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NEW Prices in 19 of 20 Case-Shiller Cities at All-Time Highs
NEW Case-Shiller Calls "Deceleration" its September Keyword
NEW Case-Shiller: Home Price Moderation not Tracking Rate Changes
NEW Case-Shiller: Given the Economy, "Housing Should be Doing Better.
NEW Case-Shiller Says Home Price Gains Slowing, Still up 5.5%
NEW Case-Shiller: Higher Home Prices and a Reality Check
NEW Case-Shiller: Home Prices Up, Yet Again
NEW Case-Shiller Says "Affordability not a Concern"
NEW 6th Straight Record High For Home Prices -Case-Shiller
NEW CoreLogic HPI Loses a Bit of Momentum
NEW Signs of Deceleration Despite Record High Home Price Index - Case-Shiller
NEW Case-Shiller: No Telling When Prices, Rates Will Force Housing Slowdown
NEW Case-Shiller Telling Different Story: Best Price Gains in 31 Months
NEW Black Knight's HPI Holds on to Late Year Gains
NEW Home Price Appreciation Highest in 30 Months -Case-Shiller
NEW Black Knight HPI Nudges 2006 Peak
NEW Case-Shiller National Index at New All-Time High
NEW FHFA, Case-Shiller Agree: Price Appreciation Staying Strong
NEW Versus Inflation, Home Price Increases Are Unsustainable -Case-Shiller
NEW Price Appreciation Slowing Down -Case-Shiller
NEW CoreLogic HPI Continues to Beat Forecast
NEW New Vendor Management Product; Primer on Case-Shiller Calculation and Trends
NEW Case-Shiller Price Increases Ease Slightly
NEW Black Knight HPI Shows local Price Weaknesses
NEW Consumer Expectations Match Home Price Performance -Case-Shiller
NEW Case-Shiller: Recovery has Barely Reached First Base
NEW Further Deterioration in Home Price Gains -Case-Shiller
NEW Home Price Gains Narrow across all Case-Shiller Indices
NEW Case Shiller notes "Significant Slowdown" in Home Price Gains
NEW Case-Shiller, FHFA Agree House Appreciation Slowing
NEW Price Increases Slow in Latest Case Shiller Report
NEW MBS Day Ahead: Case Shiller Home Prices, Consumer Confidence
NEW Home Price Boom Living on Borrowed Time - S&P/Case-Shiller
NEW FHFA Price Increases more Modest than Case-Shiller
NEW Shiller Sees no Housing Bubble, but Perhaps a 'Bubble Mentality'
NEW Home Price Gains Decelerating for Most Metro Areas -Case-Shiller
NEW Home Prices Back to Spring 2004 Levels - Case-Shiller
NEW Case Shiller Home Prices Rise a Record 2.5% in One Month
NEW LPS Home Price Gains Match Case-Shiller; Appreciation Accelerating
NEW Home Prices Increase at Fastest Annual Pace Since May 2006- Case Shiller
NEW Core-Logic Acquires Case-Shiller
NEW Case-Shiller Shows Home Prices Up 4.3% From Year Earlier
NEW Case-Shiller Indices Reflect Six Months of Price Increases
NEW Home Prices Increase in 19 of 20 Cities in Latest Case-Shiller Survey
NEW S&P/Case Shiller Home Prices Rise, Feeding Optimism of a Housing Recovery
NEW Case-Shiller Numbers Up; Even Hard-hit Sunbelt Cities Improving
NEW Case-Shiller: Seven Months of Price Declines Comes to an End
NEW Case-Shiller Home Prices Set New Post-Crisis Lows
NEW January S&P-Case Shiller Housing Indices Hit New Low Marks
NEW State of the Housing Market: Case and Shiller Discussion