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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW HUD Weighs in on Eminent Domain; Berkshire Buys More of Wells; Will QM=QRM?
NEW Europe's Economy Improving; Issue With Freddie Increasing Market Share; Rate Locks Continue Down
NEW Fraud Stats Overstated; Mortgage Banker Margins; Fine-Tuning Nation's LO and Lender Numbers
NEW CFPB goes after PNC; TARP Lawsuit; STRATMOR Survey on Response to Higher Rates
NEW BofA Legal Woes; Primer on Eminent Domain, Its Tax Consequences, and its Lawsuits
NEW State-Level Lending Changes; How Long to Keep LO Web Ads
NEW Reverse Mortgages in the News; the President's Mortgage Pan & MBA's response; FDIC Videos on Interest Rate Risk
NEW LO Comp Implications and the Recent CFPB Complaint; Obama Housing Speech Today
NEW Higher Flood Insurance Costs are Here to Stay; Upcoming Conferences & Training Events
NEW Are LOs Legally Liable for Their Company's Comp Plan?
NEW Definition of a "Mortgage Application"
NEW Eminent Domain Embraced by California City; No Mel Watt Vote until September; Libor Lawsuits
NEW EverBank to Focus on Correspondent; CFPB on ECOA & ARM Disclosures; FHA MIP Disclosure Issues
NEW Freddie's Risk-Sharing Deal; Jumbo Rate Discrepancies Across Channels; LO Affiliated Business Arrangements
NEW UBS Settlement; Bank Lending Trend; Wells Out of JVs - No Big Deal?
NEW LO Comp Plans, 3 Percent QM Cap & LLPAs
NEW Good News in MI Earnings; Good Rumor on QRM; CFPB's LO Comp Complaint
NEW Primer on FHA 203k Loans; General Rate Trends
NEW REIT Performance; Another Big Settlement; NY State's FHA/Subprime Nightmare
NEW 'Point Bank' Legality; Wells, PNC, & Cole Taylor Lay-Offs and Transition; More on 3% Rule
NEW A Formula For The 3% Cap; More on ARM Resets; More on Cole Taylor
NEW Secondary P&L Volatility; Builder Confidence 7-yr High; Cole Taylor up for Grabs?
NEW Wells' Expansion into Real Estate; Non-bank Servicer Growth; RESPA and Affiliate Relationships
NEW LO Overtime Ruling; Jumbo vs. Conforming Rates; Mortgage Companies' Many Risks
NEW CFPB ARM Primer; More on Month-End Closings; Chase and Wells Earnings
NEW Fannie's Non-agency Issuance; Ops and Production Departments Dusting off ARM Manuals
NEW Efforts to Lower costs Continue; Nomura to Roll Out Non-Agency Security
NEW Rising Cost of Compliance; Falling Volumes; Measurement is the First Step Toward Improving Efficiency
NEW The MBA's Work on APOR and Margin Best Practices; Lawsuits; Return of Long Locks
NEW CFPB Update; Investor Updates - Time to Sell Stock? Rates Rise on Unemployment Data
NEW Basel III Approved by Fed - Watch Regulation Costs Rise; Fitch Addresses Nationstar Bonds; Apps Plummet
NEW More on Mini-correspondent Trend, Shrinking Margins, Selling Caps; New Freddie Security; Citi Settles with Fannie
NEW Basel III Vote Tomorrow; More Mini-Corr, Affiliate Relationships, Warehouse Lines, and Brokers
NEW MBA Compliance Tracking Site; Impound Account Site; State-Level News
NEW MBA Reports on Profit/Loan; Underwriting With no Credit Cards; Capital Markets Busy Adjusting Hedges
NEW ABA on GSE Reform Bill; Freddie Changes Low Activity Fee; Affiliated Adds Mini-Corr/Mandatory
NEW Investor changes; HPML issues; MBA Outlines Secondary Market Proposals; Lender Margin Calls on Broker Dealers?
NEW QM's Impact on Lending, NAR and MBA Weigh in on QM and H.R. 1077
NEW Moody's, New Penn, Shellpoint; State-Level Mortgage Changes; are you ready for FMIC?
NEW Las Vegas and Eminent Domain; Dodd-Frank Update; HARP Date Petition; CFPB Reminders
NEW NJ Adopts Uniform State Test; The Supreme Court & Fair Lending; New Non-Agency Security?
NEW Eminent Domain; More on Mini Correspondent; Deducting Mortgage Interest; The Popularity of 15-yr Refis
NEW NAR Testifies on QM; Ocwen Servicing Deal; CFPB Videos; Mergers; Top Ten Funding Defects
NEW Mini Correspondent - The New Paradigm? Agency & Investor Updates
NEW Fannie's Premium Recapture Policy; Margin vs. Volume Formula; How are MBA Applications Counted?
NEW HUD on Interest Calcs, Guidance, ECOA & QM; Why Should You Care About Basel III?
NEW Ex-CFPB Employees Getting Into Non-QM Lending; Correspondents & Reg. B
NEW Genworth Job Cuts; Flood Insurance Across the Nation; Recent Disparate Impact Cases; CFPB Employees Unionize
NEW The Role of Secondary, GSE Stock Prices, Recent Updates, and Move Toward a Single Security
NEW CMLA Proposals; Bad Reverse Mortgage Press; Lots of Training Updates