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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW SAFE Act Update; Down Payment Assistance; Fannie & Freddie in the Future; Yield Curve Chatter
NEW Wells Fargo Paying Back TARP; HAMP Resources; ARM Index Websites; HUD & Form 1004D
NEW DU 8.0 Implemented; Citi & TARP payback; Fed Funds and Mortgage Rates; House Passes FIASCO
NEW Backstop Needed for Mortgages; JP Morgan Could See More Losses on Home Equity Loans; News from GMAC, ING, Central Pacific, Union Bank
NEW Projected Fed Funds Rates; Mortgage Companies Expanding; News from BofA, GMAC, Freddie, USB, Flagstar
NEW Wells Requiring MERS Registration; Citi's Ineligible Appraiser Monitor; Flagstar & 2-4 Unit Caps, USB, AgFirst - Lots of Updates to Report
NEW Citi to Pay Back TARP? New Century vs. SEC; Equitable Trust Suspended; Flagstar, Wells, FAMC Updates
NEW AmTrust Stops Taking Locks; News from Freddie & SunTrust; Rates Sideways
NEW Hope You Locked Yesterday! Keeping Pipelines Clean; News from MGIC, Wells, Comerica, HUD
NEW BofA to Repay TARP Funds; More FHA changes; HAFA; Primer on Jobless Claims & Unemployment
NEW RESPA Resources; Lend America Gone, AmTrust Mortgage NOT Gone; the Fed & Commerical Mortgages
NEW FHA Imposes Penalties on Lend America; AmTrust Bank BK; Investor Updates: BoA,Suntrust, Flagstar, Wells
NEW BofA Sued by Deutsche Bank and BNP Paribas; FHA & Fannie Chatter; Dubai's Debt Woes Help Rates
NEW Working Twice as Hard for Half as Much; FOMC update; HAMP MBS Pools; Multifamily Lending
NEW Mortgage Modification Divisions Hiring; Several Investor Updates - Why During a Holiday Week?
NEW Loan Pricing Observations; 401(k) Ramblings; Investor Updates: Wells, Flagstar, AmTrust
NEW Jumbo Loan Market; Short Sale Responses; Updates: Chase, SunTrust, GMAC; DR Horton Loses $223 Million
NEW Short Sale Basics; Global Mortgage Standards; FHA Streamlines; Lots of Investor News
NEW Primer on the Dollar; 2010 Production Volumes; GFE Delay; Servicing Transfer News from the Fed
NEW Google's Mortgage Comparison Tool; Bank Rankings; GMAC, US Bank, FHA Updates
NEW Bank Failures; Guideline Updates: GMAC, PMI, CitiMortgage, Caliper; Fraud in NorCal
NEW Freddie's 2010 Loan Limits;News from SunTrust, AgFirst, CMBA, TBI, Flagstar, USBHM
NEW JP Morgan Chase Hiring Originators; YSP, RESPA, DU 8.0 Chatter; Flagstar and PennyMac Updates
NEW Mortgage Insurance Incontestability Opinion; Tax Credit; Flagstar Update; Where are Rates Going?
NEW Freddie Mac & PennyMac Earnings; Tax Credit Extension; HPML Test; S.A.F.E. Forms
NEW Foreclosure and Lending Regulation News from North Carolina. Updates from Fannie, Freddie, PMI, AIG; Tax Credit Extended
NEW Fed Funds Unchanged; Results from GMAC, Radian; Updates from Fannie, UBOC, USB
NEW Community Banks Taking Mortgage Market Share; Production Profits Increase; DU 8.0; News from Ally, Pulte
NEW Primer on MI Rescission; Updates from Wells, Flagstar, Freddie, PMI, FAMC; Rates Lower
NEW USB Expands; CIT Declares Bankruptcy; GMAC & Financial Mortgage Updates;
NEW Loan Limit & Tax Credit Updates; USB, Flagstar, Freddie, GMAC News; Treasury Purchase Program Over
NEW Price Bubbles 101; Tax Credit Update; Updates from BofA & USB
NEW FHA Video; New Apps Dropping; Citi and Flagstar Updates; Rates Improving
NEW How Much Debt Do We Have? Tax Credit Update; GMAC & SunTrust Tidbits
NEW Capmark's Bankruptcy; ING, GMAC, USB Updates; HASP HFA Bond Program;10-yr Breaks 3.50%;
NEW HVCC Phase out? BB&T's Warehouse Lending Commitment; SunTrust Earnings; Fed still buying MBS's
NEW Condo Regs Delayed;Fed's View of the Economy; Bank Earnings; Thoughts on 2010 vs. 2009
NEW Lend America & HUD Issues; Fannie's PRP; Strong Earnings from Wells, USB, Jeffries, Morgan Stanley
NEW News from Wells & GMAC; Discussing Reverse Mortgages; FTHB Tax Credit Extension; Commercial Sector
NEW JD Powers Ranks Mortgage Servicers; YSP & FHA News, $8,000 Tax Credit Warning
NEW Citi, BofA, MGIC Earnings; Every Mortgage Banker's Nightmare; More Loan Fraud Charges
NEW 2010 Mortgage Production Estimates; FHA Updates; Does your Biz Rely on the Tax Credit?
NEW JP Morgan Chase Profits Exceed Expectations; Updates from GMAC, Wells, US Bank; Rates Rising
NEW MBA Conference in San Diego; California Adds New Mortgage Laws
NEW News from BofA, Freddie, Flagstar; Markets are like Rubber Bands, Remember?
NEW Mortgage Banking - Coming to a Theater Near You! Will You be On or Off Citi's List? Agencies to Provide Warehousing?
NEW News for Appraisers and Modifiers, and from Fannie, Freddie, Chase, BofA; Lock Desks Busy!
NEW Large Lenders Becoming Larger; News from MGIC, Freddie, and GMAC
NEW $729,750 Loan Amount Update; News from SunTrust, FDIC, Lend America
NEW Rates Continue Lower; Fed Scales Back Purchases with No Impact on Rates (yet)