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NEW Looking For Silver Linings for Rates and Housing
NEW Weaker After PCE Data, But it Could Have Been Worse
NEW New Home Sales Hit 10-Month High, Despite Some Regional Decline
NEW There's Still a Chance, But...
NEW Pricing, Income Calc., POS, Accounting Products; FHA and VA News; Georgia and Non-QM
NEW Mortgage Rates Inch Lower For First Time in 2 Weeks
NEW Ceiling Signs or Is It a Trap?
NEW Mixed Start as Bonds Feel Out New Range
NEW MSR Monitoring, Marketing, Lead Conversion Tools; USMI on the FHA MIP Cut
NEW Mortgage Rates Little-Changed After Fed Minutes
NEW This Is How They Get Ya!
NEW FHA Announces Lower Mortgage Insurance Premiums
NEW Do Today's Fed Minutes Matter?
NEW Database-Mining, Credit, Marketing, Servicing Products; Non-QM, DSCR News; FHA MIP Cut
NEW Rising Rates Sideline Home Buyers
NEW Mortgage Rates Surging Back Toward 7%
NEW Data Fuels Ongoing Scramble Toward Higher Rates
NEW Existing Home Sales Lowest in 12 Years, But It Could Be Worse
NEW February Has Quickly Changed The Rate Outlook
NEW Servicing, Marketing, DSCR, Correspondent Tools; STRATMOR on Customer Service; RESPA Loan Comparison Sites
NEW Legit Buying Demand or Position Squaring?
NEW Marketing, PPE, Broker to Banker, Customer Experience Tools; CFPB on Credit Payments; Disaster News; Redfin in the Red
NEW Limited Data and Events; Limited Inspiration For Rallies
NEW Another Day, Another Sell-Off
NEW Mortgage Rates Are Even Higher Than You've Been Told
NEW New Construction Numbers Would Look Way Worse Without Multifamily
NEW Just a Bit More Selling as Bonds Brace For Tighter Policy
NEW SaaS, Secondary Marketing, Non-QM, Servicing System, Compliance Products; Builder Confidence Improving
NEW Mortgage Rates Climbing Back Toward 7%
NEW More Yield Curve Musings and Retail Sales Reaction
NEW Builder Confidence Sees Biggest Jump in 10 Years, But is Still in The Toilet
NEW Retail Sales Data Not Doing Rates Any Favors
NEW Ginnie Delivery, Fee Collection, Processing, Insurance, Warehouse Mgt. Tools; Celebrity Home Loans' Goodbye Letter
NEW Mortgage Rates Rise, Application Volumes Retreat
NEW More Data to Prove The Fed's Point; Rates Don't Like It
NEW Highest Rates Since November After Inflation Remains Elevated
NEW UW, Rate Quote, Margin Management, Servicing, Tools; Fannie Results; Webinars and Events; Great Communication Video
NEW Mixed Reaction Giving Way to Weakness After CPI
NEW Mortgage Rates Hit 2023 Highs And There's More Volatility in Store
NEW Which CPI Number Matters Most and How Wide is The Potential Range of Reactions?
NEW Rate Locks Break 9-Month Losing Streak
NEW Holding Ground Ahead of Tuesday's Inflation Data
NEW Broker Marketing, Servicing Products; Freddie and Fannie News; Industry Metrics; STRATMOR Interview
NEW Rates Played Chicken With The Fed (And Lost)
NEW Bonds Keep Fading; Cue The CPI Anxiety
NEW If Bonds Aren't Rallying, They're Selling
NEW CRM, Lead Conversion, Marketing, AE Pipeline, MSR Financing Tools; More Mortgage M&A; CFPB News
NEW Gains Evaporate After Weaker Auction; Sideways Volatility Expected Ahead of CPI
NEW Mixed Performance For Mortgage Rates
NEW Coming to Terms With The Fed and Curve Inversions (Do They Matter?)