In an attempt to increase public knowledge about the availability of the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) which has just been extended for another 2 years, Fannie Mae has created a selection of marketing materials for its servicers and approved lenders--a move that was announced earlier this month. 

The array of postcards, letters, and inserts for monthly mortgage statements come in generic formats or versions that can be customized with a company logo and contact information and personalized with information for the borrower on his specific loan.  Some of the materials allow the user to highlight specific HARP features such as incentives for shorter loan terms or the programs' availability to high loan-to-value homeowners. 

Fannie Mae outlines additional details on the program in their PDF guide, and gives hints on best marketing practices and tips for improving direct marketing effectiveness such as promoting "limited time only" response deadlines or using oversized envelopes, overnight mail, or two-day delivery so the solicitation stands out in the mailbox.  Materials can be used in combination for repeated contact with the borrower.  There's even a sample marketing plan.

Interested lenders or servicers can see the materials and obtain more information on using them on Fannie Mae's website.