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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW Corresp. Mgt., AE, MLO Jobs; Pricing, Cap. Mkts., Sales Tools; Appraisal M&A; Disaster Updates; Comp Survey
NEW MI, MLO, Multi-family Jobs; HELOC, Non-QM, Sales, Compliance Products; Agency News
NEW MI, MLO Jobs; Fee Collection, MLO CE, Marketing, Sales, UW Tools ; FHA, USDA, Ginnie, VA Changes
NEW Ops, MLO Jobs; Wholesale Products; Sales, CRM Products; Disaster Updates; Upcoming Training and Events
NEW Legal, Private MI, MLO, Management Jobs; Renovation, Blockchain Products; MLO Education Trouble, RESPA Settlement
NEW MLO, AE Jobs; Advertising Regulation, PPE, Marketing, Broker Tools; Tech Funding; Purchase Study for MLO's
NEW MLO Jobs; eClose, AI Underwriting, Broker, Warehouse Products; Investors React to Agency Changes
NEW MLO, AE Jobs; Chatbot, Processing, Automation, Trailing Doc Tools; Non-Agency Securitization Numbers
NEW Ops, MLO jobs; Whole Loan Sales, Jumbo, QC, Home Buying Education Products; Freddie and Fannie Changes
NEW Sales Mgt., MLO Jobs; HELOC, Warehouse, Blockchain, Licensing Tools; News on Jumbo and Non-QM Products
NEW CU, MLO, U/W Jobs; Margin Tracking, Pooling, Digital, Title Products; Fed's Asset Purchase Shift?
NEW Corresp., MLO Jobs; Flood, Warehouse, Jumbo, Non-QM, VOE Products; FEMA News; Leisure and The Economy
NEW Brokers Wanted, MLO Jobs; Webinars; Warehouse Mgt., Automation, Reverse Products; Rates Slide
NEW MLO, AE Jobs; Events and Training This Week; AMC, CRM, Jumbo, Pre-Qual Products
NEW Customer Service, AE, MLO, Sales Mgt.; LOS, Sales, Workflow Tools; Lender Earnings Dissected: What is an IRLC?
NEW MLO Jobs; Securitization, Social Media Monitoring, CFPB Servicing Analysis, Retention Tools; MLO/Customer Service Tips
NEW Business Wanted, MLO Jobs; U/W, Appraisal, Non-QM, Jumbo Products; Tech Survey; Investor's GSE Changes
NEW DTC Opportunity; Cap. Mkts., AE, MLO Jobs; Efficiency, Automation, Docs Products; Upcoming Training and Events
NEW Corresp., AE, MLO Jobs; Diversity, VA, Pricing, Servicing Products; Freddie's Renovation Product and Fannie Updates
NEW AE, MLO Jobs; Warehouse, Broker Products; FHA and Loan Mods; Strong Jobs Data Moving Rates
NEW Ops, AE, Sales Mgt. Jobs; Pricing, Trading, Non-QM, Processing, QC, Sales Tools; August Events and Training
NEW MLO, Ops, AE Jobs; Processing, Analytics, Jumbo, Underwriting Tools; M&A and News From the Wholesale Channel
NEW MLO Jobs; Hedging, Sales, Education, Automation, Processing Tools; FHA and VA News
NEW MLO Jobs; Verification, Non-QM, HELOC Products; Events and Training; Rates Edge Lower
NEW AE, Sales, MLO, Ops Jobs; Whole Loan Trading, CRM, Renovation Products; Freddie and Fannie Changes
NEW AE, MLO Jobs; MBS Delivery, Processing, Data Breach Tools; Redwood Trust Earnings; GDP Results
NEW AE Jobs; Processing, Pricing, Retention, Sales Tools; Ginnie, FHA, VA Changes
NEW MLO Jobs; Sec. Mktg., Retention, Workflow, Doctor, Automation Programs; Upcoming Events and Conferences
NEW MLO, Corresp. and Wholesale AE Jobs; Subservicing, Tech, Jumbo, Retention Tools; Disaster News
NEW HR, Post-Closing, Controller, MLO Jobs; NOO, HELOC, Processing Tools; Florida Fraud Case; LendingClub Fee Settlement
NEW MLO, Ops Jobs; Tech, Hedging, Advertising Compliance Products; Non-Agency Updates
NEW MLO Jobs, Lenders Wanted; U/W Training, Jumbo Products; Customer Service; Upcoming Virtual Events
NEW MLO, AE Jobs; Marketing, Sales, Broker, Originator, Social Media Tools
NEW AE, MLO, Ops Jobs; Tech Training, MSR, Text Marketing, Anti-Fraud Tools; Goodbye Adverse Market Fee; Rates Continue Down
NEW Controller, AE, MLO Jobs; ECOA, Referral, Broker, Warehouse Products; Correspondent and Wholesale News
NEW MLO Jobs; Pricing, Execution, Retention, Trailing Doc, Referral Products; HUD, Ginnie, FHA/VA News
NEW Corresp., MLO Jobs; Jumbo, Non-QM, VOE, Warehouse Products; Freddie and Fannie Changes; More Inflation Numbers
NEW Ops Director Job; Capital Markets, Underwriting, Processing, Non-QM, Mobile Products; Better's Overseas Acquisition
NEW AE, MLO, Ops Jobs; Retention, Credit, Underwriting, Subservicing Products; Training and Events
NEW Call Center, CD, AE Jobs; Referral, Non-Agency, Warehouse Products; Agency Changes; Rates Take a Breath
NEW MLO, Broker, RE Agent Opportunities; Wholesale and Broker, Lock Desk Products; Downward Move in Rates
NEW MLO Jobs; UW, Fee Reduction, Jumbo, Dashboard, Processing Tools; State Regulatory Shifts; Rates Waiting for Economic Rebound
NEW MLO Jobs; Pre-Qual, Warehouse, CE, Marketing, Sales Tools; CFPB: Worth Keeping an Eye On
NEW AE, MLO, Underwriter Jobs; ECOA, Productivity, QC Tools; Agency Updates; Jobs Report and Mortgage Rates
NEW MLO Jobs; Broker Wanted; Trading Execution, Cost Cutting, Non-QM, AMC Products; Investor Processing Tweaks
NEW Non-QM Mgt., CD, AE, MLO Jobs; Jumbo, Verification, Subservicer Products; Non-Agency News
NEW Community Lending, 1099, Compensation, NOO, Non-QM products; Government Loan Program Changes
NEW AE, MLO, Ops Jobs; Credit, Warehouse, Tax and Flood, MI Tools; FHA Changes
NEW Senior Management, AE, MLO, Ops Jobs; Corresp., Sales, Warehouse Products; Agency Changes Continue
NEW MLO, Ops Jobs; Loan Sales, Presentation, Social Media Compliance, Workflow Tools; FHFA Leadership Change: Now What?