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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW How FICO Scores Are Calculated; Chatter from the Trenches; JP Morgan Chase Earnings; Updates: Wells, Freddie, Provident, Citi, USB
NEW The Magnitude of the 2nd Mortgage Problem; Numerous Investor Bulletins; Banks and Hedge Funds Buying; SATO
NEW Mortgage Insurance Updates; Credit Union Shuts Down; HUD Accepts Electronic Signatures; Wells Reminds About Appraisal Flipping
NEW FHA to Accept Electronic Signatures; Closing, Settlement, Funding, and Signing Discrepancies; Does a GFE Need a Property Address?
NEW Changes in Originator Commission Plans; Prepayment Speeds and Delinquency Buyouts; No Fee Reverse Mortgages; Commercial Loan Rankings
NEW FHA Net Worth Requirements; Primer on Compare Ratios & Neighborhood Watch; Loan Profitability
NEW The Re-Emergence of Seller Financing; Problems Modifying 2nd Liens; More Flood Insurance Updates;
NEW UFMIP Reminder; HUD Shuts Down Two Lenders; REO Appraisal Guidance; Primary Dealers; Texas Laws Pay Off
NEW FDIC Finds Buyer for $491 Million in RMBS; Freddie Selling Foreclosed Homes; Flood Insurance Directives; Condo News
NEW Unexpected ARM Index Adjustments; RESPA to be Repealed?; Option ARMs Resurface; Wells Fargo Changes Name to Norwest; April Fools Joke
NEW Flood Insurance Guidance from Lenders; Wells Says No Signatures on GFE; Housing Prices Need Buyer Volume to Confirm Rise
NEW Lender Bulletins: Quality Control, HPML's, No MI for I/O, Useable FICO Scores, FHA Flipping, Allowable VA Fees, Appraisal Required for Streamline Refi
NEW Flood Insurance Program Not Extended; FHA MIP Reminder; Wells Fargo Jumbo Rollout; PIMCO Hiring; Bank Failures
NEW RESPA & Changes to Fees Based on Updated Loan Amount; Cali Homebuyer Tax Credit; Principal Reduction Program; Mortgage Jobs
NEW ACORN Closing State Chapters; Modified Loan Buybacks; Bank of America's FHA Flipping Policy & Principal Reduction Plan
NEW New FHA Compliance Manager; Long Road of Housing Reform Ahead; Short Sale Primer; PMI Freddie Mac Approved; FHA Delinquencies
NEW FHA Guidance for Merging Mortgage Ops; Chase Joins HAMP 2nd Lien Program; USDA Update; Corporate Rates Lower than Treasuries
NEW Citi "Re-Entering" Correspondent Channel; Reverse Mortgages; Updates From Almost Every Major Lender;
NEW Underwriter Compensation and Production; Mortgage Insurance Update; Fannie Mae Buyout Details
NEW The Cost of Labor in the Mortgage Market; FHA Origination Down 10% in January; Wells to Modify 2nd Liens; Condo Questions
NEW Federal Home Loan Bank's Suit Against Nine Private Label MBS Dealers; Several Lender Updates; No Change from Fed
NEW Fed Doves & Hawks Defined; More on USDA; ResCap & Goldman; Rent vs. Buy; Refinancing Government Debt
NEW FDIC Selling Mortgage Assets of Failed Banks; "Good" Foreclosure Stats; Updates from: Chase, WAMU, USB, Wells, FAMC,SunTrust
NEW Loan Officers Who Sell Real Estate; Wells Expands Market Making in Mortgage-Backeds; FDIC Acts on a Thursday; Freddie Mac Bulletin
NEW Lenders Relaxing Non-Agency ARM Regs; High Cost Loan Reporting Guidance; Negative Convexity Defined; New Mortgagee Letter
NEW Underwriters: Loan Quality Still in Need of Improvement; Interesting FICO Score Data; Will the Fed sell their MBS Holdings?
NEW Second Mortgages in the Spotlight; Reverse Repurchase Primer; My Opinion on Mortgage Rates After the Fed; Provident Cuts Interest Only
NEW Credit Unions Expanding Loan Production; Ready for Buybacks?; Lender Rating Model; FHA Approval News; Four More Bank Failures
NEW Lender Implementation of FHA Flipping Guideline; SAFE Act Still Weighs on Originators, Thornburg Execs in Trouble
NEW Underwriters Marching to Lenders' Tune; The Next Generation of Borrowers; New Faces at the Closing Table; MBS Trading Margins
NEW Fannie Mae's Buyback Plan; HARP Extended; Lock Desks Busier; RESPA vs. USPS; Rates to Rise 50bps
NEW Mortgage Support Needed in Russia; Jumbo Market Making a Comeback?; Warehouse Lending; Investor Updates
NEW Mandatory Loan Commitment Speedbump?; GSE Earnings; Interest Only Loans a Thing of the Past; More on HUD, RESPA, and the GFE
NEW Lenders Preparing for Fed's Exit; Foreclosure Ban in Process?; FDIC Banking Profiles and CRA Requirements; More GFE
NEW Stories from the Street; Loan Apps Continue to Slow; Commercial Default Rates; Freddie's Results, Updates from Wells and US Bank
NEW Mortgage Insurance Pricing; Radian's 4Q Loss ; NAR Non-Profit Proposal; Tips from Wells Fargo
NEW Optimistic Mortgage Studies; February Production Volume and Profit Margins; ML/BoA Research; More Lender Updates
NEW Obama's Newest Housing Initiative; Covered Bonds; Delinquencies Down; FDIC Bank Closures; Lender Updates
NEW GFE Horror Stories Still Abundant; Lack of HUD Leniency; Loan Mods Made to Out of Work Homeowners; More FHA Tips
NEW Originators Work More For Less; FHA Tips from Citi; DU 8.0 April Update; Japan Passes China as Biggest Tsy Buyer
NEW Fannie Mae Approved Mortgage Insurers; Electronic Appraisals; Foreclosures and Home Supply; Lender Updates
NEW Mortgage Broker Population Dwindling; Loan Buybacks Create Opportunity; FDIC Rebuttal to OneWest Video; GSE Overlays
NEW Home Builders Preparing for Spring Buying Season?; Hope for Mortgage Brokers; Continued GSE Discussion
NEW How Buyouts Affect Loan Originators; FTC & Loan Modification Companies Set to Battle; Fed Chairman Shares Plan
NEW FHA Appraisal Policy REMINDER; Approve/Ineligibles; How PIIGS impact MBS; ING & YSP
NEW Jumbo Loan Delinquencies; BoA and Landsafe; Fannie Mae HomePath Incentive; Mortgage Pooling and Ratings Agencies;
NEW MBA Takes Loss on Headquarters; CRA Loans; HAMP Servicer Updates; Prepay Speeds; Updates: GMAC, FAMC
NEW More on Loan Buybacks; GMAC's Earnings; Another BofA lawsuit; Primer on Volatility; Solid Super Bowl Joke
NEW GMAC Cuts Ditech; Top GFE Mistakes; ASF Non-Agency Loan Product Outlook; Biggest Commercial Loan Servicers
NEW Appraisal Requirements; No New GSE Loan Programs; Jumbo Products Needed; Itemized Deductions; Several Lender Updates