concentration of Foreclosures; Looking for Jumbo Lender?
NEW Mortgage Reforms Threaten "Tsunami" of Burdens on Industry; Revisiting Rural Housing; Feedback Needed on New Disclosures
NEW Goldman Sachs Buying Up Jumbo Mortgage Product. More Lenders Chasing Non-Agency Deals; Appraisal Feedback
NEW Declining Productivity in Home Lending; 620 FICO FHA Buyers; Non-Agency Product Funding; Google Mortgage Advisor
NEW Customary and Reasonable Fees: Appraisers Under Fire
NEW Reg-Z and Non-Owner Occupied Properties; Insight on Muni Bonds; How Rating Agencies Evaluate Banks; More on Loan Origination Systems
NEW Correspondent Investors Question Purchasing Practices; Loan Origination System Discussion; GSEs Blocking Private-Label MBS Market?
NEW Big Banks Entrenched in Consumer Finance; Quicken Responds to Compensation Allegations; NAR Income & Age Demographics
NEW Originator Compensation Issue Back in Court; House Speaker Shares Thoughts on Housing; Freddie REO Sales Promotion; Loan Limits
NEW The Push for Simpler Home Loan Paperwork; NAR on QRM; Cross-Qualification Requirement
NEW Dodd-Frank:(Not) Addressing Too Big To Fail; New Mortgage Reform Legislation; Call Report Deficiency Deadline; Appraisal Buybacks
NEW Banks Offer Settlement Terms in Servicer Suits; Comp Plan Confusion; Loan Limit Deadline; Declaring Bankruptcy to Void 2nd Lien
NEW More Fannie vs. Freddie; Webinar: The False Claims Act and FHA Lending; Pipeline Hedging and Pull-Through Volatility
NEW Fannie vs. Freddie Earnings; Loan Limit Reduction Ahead; Jumbo Market Chatter; Think Tank Opinion on GSEs;
NEW Banks Prepare for Fines and Penalties; HUD Waives Paperwork Requirement; Fannie Seeks More Aid
NEW FHLB Piles on Lender Lawsuits; LLPAs and FHA Fees Limit Refi Incentives; Freddie Mac Correction; Investor Bulletins
NEW Freddie Mac Forgoes Additional Draw; FHA REO Inventory Jumps; Repurchase Requests Decline; Deutsche Bank Gets Sued
NEW Failed MBS Trades and Loan Pipeline Hedging; CitiMortgage Layoffs; Thornburg Files Bankruptcy Suit; Dodd-Frank Pushback
NEW Impact of QRM Reform on Credit Availability & Securitizations; Upbeat Mood at Secondary Conference; Ally Quarterly Results
NEW Unintended Consequences of Risk Retention Reform: REO Purchase Mortgagee Letter; Zillow Giftcards; Scorecard Clarification
NEW Uniform Mortgage Data Program and Appraisals; Bank MBS Holdings; Obtaining IRS Tax Transcripts;
NEW Continuing Education: Pipeline Hedging Costs; Freddie Mac Delinquencies Decline; Job Openings, Investor Updates
NEW Housing Finance Reform: Bad Time for GSEs to Go Away; Banker MLO Licensing Deadline; Foreclosure Fines in California;
NEW Buying a Condo vs. Buying a Single-Family Home; Feedback: Risk Retention & Ability to Repay