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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW CFPB to Impact Servicing! The Volcker Rule Bringing an End to Hedging Rate Locks?
NEW Banks as Landlords; Dodd-Frank Dictates Minority & Women-owned Service Providers; The CFPB and your 401(k)
NEW HARP's Impact on Prepayment Speeds; Watch for Property Deed Scams
NEW GFI & Arizona Lawsuit Chatter of Note; Principal Reduction's Sticky Mess
NEW ING Waves the White Flag; Why Relying on the Fed to Keep Rates Low is Not a Good Thing
NEW HARP Input from LO's and Investors; Comment on the CFPB's RESPA & TILA Proposals
NEW Rumor About State LO Licensing; A Busy FDIC; Upcoming Conferences
NEW CFPB to Tackle World's Oldest Profession; Top Lenders Form Private Club; GSE's End HARP
NEW LO Comp & The CFPB; FHA & Seller Contributions; Redwood Trust, ewarehouse Chatter
NEW Redwood's Non-Agency Security; Plethora of Lender & MI Updates
NEW Mortgage Ops Jobs; HARP Pricing; Property Inspection Waiver Considerations
NEW Mortgage Brokers Making a Comeback? Ally/ResCap Update; Who is Ewarehouse?
NEW HARP 2.0 Pricing, Processing and Underwriting in Focus
NEW HARP-Mania: Catch the Wave or Let it Pass?; BofA Introduces 'Mortgage to Lease'
NEW FDIC to Define "Subprime"; Timeshare Fraud; Title Insurance Numbers; More Lender Updates
NEW FHA's Premium Increase Less than 3 Weeks Away; Lender and Investor Updates;
NEW Agency Gossip; HARP Chatter from Lenders and MI Companies;
NEW HARP 2.0 Chatter; Agencies Say No to Private Transfer Fees; The CFPB & Privacy
NEW Thoughts on Home Ownership and the FHFA REO Program; Few Argue US Economy Picking Up Some
NEW Done Stressing Over Stress Tests; Eight Most Common Underwriting Mistakes; SEC and Thornburg
NEW Acquisitions In the News; Reps and Warrants Matter; Mortgage Employment -3200 in January
NEW A Legal Take on Fannie-BofA; RESPA in the Supreme Court; Freddie's Performance
NEW PRA(P) for Servicers; Investors, Lender, and MI updates
NEW Theory on MIP Dates; The MBA and QM; Chatter on Compare Ratios and BoA/Fannie
NEW Remember "Tangible Net Benefit"? Nationstar's IPO; Fannie Update
NEW FHA Collections and Date Restrictions Put Damper on Streamline News
NEW Servicers Matter for Compare Ratios; How will the FHA Insurance Premium Change Impact Production?
NEW Investor, Agency, Lender, and MI Updates
NEW Aurora Bales and Sails; Wells Fargo Expands Globally
NEW There is No 3.8% Real Estate Tax; All-cash Buyers Still Making News
NEW Fannie Loses How Much? Comments on Home Ownership Priority and HUD's BofA Discrimination Suit
NEW Echo Boomers and Home Ownership; Redwood Trust's Loss; Thoughts on Agency Condo Policies
NEW Details on FHA's MIP Increase; HSOA update; Upcoming Events
NEW Flagstar Settles Fraud Charges; More on HSOA's Demise; Letters on Citi and Provident
NEW Adios Home Savings of America; An Issue of MI and Investor Documentation and Underwriting Changes
NEW MI Companies Watching for the FHA MIP Increase; BofA and Fannie - Does it Matter?
NEW Volker Rule's Impact on Hedging Rate Locks; Potential HARP 2.0 Borrower Pool Defined
NEW Fannie and Freddie Future Plans; NMLS Licensee Stats on the Rise
NEW Clearing Up Some G-fee and HARP 2.0 Confusion; More Conferences and Companies Expanding
NEW Thoughts on Provident's Condo Change; Accumulation of Investor and Lender Changes
NEW Provident and Condos; Startling Utah Stats; Promising Signs for US Economy - Will Rates Creep Up?
NEW "Wow" Stats from Citi's Lawsuit Settlement; Short Sale vs. Foreclosure Losses; ASF Notes; More Conferences
NEW Trends in Mortgage Banking; Conferences Across the Nation Being Lined Up; Snazzy USDA Pilot Program
NEW FHA Insurance Premium to Increase Again; CFPB Servicing Statement; AMC Tax Issues?
NEW Some 2011 Mortgage Volume Stats; EverBank to Buy MetLife Warehouse Lending
NEW Saturday Lender Updates, Gossip and Interesting Letters from the Trenches
NEW Settlements Actually Mean Anything? FinCen's Impact on Non-bank Mortgage Lenders
NEW Ally to Sell ResCap? NCUA on Loan Workouts; Thoughts on the FHA Streamline Situation
NEW Missouri Goes After Processor DocX; Wells Now #1 Servicer; Rural Streamlines
NEW Google Ends Mortgage Ads; Streamlines to be Nixed from FHA Compare Ratios; Servicing Agreement Bumping Along